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X-Ray Mirrors, Crystals, and Multilayers II
Editor(s): Andreas K. Freund; Albert T. Macrander; Tetsuya Ishikawa; James L. Wood

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Volume Number: 4782
Date Published: 24 December 2002

Table of Contents
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Challenges for synchrotron x-ray optics
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund
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Topography measurement of nanometer synchrotron optics
Author(s): Jens Illemann; Ralf D. Geckeler; Ingolf Weingartner; Carsten Schlewitt; Bernd Grubert; Olaf Schnabel
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3D surface profile measurements of large x-ray synchrotron radiation mirrors using stitching interferometry
Author(s): Lahsen Assoufid; Michael Bray; Jun Qian; Deming Shu
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Temperature-dependence perturbations on LTP measurements
Author(s): Giovanni Sostero; Anna Bianco; Marco Zangrando; Daniele Cocco
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High-accuracy reconstruction of a function f(x) when only df(x)/dx or d(2)f(x)/dx(2) is known at discrete measurement points
Author(s): Clemens Elster; Ingolf Weingartner
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New process for x-ray mirror image quality improvement
Author(s): Patrick Gailly; Daniel de Chambure; Jean Paul Collette; Claude A. J. Jamar; Robert Laine; Emmanuel Mazy; P. Medart; Yvan Stockman
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Submicron focusing of hard x-ray beam by elliptically figured mirrors for scanning x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Yuzo Mori; Kazuto Yamauchi; Kazuya Yamamura; Hidekazu Mimura; Yasuhisa Sano; Akira Saito; Kazumasa Ueno; Katsuyoshi Endo; Alexei Souvorov; Makina Yabashi; Kenji Tamasaku; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Mirrors for nanofocusing x-ray beams
Author(s): Ali M. Khounsary; Gene E. Ice; Peter J. Eng
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Kirkpatrick-Baez elliptical bendable mirrors at the nanospectroscopy beamline: metrological results and x-ray performance
Author(s): Anna Bianco; Giovanni Sostero; Daniele Cocco
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The present state of Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror systems at the ESRF
Author(s): Yves Dabin; Gérard Rostaing; Olivier Hignette; Amparo Rommeveaux; Andreas K. Freund
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Design and performance of the flexural-hinge-based mirror bender at the SLS protein crystallography beamline X06SA
Author(s): Daniel Rossetti; Ulrich Lienert; Claude Pradervand; Roman Schneider; Ming Shi; Sasa Zelenika; Michel Rossat; Olivier Hignette; Amparo Rommeveaux; Clemens Schulze-Briese
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Nickel-plated invar mirrors for synchrotron radiation beam lines
Author(s): Malcolm R. Howells; P. Burt; Daniela Cambie; Robert M. Duarte; A. Franck; Steven C. Irick; Alastair A. MacDowell; D. MacGill; R. Paquin; David W. Plate
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Profile coating of KB mirror applications at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Chian Liu; L. Assoufid; Albert T. Macrander; Gene E. Ice; J. Z. Tischler
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Characterization of amorphous carbon films as total-reflection mirrors for XUV free-electron lasers
Author(s): Sandra Jacobi; Barbara Steeg; Jorg Wiesmann; Michael Stormer; Josef Feldhaus; Rüdiger Bormann; Carsten Michaelsen
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Applications of x-ray intensity interferometry
Author(s): Makina Yabashi; Kenji Tamasaku; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Performance of cryogenically cooled monochromators at SPring-8
Author(s): Kenji Tamasaku; Makina Yabashi; Daigo Miwa; Tetsuro Mochizuki; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Toroidal mirror for single-pulse experiments on ID09B
Author(s): Laurent Eybert; Michael Wulff; Wolfgang Reichenbach; A. Plech; F. Schotte; E. Gagliardini; Lin Zhang; Olivier Hignette; Amparo Rommeveaux; Andreas K. Freund
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Status of small d-spacing x-ray multilayer development at Osmic
Author(s): Yuriy Ya. Platonov; Luis Gomez; David Broadway
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High-resolution carbon/carbon multilayers
Author(s): Alexander M. Baranov; Reiner Dietsch; Thomas Holz; Maik Menzel; Danny Weissbach; Roland Scholz; Valeri Melov; Juergen Schreiber
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Wideband multilayer mirrors for medium to hard x-ray applications
Author(s): Eric Ziegler; Christian Morawe; Igor V. Kozhevnikov; T. Bigault; Claudio Ferrero; A. Tallandier
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Broadband normal-incidence aperiodic multilayer mirrors for soft x-ray dispersive spectroscopy: theory and implementation
Author(s): Eugene N. Ragozin; Valerii V. Kondratenko; Vladimir E. Levashov; Yurii P. Pershin; Alexander S. Pirozhkov
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Microstructure of Mo/Si multilayers with barrier layers
Author(s): Stefan Braun; Hermann Mai; Matthew Moss; Roland Scholz
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EUV multilayer mirrors with tailored spectral reflectivity
Author(s): Thomas Kuhlmann; Sergey A. Yulin; Torsten Feigl; Norbert Kaiser
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Development of EUV point diffraction interferometry using the NewSUBARU undulator radiation
Author(s): Masahito Niibe; Mikihito Mukai; Takeshi Tanaka; Katsumi Sugisaki; Yucong Zhu; Yoshio Gomei
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Highly reflective uranium mirrors for astrophysics applications
Author(s): David D. Allred; Matthew B. Squires; R. Steven Turley; Webster C. Cash; Ann F. Shipley
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Fabry-Perot interferometer in x rays
Author(s): Vladimir V. Martynov; Yuriy Ya. Platonov
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Review of multilayer normal-incidence gratings operating at 9- to 40-nm wavelengths
Author(s): John F. Seely
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Diffuse scattering sheets in reciprocal space corresponding to Kiessig fringes for x-ray multilayers
Author(s): Albert T. Macrander; Yong S. Chu; Chian Liu; Derrick C. Mancini
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Aspheric surface fabrication in nanometer-level accuracy by numerically controlled plasma chemical vaporization machining (CVM) and elastic emission machining (EEM)
Author(s): Kazuya Yamamura; Hidekazu Mimura; Kazuto Yamauchi; Yasuhisa Sano; Akira Saito; Takehiko Kinoshita; Katsuyoshi Endo; Yuzo Mori; Alexei Souvorov; Makina Yabashi; Kenji Tamasaku; Tetsuya Ishikawa
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Wave-optical analysis of submicron focusing of hard x-ray beams by reflective optics
Author(s): Kazuto Yamauchi; Kazuya Yamamura; Hidekazu Mimura; Yasuhisa Sano; Akira Saito; Masahiko Kanaoka; Katsuyoshi Endo; Alexei Souvorov; Makina Yabashi; Kenji Tamasaku; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Yuzo Mori
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Heat stability of Mo/Si multilayers inserted with silicon oxide layers
Author(s): Masahiko Ishino; Osamu Yoda; Kazuo Sano; Masato Koike
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Reflectivity and stability of Cr/Sc multilayers for the soft x-ray range
Author(s): Sergiy A. Yulin; Thomas Kuhlmann; Torsten Feigl; Norbert Kaiser
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Irradiation of EUV multilayer optics with synchrotron radiation of a different time structure
Author(s): Roman Klein; Frank Scholze; R. Thornagel; Johannes Tummler; M. Wedowski; R. Jansen; B. Mertens; A. van de Runstraat; Gerhard Ulm
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New type of Monk-Gillieson monochromator capable of covering a 0.7- to 25-nm range
Author(s): Masato Koike; Kazuo Sano; Yoshihisa Harada; Osamu Yoda; Masahiko Ishino; Keisuke Tamura; Koujun Yamashita; Naoji Moriya; Hiroyuki Sasai; Masafumi Jinno; Takeshi Namioka
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Recent developments of multilayer mirror optics for laboratory x-ray instrumentation
Author(s): Carsten Michaelsen; Jörg Wiesmann; C. Hoffmann; K. Wulf; Lutz Brugemann; A. Storm
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