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Advanced Global Communications Technologies for Astronomy II
Editor(s): Robert I. Kibrick

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Volume Number: 4845
Date Published: 27 November 2002

Table of Contents
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The Gemini Observatory multicontinental network
Author(s): James R. Kennedy
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Distributed storage and control system of Subaru Telescope on the high-speed wide-area connection
Author(s): Ryusuke Ogasawara; George Kosugi; Tadafumi Takata; Masafumi Yagi; Yoshihiro Chikada; Yoshihiko Mizumoto; Kurazo Chiba; Goki Inoue; Masahiko Furuichi; Daisaku Iwashita
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eSTAR: a distributed telescope network
Author(s): Iain A. Steele; Tim Naylor; Alisdair Allan; Jason Etherton; C J Mottram
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Local area networking in a radio quiet environment
Author(s): Edwin L. Childers; Gareth Hunt; Joseph J. Brandt
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Directly connecting the very long baseline array
Author(s): Gareth Hunt; Jonathan D. Romney; R. Craig Walker
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NTT's ultrahigh-speed networking experiment: a real-time VLBI project
Author(s): Hisao Uose; Kazunari Irie; Sotetsu Iwamura
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Operational performance of the EVLA digital transmission system
Author(s): James M. Jackson; Steven J. Durand
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Operational performance of the EVLA LO round-trip phase system
Author(s): Steven J. Durand; Terry Cotter
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Remote use of the SOAR 4.25m telescope with LabVIEW
Author(s): Gerald N. Cecil; Adam Crain; German Schumacher
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Remote observing with the Keck telescopes from multiple sites in California
Author(s): Robert I. Kibrick; Brian Hayes; Steven L. Allen; Albert Conrad
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Remote observing at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility
Author(s): Schelte J. Bus; Anthony J. Denault; John T. Rayner; Richard P. Binzel; Mirel Birlan
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Working together across the continent with video conferencing
Author(s): Gene Runion; Alan Bridle; Gareth Hunt
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Applying modern collaboration methods to distributed engineering projects
Author(s): Albert Conrad; Jason L. Weiss; Allan Honey
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Keywords revisited
Author(s): Shui Hung Kwok; Richard W. Cohen
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Development of radio seeing monitor using LEO satellite beacons
Author(s): Masanori Nishio; Tomonari Suzuyama; Hiroshi Kohashiguchi; Tomoyuki Miyazaki; Yoshio Sumino; Takafusa Ando; Masako Hirata; Qinghui Liu
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RAPTOR experiment: a system for monitoring the optical sky in real time
Author(s): W. Thomas Vestrand; Konstantin N. Borozdin; Steven P. Brumby; Donald E. Casperson; Edward E. Fenimore; Mark C. Galassi; Katherine McGowan; Simon J. Perkins; William C. Priedhorsky; Daniel Starr; Robert White; Przemek Wozniak; James A. Wren
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ESO's ArchiveComputing framework
Author(s): Andreas J. Wicenec; Jens Knudstrup
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Distributed control system for rapid astronomical transient detection
Author(s): James A. Wren; Konstantin N. Borozdin; Steven P. Brumby; Donald E. Casperson; Mark C. Galassi; Katherine McGowan; Daniel Starr; W. Thomas Vestrand; Robert White; Przemek Wozniak
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Boosting productivity: a framework for professional/amateur collaborative teamwork
Author(s): Saleh Said Al-Shedhani
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