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High-Resolution Wavefront Control: Methods, Devices, and Applications IV

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Volume Number: 4825
Date Published: 6 November 2002

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Commercialization of adaptive optics
Author(s): Justin D. Mansell
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Micromachined deformable mirrors for adaptive optics
Author(s): Thomas G. Bifano; Julie A. Perreault; Paul A. Bierden; Clara E. Dimas
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Adaptive compensation of atmospheric effects with a high-resolution micromachined deformable mirror
Author(s): Thomas Weyrauch; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; John W. Gowens II
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Air Force Research Lababoratory MEMS and LCM adaptive optics testbed
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; John D. Gonglewski; Stephen L. Browne; Sergio R. Restaino
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Characterization of large-format LC devices for adaptive and active optics
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino; Ty Martinez; Jonathan R. Andrews; Scott W. Teare
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New developments in high-resolution liquid crystal spatial light modulators for wavefront control
Author(s): Steven A. Serati; Teresa K. Ewing; Jay E. Stockley
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Dual frequency nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulator with modulation depth 0-2pi and operation rate in hundreds Hz region
Author(s): Leonid A. Beresnev; Gary W. Carhart; David Campbell; John D. Gonglewski; David Charles Dayton
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Target-in-the-loop adaptive optics: wavefront control in strong speckle-modulation conditions
Author(s): Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Gary W. Carhart; John W. Gowens II
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Active multimodal control of a floppy telescope structure
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Baker; Sergio R. Restaino; Ty Martinez; Jeffrey Foster Friedman
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Robust control system for a compact modular adaptive optics system
Author(s): Robert K. Tyson; Benjamin West Frazier; Mark Smith
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Small tabletop adaptive optical systems for human retinal imaging
Author(s): Ning Ling; Yudong Zhang; Xuejun Rao; Xinyang Li; Chen Wang; Yiyun Hu; Wenhan Jiang
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System concept and some characteristics of the coupled-cavity laser system for active target tracking
Author(s): Vladimir B. Markov; Anatoliy I. Khizhnyak; E. Scott; Boris Ya. Zel'dovich; Ty Martinez; Shiang Liu
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Speckle imaging over horizontal paths
Author(s): Carmen J. Carrano
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Superresolution technology for small diffraction spot size in the far field
Author(s): Jia Jia; Changhe Zhou; Wendong Xu; Peng Xi; Liren Liu
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Comparing zonal reconstruction algorithms and modal reconstruction algorithms in adaptive optics system
Author(s): Xinyang Li; Wenhan Jiang
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Relating the dynamics of membrane mirrors to holographic wavefront correction
Author(s): Dan K. Marker; James Michael Wilkes; Mark T. Gruneisen; Hy D. Tran
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Near-diffraction limited compensated imaging and laser wavefront control with programmable diffractive optics
Author(s): Mark T. Gruneisen; Raymond C. Dymale; James R. Rotge; Donald L. Lubin
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Coordination of primary mirror parameters with corrector parameters in telescope with real-time correction of aberrations
Author(s): Sergei A. Dimakov; Alexander V. Gorlanov; Boris V. Kislitsyn; Dmitrii I. Zhuk
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Programmable diffractive optics for high-fidelity wavefront control
Author(s): Mark T. Gruneisen; James R. Rotge; Raymond C. Dymale; Donald L. Lubin
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Diffraction efficiency of thin film holographic beam steering devices
Author(s): Charles M. Titus; John Pouch; Hung D. Nguyen; Felix Miranda; Philip J. Bos
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Diffractive wavefront control with a continuous reflective surface
Author(s): Justin D. Mansell
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Phase reflective OA LC SLM with clear aperture up to 50-mm for recording dynamic holographic grating with high-diffraction efficiency
Author(s): Vladimir A. Berenberg; Natalia L. Ivanova; Mikhail V. Isaev; Elena A. Konshina; Arkady P. Onokhov; Michael A. Fedorov; Alexandr N. Chaika; Nikolai A. Feoktistov
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Design considerations for a miniature portable phase-contrast wavefront sensor
Author(s): Michael K. Giles; Corey Asbill; Brian Baker
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Noise analysis for complex field estimation using a self-referencing interferometer wavefront sensor
Author(s): Troy A. Rhoadarmer; Jeffrey D. Barchers
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Characteristics of wavefront aberration in the single beam principle prototype of the next-generation ICF system
Author(s): Yudong Zhang; Zeping Yang; Haifeng Duan; Haiying Wang; Ende Li; Wenhan Jiang
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Detector array for direct control of a deformable mirror
Author(s): Robert S. Winsor; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Gert Cauwenberghs; Marc H. Cohen; Margaret Frazier; Mike Kruger; Tim Myers
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Direct wavefront sensing using geometric optics
Author(s): Marcos A. van Dam; Richard G. Lane
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First-order finite element model for modeling of a continuous facesheet deformable mirror
Author(s): Kelsey L. Rogers; Jeffrey D. Barchers
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Low-cost technological approaches to micromachined spatial light modulators
Author(s): Serhat Sakarya; Gleb V. Vdovin; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Multithreading approach for Shack-Hartmann wavefront processing
Author(s): Revati N. Kulkarni; Sandeep Shinde; Shireesh D. Phadke; Santosh Pathak
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