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Photorefractive Fiber and Crystal Devices: Materials, Optical Properties, and Applications VIII

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Volume Number: 4803
Date Published: 20 November 2002

Table of Contents
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High-speed light-induced photorefractive change in hydrogenated amorphous silicon
Author(s): Charles M. Fortmann; Nobuhiro Hata
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Investigation of nonlinear optical properties of ion-implanted and high-pulse laser deposition SiC:Ge: waveguide
Author(s): Abdalla M. Darwish; A. Elsamadecy; Brent D. Koplitz; Harold J. Colclough; G. Gomlak; R. Combs; A. Jalbout; Mohan D. Aggarwal; Dariush Ila
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Optical channeling and diffraction in photorefractive crystals and chalcogenide films
Author(s): Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Tatiana V. Kukhtareva; Vernessa M. Edwards; Sergey S. Sarkisov; Michael J. Curley; Ja Ching Wang; Vasile K. Rotaru; Oleg Korshack; Galina Dragalina; Stephan V. Robu
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Criteria for hexagon formation in photorefractive materials
Author(s): Jia Zhang; Partha P. Banerjee; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev
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Theoretical limits for the performance of two-center holographic recording
Author(s): Omid Momtahan; Ali Adibi
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Simple approach for modeling photorefractive materials
Author(s): Yu-min Wu; Omid Momtahan; Ali Adibi
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Nonvolatile photorefractive holograms in doubly doped LiNbO3: uniform theory and verification
Author(s): Liyong Ren; De'an Liu; Liren Liu; Changhe Zhou
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Measurement of the complex index of refraction of semiconductors
Author(s): Richard R. Zito
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Two-dimensional acousto-optic deflector with coinciding acoustic beams
Author(s): Sergei V. Kulakov; Victor V. Kludzin; Victor V. Molotok; Sergei P. Fadeyev; Vladimir S. Kulakov
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High-speed high-density holographic memory using electro-optic beam steering devices
Author(s): Tien-Hsin Chao; Hanying Zhou; George F. Reyes; Danut Dragoi; Jay Hanan
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Ferroelectric polymers for advanced polymeric light-emitting devices
Author(s): Jaewu Choi; Dan Tang; Young-Sik Song; Yang Zhao
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Laser-diode interferometry and phase-conjugate optics
Author(s): Yukihiro Ishii; Takeshi Takahashi; Ribun Onodera
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Photorefractive phase conjugators and their applications
Author(s): Hon-Fai Yau; Chi Ching Chang; Hsiao-Yi Lee; Pei Xian Ye
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Applications of new photorefractive materials in fiber optic devices
Author(s): Claire Gu; Yuan Xu; Yisi Liu; Jing Jong Pan; Fengqing Zhou; Henry He
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Three-dimensional bit optical data storage and microfabrication based on photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Min Gu
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Bleaching effect in LiNbO3:Fe:Cu crystals and its application for nonvolatile holographic storage
Author(s): De'an Liu; Liren Liu; Liyong Ren; Changhe Zhou; Guangao Li
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Dynamics and threshold behavior in polymer fiber Bragg grating creation
Author(s): Gang-Ding Peng; Hui Yong Liu; Pak Lim Chu
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Two-dimensional optical interconnection using two photorefrative crystals
Author(s): Jung-Ping Liu; Hon Fai Yau; Hsiao Yi Lee
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Phase-coded multiplexing using a crossed cylindrical-collimating lens system for volume hologram storage in LiNbO3
Author(s): John Y. Fu; Zhongxiang Zhou; Francis T. S. Yu
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Phase-encoded computer-generated hologram implemented with liquid crystal television
Author(s): Ren-Chung Liu; Ken Yuh Hsu
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Photorefractive optical processing for data security
Author(s): Kehar Singh; G. Unnikrishnan; Naveen Kumar Nishchal
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Class-associative pattern recognition using joint transform correlation
Author(s): Mohammad S. Alam
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Feasibility study for parallel recording and retrieving of data by near-field holographic method
Author(s): Byoungho Lee; Jingu Kang; Kyoung-Youm Kim
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Nonlinear space-time processing of femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Dmitriy Panasenko; Rostislav I. Rokitski; Dan M. Marom; Yuri T. Mazurenko; Pang-Chen Sun; Yeshaiahu Fainman
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Photoinduced optical and electrical pulsations and pattern formation in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Tatiana V. Kukhtareva; Mekonen Bayssie; Benjamin G. Penn; Donald O. Frazier; Hossin Ahmed Abdeldayem; Partha P. Banerjee; Tracy Dean Hudson; William A. Friday
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Photogalvanic pulsator
Author(s): Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Tatiana V. Kukhtareva; Mekonen Bayssie; Tracy Dean Hudson; William A. Friday; I. Shkolnikov; Hossin Ahmed Abdeldayem; Benjamin G. Penn; Donald O. Frazier
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Shaping reference beam with specified spatial correlation for hologram multiplexing by use of nonparaxial diffractive optical element
Author(s): Hwi Kim; Byungchoon Yang; Jinhong Park; Byoungho Lee
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Fabrication of DAST crystal-containing photonic device and application in optical communication system
Author(s): Yui Whei Chen-Yang; Tien-Jey Sheu; Ching-Yao Yuan; Sheng-Fwu Lin; Fu-Yuan Tsai; Yuan-Kung Tu
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Formation of multiple gratings in a photorefractive crystal using a single diffractive mask
Author(s): Seunghoon Han; Jinhong Park; Hwi Kim; Byungchoon Yang; Jung Wook Paek; Byoungho Lee
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High-frequency electric-field-modulated ferroelectric single crystal fibers in optical frequency shift
Author(s): Chuanyong Huang; Shilpi Bhargava; Ruyan Guo
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Effect of zinc in codoped photorefractive CdTeZn:V
Author(s): Mayer Tapiero
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Array of multiple-focus holographic phase microelements
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; Sergei A. Prokopenko; Aleksandr N. Palagushkin
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Self-pumped phase conjugation, higher order diffraction, and image correlation using barium titanate
Author(s): Partha P. Banerjee; Prathan Buranasiri; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Tatiana V. Kukhtareva; Vladimir I. Polejaev; Michael F. Gunther
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Laser fabrication of photorefractive Bragg reflectors, asymmetric waveguides, and void arrays in glass
Author(s): Kazuyoshi Itoh; Wataru Watanabe; Yan Li; Kazuhiro Yamada; Junji Nishii
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Fiber sensing with photorefractive fiber
Author(s): Francis T. S. Yu; Ruyan Guo; Bo Wang; Yuexin Liu
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