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Applications and Science of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Evolutionary Computation V
Editor(s): Bruno Bosacchi; David B. Fogel; James C. Bezdek

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Volume Number: 4787
Date Published: 6 December 2002

Table of Contents
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Extending self-adaptation in evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): David B. Fogel
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Exploring the Pareto frontier using multisexual evolutionary algorithms: an application to a flexible manufacturing problem
Author(s): Stefano R. Bonissone; Raj Subbu
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Control of quantum phenomena through evolutionary engineering: let the system do the thinking
Author(s): Herschel Hersch Rabitz; Bruno Bosacchi
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Toward highly capable neuromorphic autonomous robots: beobots
Author(s): Laurent Itti
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Dimensionality reduction for sensorimotor learning in mobile robotics
Author(s): Daniel D. Lee
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When will it break? A hybrid soft computing model to predict time-to-break margins in paper machines
Author(s): Piero P. Bonissone; Kai Goebel
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Reliable neural modeling of pHEMT from a smaller number of measurement data
Author(s): Mojtaba Joodaki; Guenter Kompa
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Genetic algorithms and support vector machines for time series classification
Author(s): Damian R. Eads; Daniel Hill; Sean Davis; Simon J. Perkins; Junshui Ma; Reid B. Porter; James P. Theiler
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Network-centric decision architecture for financial or 1/f data models
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; James W. Handley; Stoney Massey; Carl T. Case; Claude G. Songy
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Enhancement of color image obtained from PCA-FCM technique using local area histogram equalization
Author(s): Sakreya Chitwong; Thawatchai Boonmee; Fusak Cheevasuvit
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GA-based registration of temporal and multimodal occular fundus image pairs
Author(s): Shein Soe Myint; Opas Chutatape
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Optical implementation of neural networks
Author(s): Francis T. S. Yu; Ruyan Guo
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Spin chaos in magnetic resonance
Author(s): Yung-Ya Lin; Susie Y. Huang; Natalia Lisitza; Warren S. Warren
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Nature's alternative to hyperspectral imaging and why nature is right
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Soft computing, visual communication, spatial/temporal events, and optimum bandwidth utilization
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Byung-Kul Sun; Wenjian Wang; Kirill Kolesnikov; Stephen A. Kupiec
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Object-oriented soft-computing video compression and digital processing
Author(s): Andrew A. Kostrzewski; S. A. Kupiec; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Manifold geometric invariants and object-centric approach
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson
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WLAN visual sensor networking
Author(s): Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Wenjian Wang; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Fuzzy-logic adaptive genetic algorithm (FLAGA) in optical design
Author(s): Il'ya P. Agurok; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Multimode intelligent data compressor/decompressor (MICE) optimized for speed and storage capacity
Author(s): Michael A. Piliavin; Leo D'Adderio; Tin M. Aye; Joanna L. Jannson
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Efficient image reduction for image registration with evolutionary algorithm
Author(s): Igor V. Maslov; Izidor Gertner
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Using neural nets to measure ocular refractive errors: a proposal
Author(s): Antonio Valerio Netto; Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira
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Applying fuzzy logic in a complex temperature control system
Author(s): Steven D. Kaehler
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MLP neural network super-resolution restoration for the undersampled low-resolution image
Author(s): Binghua Su; Weiqi Jin; LiHong Niu; Guangrong Liu
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Architectures and application of data fusion system based on neural system evolution
Author(s): Zhonghua Fang; Tao Chen; Baichen Zhai; Yan Zhao; Zhenjiang Tan
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Fast parallel 3D stereo vision measurement system using an artificial neural network
Author(s): Di Feng; Yingbai Yan; Naiguang Lu; Wenyi Deng
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Phase-only filter solution based on fuzzy logic for reducing the defocus problem
Author(s): Eran Gur; Zeev Zalevsky; Dina Elkind; David Mendlovic
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CPU and memory allocation optimization using fuzzy logic
Author(s): Zeev Zalevsky; Eran Gur; David Mendlovic
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Improving classification of neural networks by reducing lens aperture
Author(s): Inna Stainvas; Zeev Zalevsky; David Mendlovic; Nathan Intrator
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