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Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Nanomaterials

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Volume Number: 4807
Date Published: 15 November 2002

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X-ray absorption study of colloidal Ge quantum dots
Author(s): Tony van Buuren; Christoph Bostedt; Boyd R. Taylor; Trevor M. Willey; Louisa Hope-Weeks; Brandon L. Weeks; L. J. Terminello
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Nanostructures of organic molecules and proteins on surfaces
Author(s): Nabil A. Amro; Jayne C. Garno; Maozi Liu; Kapila Wadu-Mesthrige; Gang-yu Liu
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Static and dynamic electronic spectroscopy at the interface between water and chemically modified self-assembled monolayers
Author(s): Ilan Benjamin; John Vieceli
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Photophysics of Metal Nanoparticles: Heat Dissipation and Coherent Excitation of Phonon Modes
Author(s): Gregory V. Hartland; Min Hu
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Spectroscopy and dynamics in GaSe nanoparticles
Author(s): Viktor Chikan; David F. Kelley
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Longitudinal plasma resonance shifts in gold nanoparticle aggregates
Author(s): Thaddeus Jude Norman Jr.; Christian Grant; Donny Magana; Roger W. Anderson; Jin Z. Zhang; Daliang Cao; Frank Bridges; Jun Liu; Tony van Buuren
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Direct observations of metal support interaction in nano-scale systems
Author(s): Robert F. Klie; Kai Sun; Mark M. Disko; J. Liu; N. D. Browning
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Structural transformations in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots as inferred by transmission electron microscopy
Author(s): Peter Mock; Yuanyuan Lei; Teya Topuria; Nigel D. Browning; Regina Ragan; Kyu S. Min; Harry A. Atwater
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Electrodeposition of portable metal nanowire arrays
Author(s): E. C. Walter; M. P. Zach; F. Favier; B. Murray; K. Inazu; John C. Hemminger; Reginald M. Penner
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Rectified quantized charging of gold nanoparticle self-assembled monolayers by arenedithiol linkages
Author(s): Shaowei Chen; Fengjun Deng
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Charge carrier transport in nanoporous zinc oxide electrodes
Author(s): Alexander Eychmuller; Volker Noack
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Electrochemically self-assembled ZnO/dye electrodes: preparation and time-resolved photoelectrochemical measurements
Author(s): Derck Schlettwein; Torsten Oekermann; Tsukasa Yoshida; Takashi Sugiura; Hideki Minoura; Dieter Wohrle
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Nanowires by solution-phase synthesis
Author(s): Brian T. Mayers; Byron D. Gates; Yugang Sun; Yadong Yin; Yu Lu; Younan Xia
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Correlating structure and photophysics in erbium-doped silicon nanocrystals
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Coffer; Robert A. Senter; Junmin Ji
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Nanoparticles formed within porous hosts: a new type of phosphor and storage device
Author(s): Alan G. Joly; Wei Chen; Jan-Olle Malm; Yining Huang; Jan-Olov Bovin
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Molecular alignment in nanofilm crystal polarizers and retarders
Author(s): Leonid Ignatov; Pavel I. Lazarev; Victor Nazarov; Natalya Ovchinnikova; Michael Paukshto
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Ultrafast studies of photoexcited electronic dynamics in thiol-capped CdTe semiconductor nanoparticles
Author(s): Fanxin Wu; Jin Z. Zhang
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Synthesis and optical properties of silver bicrystalline nanowires
Author(s): Yugang Sun; Younan Xia
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Effect of surface microenvironment on bound spiropyran photochemistry
Author(s): Rohit Rosario; Antonio A. Garcia; Devens Gust; Mark Hayes; Joseph Springer
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Chalcogen nanowires: synthesis and properties
Author(s): Brian T. Mayers; Byron D. Gates; Younan Xia
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Ultrafast electronic relaxation in gold (I) sulfide nanoparticles
Author(s): Christian D. Grant; Thaddeus Jude Norman Jr.; Todd Morris; Greg Szulczewski; Jin Z. Zhang
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Isocrystalline core/shell synthesis of high-quality II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum dots: ligand-field spectroscopic studies
Author(s): Pavle V. Radovanovic; Daniel R. Gamelin
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Investigation of the capacitance minimum of unannealed single-walled carbon nanotube papers in aqueous sodium chloride
Author(s): Leonard S. Fifield; Larry Raymond Dalton; Geoffrey M. Spinks
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Interfacial controlled growth of AgI nanoparticles
Author(s): Pandian Senthil Kumar; Channappayya S. Sunandana
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Photoluminescence and electroluminescence studies on ITO/SiO2/Si tunneling diodes for efficient light emission from silicon
Author(s): Miin-Jang Chen; Jui-Fen Chang; Chen S. Tsai; Eih-Zhe Liang; Ching-Fuh Lin; Cheewee Liu
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Air-assisted ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for nanoparticles synthesis
Author(s): Shirley C. Tsai; Yu L. Song; C. Y. Chen; T. Kuan Tseng; Chen S. Tsai
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