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Highly Innovative Space Telescope Concepts
Editor(s): Howard A. MacEwen

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Volume Number: 4849
Date Published: 18 December 2002

Table of Contents
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DART system for far-IR/submillimeter space telescopes
Author(s): Mark Dragovan
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Design and test of a prototype DART system
Author(s): Jason Tolomeo; Eugene W. Cross Jr.; William W. Sable; Tom Decker; Dave Putnam; Thomas H. Jamieson; Mark Dragovan; Artur B. Chmielewski; Jennifer A. Dooley
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Very large yet extremely lightweight space imaging systems
Author(s): Ivan Bekey
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Eyeglass: a very large aperture diffractive space telescope
Author(s): Roderick A. Hyde; Shamasundar N. Dixit; Andrew H. Weisberg; Michael C. Rushford
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Looking down: large microwave apertures for meteorological and oceanographic remote sensing
Author(s): Philip R. Schwartz
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Synthetic aperture imaging at 1.5 um: laboratory demonstration and potential application to planet surface studies
Author(s): Mark Bashkansky; Robert L. Lucke; Eric E. Funk; John F. Reintjes; Lee J. Rickard
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Fabrication and testing of ultra-lightweight Gossamer-class composite mirrors
Author(s): Peter C. Chen; Ronald J. Oliversen; Robert C. Romeo
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Numerical simulation of optical performances for a lens-like operating ring-array mirror
Author(s): Viktor P. Vasylyev
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Two-mirror three-reflection telescopes as candidates for sky surveys in ground and space applications: The MINITRUST: an active optics warping telescope for wide-field astronomy
Author(s): Roberto F. Viotti; Cesare D. La Padula; Agostino Vignato; Gerard R. Lemaitre; Pierre Montiel; Kjetil Dohlen
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Development of nanolaminate thin-shell mirrors
Author(s): Gregory Scott Hickey; Shyh-Shiuh Lih; Troy W. Barbee Jr.
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Study of lightweight Ni-Co alloy mirrors obtained by electroforming techniques
Author(s): Ruth D. Jones; Iulia Muntele; Claudiu Muntele; Robert L. Zimmerman; Daryush Ila
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CFRP composite thin-shelled mirrors for future space telescopes
Author(s): Robert C. Romeo; Peter C. Chen
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Lightweight composite/foam mirrors for UV applications
Author(s): Witold Kowbel; Calvin Bruce; James C. Withers
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Advanced Segmented Silicon Space Telescope (ASSiST)
Author(s): Richard G. Dekany; Douglas G. MacMartin; Gary A. Chanan; Mitchell Troy
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Development of a sparse-aperture testbed for optomechanical control of space-deployable structures
Author(s): Karl N. Schrader; Rob H. Fetner; Steven Fulton Griffin; Richard Scott Erwin
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Designing photometric patterns for exoplanet transit search on board COROT
Author(s): Antoine Llebaria; Andre Vuillemin; P. Guterman; Pierre Barge
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Enhancement of sparse aperture imaging through multiwavelength synthesis
Author(s): Chris Rollins; Peter E. Nebolsine; Norman Humer; David Mozurkewich; Lee J. Rickard
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Integrated control system development for phasing and vibration suppression for a sparse-array telescope
Author(s): Karl N. Schrader; Rob H. Fetner; Jed Donaldson; Robert J. Fuentes; Richard Scott Erwin
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Sparse-array phasing algorithm based on recursive estimation of fringe contrast
Author(s): Karl N. Schrader; Robert H. Fetner; Mark J. Balas; Richard Scott Erwin
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Computer-based telescope with double phase diversity
Author(s): Sergei A. Dimakov; Boris V. Kislitsyn
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Investigation of electromagnetic control for formation flight applications
Author(s): Laila Mireille Elias; Edmund M. Kong; David W. Miller
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Design and implementation of sparse-aperture imaging systems
Author(s): Soon-Jo Chung; David W. Miller; Olivier L. de Weck
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Propellantless spin-up of tethered or electromagnetically coupled sparse apertures
Author(s): Raymond J. Sedwick; Samuel A. Schweighart
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System-level design trades for the Submillimeter Probe of the Evolution of Cosmic Structure (SPECS)
Author(s): Raymond J. Sedwick; David W. Miller
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SNAP Telescope
Author(s): Michael L. Lampton; Carl W. Akerlof; Greg Aldering; R. Amanullah; Pierre Astier; E. Barrelet; Christopher Bebek; Lars Bergstrom; John Bercovitz; G. Bernstein; Manfred Bester; Alain Bonissent; C. R. Bower; William C. Carithers Jr.; Eugene D. Commins; C. Day; Susana E. Deustua; Richard S. DiGennaro; Anne Ealet; Richard S. Ellis; Mikael Eriksson; Andrew Fruchter; Jean-Francois Genat; Gerson Goldhaber; Ariel Goobar; Donald E. Groom; Stewart E. Harris; Peter R. Harvey; Henry D. Heetderks; Steven E. Holland; Dragan Huterer; Armin Karcher; Alex G. Kim; William F. Kolbe; B. Krieger; R. Lafever; J. Lamoureux; Michael E. Levi; Daniel S. Levin; Eric V. Linder; Stewart C. Loken; Roger Malina; R. Massey; Timothy McKay; Shawn P. McKee; Ramon Miquel; E. Mortsell; N. Mostek; Stuart Mufson; J. A. Musser; Peter E. Nugent; Hakeem M. Oluseyi; Reynald Pain; Nicholas P. Palaio; David H. Pankow; Saul Perlmutter; R. Pratt; Eric Prieto; Alexandre Refregier; J. Rhodes; Kem Edward Robinson; N. Roe; Michael Sholl; Michael S. Schubnell; G. Smadja; George F. Smoot; A. Spadafora; Gregory Tarle; Andrew D. Tomasch; H. von der Lippe; R. Vincent; J.-P. Walder; Guobin Wang
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Conceptual design of a combined visible-x-ray wideband telescope
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Takizawa; Toshikazu Ebisuzaki; Chico Otani; Hirohiko M. Shimizu; Yoshiyuki Takahashi
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Toric offset three-reflector antenna for an advanced microwave limb sounder
Author(s): Richard E. Cofield; Thomas A. Cwik; Nasrat A. Raouf
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Optical designs for submillimeter-wave spherical-primary (sub)orbital telescopes and novel optimization techniques
Author(s): Luca Olmi
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Multiple-aperture telescope array with a high fill factor
Author(s): Alan L. Duncan; Robert D. Sigler; David M. Stubbs
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Curved focal plane wide-field-of-view telescope design
Author(s): Timothy P. Grayson
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Mosaic focal plane development
Author(s): David L. Mason; Scott D. Horner; Earl K. Aamodt
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Superconducting kinetic inductance photon detectors
Author(s): Benjamin A. Mazin; Peter K. Day; Henry G. LeDuc; Anastasios Vayonakis; Jonas Zmuidzinas
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Multidisciplinary analysis of the NEXUS precursor space telescope
Author(s): Olivier L. de Weck; David W. Miller; Gary E. Mosier
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Hinged substrate for large-aperture lightweight deformable mirrors: a novel concept
Author(s): Sarma N. Gullapalli; Thomas Joseph Duffy; Carl D. Crane III; Neil L. White; Harvey Lipkin
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Parametric assessment of material properties, boundary conditions, and environmental effects on the performance of membrane optical systems
Author(s): James D. Moore Jr.; Paul A. Gierow; Brian G. Patrick; Dan K. Marker
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Adaptive membrane for large lightweight space telescopes
Author(s): Dimitry Gorinevsky; T. Tupper Hyde
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Large-diameter holographically corrected membrane telescope
Author(s): Geoff P. Andersen; Randall J. Knize; Arthur Palisoc; Costas Cassapakis
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Stretched membrane with electrostatic curvature (SMEC) mirrors: a new technology for large lightweight space telescopes
Author(s): Simona Errico; James Roger P. Angel; Brian L. Stamper; James H. Burge; Tom Connors
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Imaging interferometers using flat primary segments
Author(s): Erin M. Sabatke; James H. Burge
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Active zonal plate telescope
Author(s): Duncan C. Watson; Jon A. Magnuson
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Athermal lightweight aluminum mirrors and structures
Author(s): Theo Hadjimichael; David A. Content; Charles Frohlich
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Optical design tools for reflective optical systems
Author(s): Joseph M. Howard
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