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Organic Photovoltaics III
Editor(s): Zakya H. Kafafi

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Volume Number: 4801
Date Published: 26 February 2003

Table of Contents
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Preparation and investigation of phthalocyanine/C60 solar cells
Author(s): Konstantinos Fostiropoulos; Mirko Vogel; B. Mertesacker; Alois Weidinger
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Phthalocyanine-based Schottky solar cells
Author(s): Chung Yin Kwong; Aleksandra B. Djurisic; Lillian Sze Man Lam; Wai Kin Chan
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State-of-the-art MDMO-PPV:PCBM bulk heterojunction organic solar cells: materials, nanomorphology, and electro-optical properties
Author(s): Jean V. Manca; Tom Munters; Tom Martens; Zjef Beelen; Ludwig Goris; Jan D'Haen; Marc D'Olieslaeger; Laurence Lutsen; Dirk Vanderzande; Luc De Schepper; Ken Haenen; Milos Nesladek; Wim Geens; Jef Poortmans; Ronn Andriessen
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Towards increasing the photon harvesting in bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells
Author(s): Christoph Winder; Maria Antonietta Loi; Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci; Patrick Denk; Franz Padinger; Jan C. Hummelen; Rene A. J. Janssen; Andreas Gouloumis; Purificacion Vazquez; Tomas Torres
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Improved efficiencies in polymer-perylene diimide bilayer photovoltaics
Author(s): Alison J. Breeze; Ashley Salomon; David S. Ginley; Hartwig Tillmann; Hans-Heinrich Hoerhold; Brian A. Gregg
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Morphology of MDMO-PPV:PCBM bulk heterojunction organic solar cells studied by AFM, KFM, and TEM
Author(s): Tom Martens; Zjef Beelen; Jan D'Haen; Tom Munters; Ludwig Goris; Jean Manca; Marc D'Olieslaeger; Dirk Vanderzande; Luc De Schepper; Ronn Andriessen
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Progress in nanocrystalline organic photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Toby B. Meyer; Asef Azam; Andreas F. Meyer
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Recent developments in solid-state dye-sensitized photovoltaic devices based on spiro-MeOTAD
Author(s): Jessica Krueger; Robert Plass; Hans J. Matthieu; Michael Graetzel
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Photo-induced charge separation in TiO2/porphyrin bilayers studied by time-resolved microwave conductivity
Author(s): Jessica E. Kroeze; Tom J. Savenije; John M. Warman
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Aerosol preparation of a nanostructured composite of titanium dioxide and poly(3-octyl)thiophene
Author(s): Carolien L. Huisman; Albert Goossens; Joop Schoonman
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Raman and EIS characterizations of interfacial compounds due to iodides reactions in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC)
Author(s): Marie-Claude Bernard; Hubert Cachet; Polycarpos Falaras; Anne Hugot-Le Goff; N. T. T. Oanh; Thomas Stergiopoulos
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Photoconductive properties of smectic liquid crystalline photoconductors
Author(s): Jun-ichi Hanna
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Synthesis and characterization of a novel –D-B-A-B- block copolymer system for potential light harvesting applications
Author(s): Sam-Shajing Sun; Zhen Fan; Yiqing Wang; Charles Taft; James H. Haliburton; Shahin Maaref
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Dye-sensitization of titanium dioxide thin films by Ru(II)-bpp-bpy complexes
Author(s): Polycarpos Falaras; Katerina Chryssou; Thomas Stergiopoulos; Ioannis Arabatzis; Georgios Katsaros; Vincent J. Catalano; Raif Kurtaran; Anne Hugot-Le Goff; Marie-Claude Bernard
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Growth front kinetics of perylene on glass and Au substrates
Author(s): Serkan Zorba; Li Yan; Neil J. Watkins; Yongli Gao
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