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Gravitational-Wave Detection
Editor(s): Peter Saulson; Adrian M. Cruise

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Volume Number: 4856
Date Published: 26 February 2003

Table of Contents
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Use of drag-free spacecraft in the detection of low-frequency gravitational radiation
Author(s): Yusuf R. Jafry
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Disturbance reduction system: testing technology for drag-free operation
Author(s): John Hanson; George Keiser; Sasha Buchman; Robert L. Byer; Dave Lauben; Ben Shelef; Gad Shelef; Vlad Hruby; Manuel Gamero-Castano
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Development of hardware for a drag-free control system
Author(s): Rachel Leach
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Position sensors for flight testing of LISA drag-free control
Author(s): William J. Weber; Daniele Bortoluzzi; Antonella Cavalleri; Ludovico Carbone; Mauro Da Lio; Rita Dolesi; Giorgio Fontana; C. D. Hoyle; Mauro Hueller; Stefano Vitale
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Electrostatic modeling for LISA
Author(s): Diana N.A. Shaul; Timothy J. Sumner
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Charging of isolated proof masses in satellite experiments such as LISA
Author(s): Henrique M. Araujo; A. Howard; D. Davidge; Timothy J. Sumner
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LISA phase measurement technique
Author(s): Martin R. Marcin
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LISA laser noise cancellation test using time-delayed interferometry
Author(s): Andreas C. Kuhnert; Robert Spero; Alexander R. Abramovici; Bonny L. Schumaker; Daniel A. Shaddock
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Bench-top interferometric test bed for LISA
Author(s): Daniel A. Shaddock; Brent C. Young; Alexander R. Abramovici
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LISA: pointing sensor development stand
Author(s): Frank G. Dekens; Mary Hrachoo Boghosian; Alexander R. Abramovici
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The Cassini gravitational wave experiment
Author(s): Salvatore F. Abbate; John W. Armstrong; Sami W. Asmar; Elias Barbinis; Bruno Bertotti; Don U. Fleischman; Mark S. Gatti; Gene L. Goltz; R. G. Herrera; L. Iess; Kyong J. Lee; Trina L. Ray; Massimo Tinto; P. Tortora; Hugo D. Wahlquist
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Optical displacement sensor (ODS): an inertial reference sensor candidate for LISA
Author(s): Meng P. Chiao; Frank G. Dekens; Alexander R. Abramovici
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Preliminary studies of spherical proof masses in LISA drag-free satellites
Author(s): Benjamin Lange
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Numerical relativity: maximizing the scientific payoff from gravitational wave detection
Author(s): Saul A. Teukolsky
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Gravitational waves from core collapse
Author(s): Chris L. Fryer; Mike S. Warren; Daniel E. Holz; Scott A. Hughes; Rejean Dupuis
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A new method for estimating binary pulsar coalescence rates
Author(s): Vicky Kalogera; Chunglee Kim; Duncan R. Lorimer
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Distribution of mass ratios in compact object binaries
Author(s): Tomasz Bulik; Krzysztof Belczynski; Vicky Kalogera
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Probing the neutron star equation of state with gravitational wave detectors
Author(s): Frederic A. Rasio; Joshua A. Faber
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Influence of the precession on the search of inspiral binaries with ground-based gravitational wave detectors
Author(s): Philippe Grandclement; Vicky Kalogera; Alberto Vecchio
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Analysis techniques for data from resonant-mass detectors
Author(s): Pia Astone
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Search for gravitational waves in the galaxy with the five-bar network
Author(s): Massimo Cerdonio; Lucio Baggio; Giovanni Andrea Prodi
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Analysis of data from interferometric gravitational-wave detectors
Author(s): Patrick R. Brady
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Data analysis with multiple detectors: plans and prospects for coordinated international analysis of interferometric detector data
Author(s): Peter Saulson
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A data analysis technique for detecting a stochastic background of gravitational radiation
Author(s): Joseph D. Romano
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Merits of coincident observation of energetic cosmic events by astronomical and gravity wave observatories
Author(s): Szabolcs Marka
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Resonant detectors and interferometers can work together
Author(s): William O. Hamilton; Marc A. Burgamy; Daniel M. Busby; Edward J. Daw; J. Duran; Joseph A. Giaime; Jonathan Hanson; Ik Siong Heng; Warren W. Johnson; Martin P. McHugh; Phillip Miller; Damon Nettles; J. T. Whelan
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Status of the GEO600 gravitational wave detector
Author(s): Benno Willke; P. Aufmuth; C. Aulbert; S. Babak; R. Balasubramanian; B. W. Barr; S. Berukoff; S. Bose; Gianpietro Cagnoli; M. M. Casey; D. Churches; C. N. Colacino; David R.M. Crooks; C. Cutler; K. Danzmann; R. Davies; Rejean Dupuis; E. Elliffe; Carsten Fallnich; A. Freise; S. Gossler; A. Grant; H. Grote; J. Harms; G. Heinzel; S. Herden; A. Hepstonstall; M. Heurs; M. Hewitson; James Hough; O. Jennrich; K. Kawabe; K. Koetter; V. Leonhardt; H. Lueck; M. Malec; Paul McNamara; Kasem Mossavi; S. Mohanty; S. Mukherjee; S. Nagano; G. P. Newton; B. J. Owen; M. A. Papa; M. V. Plissi; V. Quetschke; L. Ribichini; D. I. Robertson; N. A. Robertson; Sheila Rowan; Albrecht Ruediger; B. S. Sathyaprakash; R. Schilling; B. F. Schutz; F. Seifert; A. M. Sintes; K. D. Skeldon; Peter Sneddon; Kenneth A. Strain; I. Taylor; C. I. Torrie; Alberto Vecchio; H. Ward; U. Weiland; Herbert Welling; P. Williams; Walter Winkler; G. Woan; Ivo Zawischa
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Status of LIGO
Author(s): Gary H. Sanders
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ACIGA: status report
Author(s): Malcolm B. Gray; S. M. Scott; B. J. J. Slagmolen; A. S. Searle; B. Cusack; G. de Vine; B. Sheard; K. McKenzie; C. Mow-Lowry; David E. McClelland; Li Ju; J. Winterflood; David G. Blair; D. Paget; T. Barber; C. Zhao; J. S. Jacob; Peter J. Veitch; Jesper Munch; Murray Wayne Hamilton; Damien Mudge; M. Ostermeyer; T. L. Kelly; A. Brooks; C. Hollitt; D. Hosken
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Advanced interferometer configurations
Author(s): David E. McClelland; Malcolm B. Gray
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Second generation instruments for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO)
Author(s): Peter Fritschel
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Test mass materials for a new generation of gravitational wave detectors
Author(s): Sheila Rowan; Robert L. Byer; Martin M. Fejer; Roger K. Route; Gianpietro Cagnoli; David R.M. Crooks; James Hough; Peter H. Sneddon; Walter Winkler
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