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Nanoscale Optics and Applications
Editor(s): Guozhong Cao; Wiley P. Kirk

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Volume Number: 4809
Date Published: 4 November 2002

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Nanoscale photonics of structural transformations in gallium
Author(s): Nikolay I. Zheludev; V. A. Fedotov; K. F. MacDonald; G. C. Stevens; Sebastien C. Pochon; M. Woodford
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Photonic crystals self-assembled against templates
Author(s): Yadong Yin; Younan Xia
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Novel device structures based on colloidal photonic crystals
Author(s): Rajesh Rengarajan; Tushar Prasad; Vicki L. Colvin; Daniel Mittleman
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Photonic bandgap crystals by self-assembly
Author(s): Younan Xia; Yadong Yin; Yu Lu; Byron Gates
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Continuous and discontinuous growth of single crystalline light-emitting films on mica
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Horst-Guenter Rubahn
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Integration of photonic bandgap composites with piezoelectric actuators for rejection wavelength tuning
Author(s): Stephen H. Foulger; Amanda C. Lattam; Ping Jiang; John M. Ballato; David Edward Dausch; Sonia Grego; Brian R. Stoner
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Magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy of CO2+:CdS diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Pavle R. Radovanovic; Daniel R. Gamelin
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One- and two-photon induced growth of ligand-coated nanoparticles for 2D and 3D metal patterning
Author(s): Francesco Stellacci; Christina A. Bauer; Timo Meyer-Friedrichsen; Wim Wenseleers; Valerie Alain; Stephen M. Kuebler; Stephanie J. K. Pond; Yadong Zhang; Seth R. Marder; Joseph W. Perry
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Organic light-emitting devices based upon divalent osmium complexes: II. Design, fabrication, and characterization of osmium nanoscale devices
Author(s): Brenden Carlson; Xuezhong Jiang; Alex K.Y. Jen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Dendritic NLO chromophore with fluorinated dendrons for improving poling efficiency in electro-optic devices
Author(s): Alex K. Y. Jen; Jingdong Luo; Hong Ma; Marnie Haller; Richard R. Barto; Curtis W. Frank
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Triplet energy harvesting by lanthanides in conjugated polymers
Author(s): Asanga B. Padmaperuma; Patrick J. Case; Aaron W. Harper
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Inkjet printing in the manufacture of electronics, photonics, and displays
Author(s): Donald J. Hayes; Michael E. Grove; David B. Wallace; Ting Chen; Weldon Royall Cox
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Preparation, characterization, and fabrication of uniform coated Y2O2S:RE3+ up-converting phosphor particles for biological detection applications
Author(s): Shang Li; Hans Feindt; George Giannaras; Russell Scarpino; Sal Salamone; R. Sam Niedbala
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Chemically responsive fluorophores exhibiting large color changes
Author(s): Jeremy C. Collette; Aaron W. Harper
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Electrostatically deformable microfrequency selective surface
Author(s): Robert J. MacDonald; Karl Borhinger; Joel Rieter; Paul L. Gassman; Bill Dietze; John Sahr
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Microcavity-enhanced magnetization-induced second-harmonic generation and 1D magneto-photonic crystals
Author(s): Andrew A. Fedyanin; Takashi Yoshida; Kazuhiro Nishimura; Gerd Marowsky; Mitsuteru Inoue; Oleg A. Aktsipetrov
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Laser reactive deposition (LRD) processing for planar lightwave circuit (PLC) manufacturing
Author(s): Herman A. Lopez; Prasad Narasimha; Xiangxin Bi
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High-sensitivity two-photon photoacid generator for three-dimensional microfabrication
Author(s): Stephen M. Kuebler; Kevin Braun; Wenhui Zhou; Tianyue Yu; J. Kevin Cammack; Christopher Kemper Ober; Seth R. Marder; Joseph W. Perry
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Organic light-emitting diodes incorporating nanometer thick films of europium-cored complexes
Author(s): Gregory D. Phelan; Brenden Carlson; Xuezhong Jiang; Alex K.Y. Jen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Dynamic heterodyned polarization imaging: a scanning probe technique for studying polarization dynamics in materials
Author(s): Derek R. Oliver; Anle Pu; Douglas J. Thomson; Greg E. Bridges
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Thermal imaging of microwave power GaAs-FET with scanning thermal nanoprobe
Author(s): Mojtaba Joodaki; Pawel Janus; Teodor Gotszalk; Guenter Kompa; Klaus Edinger; Ivo W. Rangelow
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High-speed noninterferometric nanotopographic characterization of Si wafer surfaces
Author(s): Thomas D. Raymond; Daniel R. Neal; Daniel M. Topa; Tony L. Schmitz
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Biased percolation approach to failure propagation in nanostructures and prediction of the total failure by electronic noise analysis
Author(s): Laszlo B. Kish; Cecilia Penetta; Zoltan Gingl
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Formation and optical properties of cylindrical gold nanoshells on silica and titania nanorods
Author(s): Steven J. Limmer; Tammy P. Chou; Guozhong Cao
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Synthesis of CdWO4 films via sol-gel processing
Author(s): Kirk Lennstrom; Steven J. Limmer; Guozhong Cao
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Functionalized, hierarchically structured mesoporous silica by sol electrophoresis and self-assembly
Author(s): Tammy P. Chou; Steven J. Limmer; Guozhong Cao
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Photonic crystals fabricated from gold-silica core-shell nanoparticles
Author(s): Yu Lu; Yadong Yin; Younan Xia
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Fabrication of luminescent nanostructures by dip-pen nanolithography
Author(s): Aleksandr Noy; Abigail E. Miller; Jennifer Emily Klare; Brandon L. Weeks; Bruce W. Woods; James J. De Yoreo
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Fluorescence enhancement in noncontact and dynamic-force apertureless near-field scanning optical microscopy
Author(s): Vladimir V. Protasenko; Alan C. Gallagher; David J. Nesbitt
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Multilayer inkjet printing of materials
Author(s): Yuka Yoshioka; Ghassan E. Jabbour; Paul D. Calvert
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Long-wavelength emitting nanocrystals for bioassay applications
Author(s): Valerie J. Leppert; Ashley S. Harvey; Geoff D. McCool; Forest T. Quinlan; Jun Feng; Guomin Shan; Pieter Stroeve; Subhash H. Risbud; Bruce D. Hammock; Ian M. Kennedy
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