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Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing X

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Volume Number: 4818
Date Published: 18 December 2002

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First-light SOFIA instruments
Author(s): Alfred Krabbe; Sean C. Casey
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Virtis-H: an infrared spectrometer for the Rosetta mission -- calibration results
Author(s): Jean-Michel Reess; Pierre Drossart; Alain Semery; Marc Bouye; Olivier Dupuis; Yann Hello; Gerard Huntzinger; Driss Kouach; J. Parisot; Didier Tiphene; J. Romon; Y. Ghomchi; Jean-Pierre Bibring; G. Bonello; S. Erard; B. Gondet; Yves Langevin; Alain Soufflot; Angioletta Coradini; Fabrizio Capaccioni; Enrico Suetta; Michele Dami; A. Cisbani; C. Pasqui; I. Ficai Veltroni; Gabriele Arnold; Johann Benkhoff; G. Peters
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Adjacent effect and cross talk of land surfaces on coastal water in the Aster VNIR and SWIR
Author(s): Tsutomu Takashima; Kazuhiko Masuda; Isao Sato; Satoshi Tsuchida
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Sensor system for fire detection onboard the small satellite BIRD
Author(s): Wolfgang Skrbek; Klaus Briess; Dieter Oertel; Eckehard Lorenz; Ingo Walter; Boris Zhukov
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AOTF-based spectrometer for Mars atmosphere sounding
Author(s): Oleg I. Korablev; Jean-Loup Bertaux; Emmanuel Dimarellis; Alexei Grigoriev; Yurii Kalinnikov; Alexander Stepanov; S. Guibert
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Compact high-resolution IR spectrometer for atmospheric studies
Author(s): Oleg I. Korablev; Jean-Loup Bertaux; Imant I. Vinogradov
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Testing the optics of the Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT)
Author(s): Rufino Diaz-Uribe; Manuel Campos-Garcia; Fermin S. Granados-Agustin
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Design and fabrication of a lightweight 2-m telescope for the balloon-borne large-aperture sub-millimeter telescope: BLAST
Author(s): Brian E. Catanzaro; Toan Pham; Luca Olmi; Karl E. Martinson; Mark Devlin
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Qualification status of the stressed photoconductor arrays for the PACS instrument aboard Herschel
Author(s): Hilmar Richter; Patrick Merken; Y. Creten; J. Putzeys; Chris A. Van Hoof; Reinhard O. Katterloher; Dirk Rosenthal; M. Rumitz; Ulrich Groezinger; Ralph Hofferbert; Jeffrey W. Beeman; Stefan Kraft
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Application of HAWAII-2 FPAs for an astronomical wide-field imager and multi-object spectrograph
Author(s): Yuka Katsuno; Takashi Ichikawa; Daigo Matsumoto; Ken'ichiro Asai; Ryuji Suzuki; Chihiro Tokoku; Kenshi Yanagisawa; Tetsuo Nishimura
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Time domain scattering of traveling wave radiance
Author(s): Henry Berger; Robert S. Rand
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Performance predictions of a fiber-optic temperature sensor
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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Spectral responsivity determination of a transfer-standard pyroelectric radiometer
Author(s): George P. Eppeldauer; Miklos Racz; Leonard M. Hanssen
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Dissemination of ultraprecise measurements in radiometry and remote sensing within 100-3500K temperature range based on blackbody sources developed in VNIIOFI
Author(s): Victor I. Sapritsky; Sergey A. Ogarev; Boris B. Khlevnoy; Mikhail L. Samoylov; Vladimir B. Khromchenko; Svetlana P. Morozova
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Semiconductor screen dynamic visible-to-infrared scene converter
Author(s): Volodymyr K. Malyutenko; V. V. Bogatyrenko; Oleg Yu. Malyutenko; Donald R. Snyder; August J. Huber; James D. Norman
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Spatial and spectral characterization of the Crosstrack Infrared Sounder (CrIS): test development
Author(s): Frederick L. Williams; Roger A. Johnston
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CrIS raw data records (Level 0) to sensor data records (Level 1b) processing
Author(s): Robert H. Poulin; Stephane Lantagne; Yvan Dutil; Steve Levesque; Francois Chateauneuf
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Calibration of GOME-2 data
Author(s): Abelardo Perez Albinana; Rosemary Munro; E. Corpacciolli; Michael Eisinger; Joerg Callies; Alain Lefebvre; Achim R. Hahne
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Introduction of SOFIS/FTS calibration system
Author(s): Takahiro Kawashima; Shigetaka Mori; Jun Tanii; Yasuhiro Sasano; Hideaki Nakajima; Tatsuya Yokota; Takafumi Sugita; Akihiko Kuze; Katsunori Waragai
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Mapping the Earth's cosmic dust layer by differential solar occultation
Author(s): Larry L. Gordley; Mark E. Hervig; Benjamin Thomas Marshall; James M. Russell III; John C. Kemp; Markus Rapp
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Imaging sensor for the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS)
Author(s): James A. Stobie; Allen W. Hairston; Stephen P. Tobin; Ronald J. Huppi; Ray Huppi
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Novel photovoltaic Hg1-xCdxTe readout architecture for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Larry C. Dawson; Arvind I. D'Souza
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Instrument-quality digital camera that transitioned to low-cost high-volume production
Author(s): William J. Mandl
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AIRS-Light instrument concept and critical technology development
Author(s): Kevin R. Maschhoff
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Oxygen A-band spectrometer breadboard for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory
Author(s): Robert E. Haring; Randy Pollock; Richard M. Cross; David Crisp
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Application of remote sensing to plant health and productivity determination
Author(s): Rui Xu; Chuan-Shin Chong; John P. Basart; Forrest W. Nutter Jr.; Jie Guan; Gregory L. Tylka; Antonio J. D. Moreira
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Polarization transforming properties of Dove prisms
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Ivan Moreno; Marija Strojnik
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Large-aperture Dove prism for a rotational shearing interferometer
Author(s): Ivan Moreno; Gonzalo Paez; Jorge Garcia-Marquez; Marija Strojnik
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Comparison of linear and rotationally shearing interferometric layouts for extra-solar planet detection from space
Author(s): Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez
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Heat transfer analysis of a dynamic IR-to-visible converter
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik; Jaime Sandoval; P. Vacas-Jacques
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Prototype 1x32 Ge:Ga/Ge:Sb detector array with SBRC-190 CTIA readout multiplexer
Author(s): Jam Farhoomand; David Sisson; Dzung T. Hoang; Jeffrey W. Beeman
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Nonchiral polar smectic liquid crystals formed by bent-core molecules: weak coupling regime
Author(s): Tomaz Kranjc
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