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Solid State Lighting II
Editor(s): Ian T. Ferguson; Nadarajah Narendran; Steven P. DenBaars; Yoon-Soo Park

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Volume Number: 4776
Date Published: 26 November 2002

Table of Contents
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Visible LEDs: the trend toward high-power emitters and remaining challenges for solid state lighting
Author(s): M. George Craford
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Lighting energy consumption trends and R&D opportunities
Author(s): James R. Brodrick; Edward D. Petrow; Michael J. Scholand
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Quaternary InAIGaN-based multiquantum wells for ultraviolet light-emitting diode application
Author(s): Shiping Guo; Milan Pophristic; Dong S. Lee; Boris Peres; Ian T. Ferguson; Jinhyun Lee; Marek Osinski
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Design of multichip LED module for lighting application
Author(s): Jung-Tsung Hsu; W. K. Han; Chieh-Li Chen; Fei-Chang Hwang; S. P. Huang
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High-brightness LEDs in aerospace applications
Author(s): John T. Petrick
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Chromaticity and color temperature for achitectural lighting
Author(s): Ian E. Ashdown
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Color rendering properties of LED light sources
Author(s): Nadarajah Narendran; Lei Deng
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Refrigerated display case lighting with LEDs
Author(s): Ramesh Raghavan; Nadarajah Narendran
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Progress in III-nitride-based white light sources
Author(s): Remis Gaska; Arturas Zukauskas; Michael S. Shur; Mohamed Asif Khan
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Growth of homoepitaxial GaN layers and GaN/AlGaN multiple quantum wells on GaN single-crystal substrates by molecular-beam epitaxy
Author(s): Shuichi Kubo; Tomoyuki Tanabe; Masafumi Konishi; Shiro Iwata; Tsunekazu Saimei; Satoshi Kurai; Tsunemasa Taguchi; Keiji Kainosho; Akihito Yokohata
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Influence of defects on electrical and optical characteristics of GaN/InGaN-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Xian-an Cao; K. Topol; F. Shahedipour-Sandvik; J. Teetsov; Peter M. Sandvik; Stephen E. LeBoeuf; Abasifreke Ebong; James W. Kretchmer; Edward B. Stokes; S. Arthur; Alain E. Kaloyeros; D. Walker
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Enhanced performances of InGaN-based light-emitting diode by a micro-roughened p-GaN surface using metal clusters
Author(s): Chul Huh; Kug-Seung Lee; Seong-Ju Park
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Illumination-grade white LEDs
Author(s): Gerd O. Mueller; Regina Mueller-Mach
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Green phosphor-converted LED
Author(s): Regina Mueller-Mach; Gerd O. Mueller; Troy A. Trottier; Michael R. Krames; A. Kim; Dan A. Steigerwald
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Radiation-induced defects and stimulated luminescence processes in lanthanum oxyhalide phosphors for lighting, CRT (cathode ray tube), and medical applications
Author(s): Karnati Somaiah; Hari Neelima; Giuseppe Baldacchini; Rosa Maria Montereali; Tiziana Morolo
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Synthesis of ZnS:Sm thin films from volatile complex compounds
Author(s): Elena Nikolaevna Ivanova; Yu. A. Kovalevskaya; Valentin G. Bessreguenev
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Evaluating white LEDs for outdoor landscape lighting application
Author(s): Insiya Shakir; Nadarajah Narendran
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Side-emitting high-power LEDs and their application in illumination
Author(s): Robert Scott West
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Die-attach epoxy reliability of InGaN LEDs
Author(s): Albert Welsh Jr.; Liwen Fu; William W. So; Huabiao Bill Yuan
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Nitride LED chip separation technologies
Author(s): Bryan S. Shelton; Anthony DiCarlo; Emil Stefanov; Ivan Eliashevich
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Modeling and circuit simulation of GaN-based light-emitting diodes for optimum efficiency through uniform current spreading
Author(s): Abasifreke Ebong; S. Arthur; Arthur E. Downey; Edward B. Stokes; Xian-an Cao; Stephen E. LeBoeuf; Peter M. Sandvik; D. Walker
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White LED sources for vehicle forward lighting
Author(s): John Felix Van Derlofske; Michele Wilson McColgan
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Optical elements for mixing colored LEDs to create white light
Author(s): Feng Zhao; Nadarajah Narendran; John Felix Van Derlofske
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Thermal challenges facing new-generation light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for lighting applications
Author(s): James Petroski
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Optimizing the external light extraction of nitride LEDs
Author(s): Emil Stefanov; Bryan S. Shelton; Hari S. Venugopalan; Tingting Zhang; Ivan Eliashevich
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Color and brightness discrimination of white LEDs
Author(s): Patricia Rizzo; Andrew Bierman; Mark S. Rea
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Reduction in leakage current of InGaN-based light-emitting diodes by N2O plasma passivation
Author(s): Hyun Min Kim; Chul Huh; Seong-Ju Park
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Development of a circadian light source
Author(s): David B. Nicol; Ian T. Ferguson
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Long-UV excited white-emitting phosphors
Author(s): Gustavo A. Hirata; Justin Carver; Eric J. Bosze; Joanna M. McKittrick
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