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Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices VI
Editor(s): Zakya H. Kafafi; Homer Antoniadis

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Volume Number: 4800
Date Published: 3 March 2003

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Status of red, green, and blue light-emitting polymers for passive matrix light emitting displays
Author(s): Henk J. Bolink; Michael Buechel; Boudewijn Jacobs; Margreet M. de Kok; M. Ligter; Eric Meulenkamp; Simone Vulto; Peter van de Weijer
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Light-emitting polymer materials for full-color displays
Author(s): Hubert Spreitzer; Heinrich Becker; Esther Breuning; Aurelie Falcou; Kevin Treacher; Arne Busing; Amir Parham; Philipp Stossel; Susanne Heun; Juergen Steiger
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Simulation and realization of a 4-inch diagonal monochrome passive-matrix polymer QVGA display
Author(s): Herbert Lifka; Aad Sempel; Piet Snijder; Tom Bernards; Eliav I. Haskal
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Recent developments in materials and processes for ink-jet printing high-resolution polymer OLED displays
Author(s): Julian Carter; Anja Wehrum; Mark C. Dowling; Martin Cacheiro-Martinez; Nick de B. Baynes
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Full-color displays of passive-matrix-driven organic electroluminescence panels
Author(s): Hiroshi Tada; Yoshikazu Sakaguchi; Eiichi Kitazume; Kenji Mori; Shinichi Fukuzawa; Shigeyoshi Ootsuki; Joji Suzuki
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Graded mixed-layer OLEDs
Author(s): Anna B. Chwang; Raymond C. Kwong; Julie J. Brown
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Illumination-quality OLEDs for lighting
Author(s): Anil R. Duggal; Joe J. Shiang; Christian M. Heller; Don F. Foust
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Self-healing flexible photonic composites for light sources
Author(s): Michael Mikhael; Angelo Yializis; Ghassan E. Jabbour; Steve G. Johnson; John B. Kerr
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Study of organic light-emitting devices with 5,6,11,12-tetraphenylnaphthacene (rubrene)-doped hole transport layer
Author(s): Hany Aziz; Zoran D. Popovic
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OLEDs with enhanced high-temperature operational stability
Author(s): Zoran D. Popovic; George Vamvounis; Hany Aziz; Nan-Xing Hu
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Organic light-emitting devices based upon divalent osmium complexes: I. Design, synthesis, and characterization of osmium complexes.
Author(s): Brenden Carlson; Gregory D. Phelan; Xuezhong Jiang; Werner Kaminsky; Alex K.Y. Jen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Organic light-emitting diodes containing fluorinated asymmetrical europium cored beta-diketone complexes
Author(s): Gregory D. Phelan; Brenden Carlson; Xuezhong Jiang; Alex K.Y. Jen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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PAni as a hole injection layer for OLEDs and PLEDs
Author(s): Bernd Werner; J. Posdorfer; Bernhard Wessling; Susanne Heun; Heinrich Becker; Horst Vestweber; T. Hassenkam
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Efficient and saturated blue organic polymer light-emitting devices with an oxadiazole containing poly(fluorene) polymer emissive layer
Author(s): Shu-jen Lee; Joseph R. Gallegos; Julien Klein; M. David Curtis; Jerzy Kanicki
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Development of efficient electron-transporting polymers for light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Michelle S. Liu; Xuezhong Jiang; Petra Herguth; Sen Liu; Alex K.Y. Jen
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Poly(fluorene-co-benzothiadiazole)s: Effect of structure, molecular weight, and polydispersity on their performance in polymer light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Petra Herguth; Xuezhong Jiang; Michelle S. Liu; Alex K.Y. Jen
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Role of copper phthalocyanine in multilayer organic LEDs based on small molecules
Author(s): Heike Riel; Tilman A. Beierlein; Siegfried Karg; Walter Riess
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Monte Carlo modeling of organic polymer light-emitting devices on flexible plastic substrates
Author(s): Shu-jen Lee; Aldo Badano; Jerzy Kanicki
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Thermal detection of trapped charge carriers in organic transport materials
Author(s): Norwin von Malm; Juergen Steiger; Torsten Finnberg; Roland Schmechel; Heinz von Seggern
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Optimization of organic semiconductor devices by anode modification
Author(s): Holger Frohne; David C. Muller; Nina Reckefuss; Paula Rudati; Klaus Meerholz
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Band mapping and frontier orbitals at the interface thin native SiO2/organics
Author(s): Maria Benedetta Casu; Paolo Imperia; Sigurd K. Schrader
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Photoemission spectroscopy study of the interface formation in organic thin film transistors
Author(s): Neil J. Watkins; Li Yan; Serkan Zorba; Yongli Gao
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Evolution of optical properties of tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (alq3) with atmosphere exposure
Author(s): Aleksandra B. Djurisic; Tsz Wai Lau; Chung Yin Kwong; Lillian Sze Man Lam; Wai Kin Kin Chan
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Efficient blue electroluminescence from 9,10-diphenylanthracene
Author(s): Gi-Wook Kang; Young-Joo Ahn; Dae Yoon Park; Changhee Lee
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Analysis of nanostructured blue light-emitting p-6P films on mica
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Ed J. Kintzel Jr.; James G. Skofronick; Sanford A. Safron; Horst-Guenter Rubahn
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An integrating sphere CCD-based measurement method of the OP-LED opto-electronic characteristics
Author(s): Yongtaek Hong; Jerzy Kanicki
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Enhanced light emission from self-organizing molecular semiconductor by using organic thin film transistor
Author(s): Yasuo Toko; Masahiro Funahashi; Jun-ichi Hanna
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Polyurethanes with covalent attached fluorescent dyes as deep-red-emitting materials
Author(s): Silvia Janietz; Hartmut Kruger; Armin Wedel; Bert Fischer
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Evidence of electron and hole transfer in metal/CuPc interfaces
Author(s): Neil J. Watkins; Li Yan; Serkan Zorba; Yongli Gao; Ching W. Tang
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Efficient molecular organic light emitting diodes based on silole derivatives
Author(s): Leonidas C. Palilis; Antti Johannes Makinen; Hideyuki Murata; Manabu Uchida; Zakya H. Kafafi
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