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High-Contrast Imaging for Exo-Planet Detection

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Volume Number: 4860
Date Published: 3 March 2003

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Coronagraphy with HST/NICMOS: detectability is a sensitive issue
Author(s): Glenn Schneider; Murray D. Silverstone
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Imaging forming planetary systems: the HST/STIS legacy and prospects for future missions
Author(s): Bruce Woodgate; Carol Grady; Charles W. Bowers; Alycia Weinberger
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Advanced camera for surveys coronagraph on the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): John E. Krist; George F. Hartig; Mark Clampin; David A. Golimowski; Holland C. Ford; Garth D. Illingworth
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Optical Planet Discoverer: how to turn a 1.5-m telescope into a powerful exo-planetary systems imager
Author(s): Bertrand P. Mennesson; Michael Shao; Bruce Martin Levine; J. Kent Wallace; Duncan Tsuen-Hsi Liu; Eugene Serabyn; Stephen C. Unwin; Charles A. Beichman
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Extra-solar planetary imager (ESPI) for space-based Jovian planetary detection
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; Daniel Y. Gezari; Gary J. Melnick; Peter Nisenson; Costas D. Papaliolios; Stephen T. Ridgway; Edward J. Friedman; Martin Harwit; Paul Graf
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UMBRAS: a matched occulter and telescope for imaging extrasolar planets
Author(s): Alfred B. Schultz; Ian J.E. Jordan; Mark Kochte; Dorothy A. Fraquelli; Fred Bruhweiler; Jan M. Hollis; Kenneth G. Carpenter; Richard G. Lyon; Mike A. DiSanti; Cherie L. Miskey; Jesse Leitner; Richard D. Burns; Scott R. Starin; Melodi Rodrigue; M. S. Fadali; Dennis L. Skelton; Helen M. Hart; Forrest C. Hamilton; Kwang-Ping Cheng
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Eclipse architecture
Author(s): Tony Hull; John T. Trauger; David C. Redding; Joseph J. Green
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Optical systems engineering for a terrestrial planet finder coronagraph
Author(s): Charley Noecker; Robert A. Woodruff; Chris Burrows
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Infrared coronagraph for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Mission: I. Overview and design concept
Author(s): Charles F. Lillie; Charles B. Atkinson; L. Suzanne Casement; Martin R. Flannery; Keith V. Kroening; Stewart L. Moses; Paul E. Glenn
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Infrared coronagraph for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Mission: II. Instrument design and performance
Author(s): L. Suzanne Casement; Martin R. Flannery; Charles F. Lillie; Charles B. Atkinson; Stewart L. Moses; Keith V. Kroening; Paul E. Glenn
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Integrated system modeling for evaluating the coronagraph approach to planet detection
Author(s): Michael D. Lieber; Charley Noecker; Steven Kilston
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Phenomenology of extra-solar planets in reflected light and system level requirements for detection and characterization
Author(s): Dennis Charles Ebbets; Steven Kilston; Roger P. Linfield
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Jovian Planet Finder optical system
Author(s): John E. Krist; Mark Clampin; Larry Petro; Robert A. Woodruff; Holland C. Ford; Garth D. Illingworth; Christ Ftaclas
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Optical designs of snapshot interferometer for coronagraphy
Author(s): Sophie Gillet; Pierre Riaud; Anthony Boccaletti; Jean Louis Schneider
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ExPO: a Discovery-class apodized square aperture (ASA) extrasolar planet observatory
Author(s): Daniel Y. Gezari; Peter Nisenson; Costas D. Papaliolios; Gary J. Melnick; Richard G. Lyon; Martin Harwit; Stephen T. Ridgway; Robert A. Woodruff
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TRIDENT: an infrared camera optimized for the detection of methanated substellar companions around nearby stars
Author(s): Christian Marois; Rene Doyon; Daniel Nadeau; Rene Racine; Martin Riopel; Philippe Vallee
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High-contrast imaging with Gaussian-shaped pupils
Author(s): John H. Debes; Jian Ge; Caylin Mandelowitz; Anne Watson
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Can we really go for direct exo-planet detection from the ground?
Author(s): Markus Feldt; Thomas F. E. Henning; Stefan Hippler; Robert Weiss; M. Turatto; Ralph Neuhauser; Artie P. Hatzes; Hans Martin Schmid; Rens Waters; Elena Puga; Joana Costa
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Performance of a coronagraph on the AEOS 3.6-m adaptive optics telescope
Author(s): Patrick T. Ryan; Scott Milster; Jack D. Drummond
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The adaptive optics point-spread function at moderate and high Strehl ratios
Author(s): Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Philip E. Hodge; Russell B. Makidon; Marshall D. Perrin; James P. Lloyd; Eric E. Bloemhof; Ben R. Oppenheimer
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Waffle mode error in the AEOS adaptive optics point-spread function
Author(s): Russell B. Makidon; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Lewis C. Roberts Jr.; Ben R. Oppenheimer; James R. Graham
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Large sparse-aperture densified-pupil hypertelescope concept for ground-based detection of extrasolar planets
Author(s): Daniel Y. Gezari; Richard G. Lyon; Robert A. Woodruff; Antoine Labeyrie
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Simulations of high-order curvature adaptive optics
Author(s): Olivier Lai; Thomas V. Craven-Bartle
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Four-quadrant phase mask: analytical calculation and pupil geometry
Author(s): James P. Lloyd; Donald T. Gavel; James R. Graham; Philip E. Hodge; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; G. Mark Voit
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Achromatic four-quadrant phase mask using the dispersion of form birefringence
Author(s): Dimitri Mawet; C. Lenaerts; Vincent Moreau; Yvon L. M. Renotte; Daniel Rouan; Jean Surdej
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Estimated performances of a four-quadrant phase mask coronagraph for planet detection
Author(s): Daniel Rouan; Anthony Boccaletti; Pierre Riaud; Jacques Baudrand
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High-dynamic-range imaging with the phase knife coronagraph: theory and first laboratory results
Author(s): Lyu Abe; Armando Domiciano de Souza Jr.; Farrokh Vakili
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Improvement of coronagraphy using optimal apodizations
Author(s): Remi Soummer; Claude Aime; Andre Ferrari; P. E. Falloon
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Disturbance reduction system: testing technology for precision formation control
Author(s): William M. Folkner; Sasha Buchman; Robert L. Byer; Daniel B. DeBra; C. J. Dennehy; Manuel Gamero-Castano; J. Hanson; Vlad Hruby; George M. Keiser; Andy Kuhnert; F. Landis Markley; M. Houghton; P. Maghami; David C. Miller; S. Prakash; Robert Spero
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Nulling stellar coronagraph using liquid-crystal device
Author(s): Naoshi Murakami; Naoshi Baba; Tsuyoshi Ishigaki; Nobuyuki Hashimoto
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Novel approach to the fabrication of noncircular apodized aperture ultrasmooth mirrors for exo-planet detection
Author(s): Peter C. Chen; Robert C. Romeo
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Eclipse apodization: realization of occulting spots and Lyot masks
Author(s): Daniel W. Wilson; Paul D. Maker; John T. Trauger; Tony B. Hull
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Residual wave front phase estimation in the reimaged Lyot plane for the Eclipse coronagraphic telescope
Author(s): Stuart B. Shaklan; Dwight Moody; Joseph Jacob Green
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Optimal shaped pupil coronagraphs for extrasolar plant finding
Author(s): N. Jeremy Kasdin; Robert J. Vanderbei; David N. Spergel; Michael G. Littman
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Comparative optical analysis of extrasolar planetary imaging techniques
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; Jan M. Hollis; John E. Dorband
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Extreme wave front sensing accuracy for the Eclipse coronagraphic space telescope
Author(s): Joseph Jacob Green; David C. Redding; Stuart B. Shaklan; Scott A. Basinger
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Eclipse telescope design factors
Author(s): Tony Hull; John T. Trauger; Steven A. Macenka; Dwight Moody; Guillermo Olarte; Cesar Sepulveda; Walter Tsuha; David Cohen
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Active optics concepts for hypertelescope aberration control and pupil densification
Author(s): Kjetil Dohlen; Pascal Dargent; Marc Ferrari; Gerard R. Lemaitre
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Spectral contrast enhancement techniques for extrasolar planet imaging
Author(s): Tilak Hewagama; Richard B. Barclay; Tina C. Chen; Drake Deming; Cedric Goukenleuque; Matthew A. Greenhouse; Ross Henry; Mindy Jacobson; Brent Mott; Shobita Satyapal; David Scott Schwinger
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Ground-based coronagraphy: performance of a four-quadrant phase mask
Author(s): Elena Puga; Markus Feldt; Thomas F. E. Henning; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Joana Costa; Peter Bizenberger; Stefan Hippler
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