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Virtual Observatories
Editor(s): Alexander S. Szalay

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Volume Number: 4846
Date Published: 16 December 2002

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Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (AVO): a progress report
Author(s): Peter J. Quinn; Piero Benvenuti; Phil J. Diamond; Francois Genova; Andrew Lawrence; Yannick Mellier
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AstroGrid: powering the Virtual Observatory
Author(s): Andy Lawrence
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Building the framework of the National Virtual Observatory: status report
Author(s): Robert James Hanisch
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Interoperability of archives in the VO
Author(s): Francois Genova; Guy T. Rixon; Francois Ochsenbein; Clive G. Page
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NVO activities at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Author(s): Guiseppina Fabbiano
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EGSO in need for a global schema
Author(s): Frank Hill; Andre Csillaghy; Robert D. Bentley; Jean Aboudarham; Ester Antonucci; Anthony Finkelstein; Luigi Ciminiera; Joseph B. Gurman; Isabelle Scholl; Dave Pike; Valentin Zharkova
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Classifying the high-energy universe with ClassX
Author(s): Thomas McGlynn; Anatoly Suchkov; Eric Winter; Lorella Angelini; Michael Corcoran; Sebastien Derriere; Megan Donahue; Stephen Drake; Pierre Fernique; Francois Genova; Robert James Hanisch; Francois Ochsenbein; William D. Pence; Marc Postman; Nicholas White; Richard L. White
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yourSky: rapid desktop access to custom astronomical image mosaics
Author(s): Joseph C. Jacob; Robert J. Brunner; David W. Curkendall; Stan George Djorgovski; John C. Good; Laura Husman; George Kremenek; Ashish Mahabal
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Topic maps for custom viewing of data
Author(s): Ashish Mahabal; Stan G. Djorgovski; Roy E. Williams; Robert J. Brunner
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Hera: the HEASARC web-based data analysis environment
Author(s): William D. Pence; Thomas McGlynn; Pan Chai; Christina Heikkila
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Approach to virtual observatory in Yunnan Observatory
Author(s): Dong Chen; Guoquan Luo; Zhi Li; Kaning Wei; Hongbing Dai
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NOAO Science Archive
Author(s): Robert L. Seaman; Michele De La Pena; Nelson Zarate; Tod R. Lauer
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AVO interoperability demonstration
Author(s): Francois Genova; Mark Allen; Francois Ochsenbein; Andreas J. Wicenec; Christophe Arviset; Alberto Micol; Robert G. Mann; Guy T. Rixon; Pierre Didelon; Simon T. Garrington; Anita M. S. Richards
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Access to the astrophysics data system: what, how, who, and where
Author(s): Guenther Eichhorn; Alberto Accomazzi; Carolyn S. Grant; Michael J. Kurtz; Stephen S. Murray
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Architecture for access to a compute-intensive image mosaic service in the NVO
Author(s): G. Bruce Berriman; David Curkendall; John C. Good; Joseph C. Jacob; Daniel S. Katz; Mihseh Kong; Serge Monkewitz; Reagan Moore; Thomas A. Prince; Roy E. Williams
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Online scientific data curation, publication, and archiving
Author(s): Jim Gray; Alexander S. Szalay; Ani R. Thakar; Christopher Stoughton; Jan vandenBerg
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Impact of dynamic design on data retrieval speed
Author(s): Pierre Didelon
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Identified usage of the Virtual Observatory: beyond the WWW
Author(s): Guy T. Rixon; Nicholas A. Walton
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Web services for the Virtual Observatory
Author(s): Alexander S. Szalay; Tamas Budavari; Tanu Malik; Jim Gray; Ani R. Thakar
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NVO: surveys and archiving ground-based data
Author(s): John P. Huchra
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Generic archive capability for radio telescopes in AIPS++
Author(s): John Benson; Boyd Waters; Timothy J. Cornwell
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SkyDOT (Sky Database for Objects in the Time Domain): a virtual observatory for variable studies at LANL
Author(s): Przemek Wozniak; Konstantin N. Borozdin; Mark C. Galassi; William C. Priedhorsky; Daniel Starr; W. Thomas Vestrand; Robert White; James A. Wren
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Archive systems for the TNG telescope: lessons learned in the VO perspective
Author(s): Riccardo Smareglia; Fabio Pasian; Andrea Zacchei; Alessandro Caproni; Claudio Vuerli; Giuseppe Longo; Ugo Becciani; Claudio Gheller
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