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Laser Beam Shaping III
Editor(s): Fred M. Dickey; Scott C. Holswade; David L. Shealy

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Volume Number: 4770
Date Published: 24 October 2002

Table of Contents
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Lithography and photoablation systems for microelectronics and optoelectronics: importance of laser beam shaping in system design
Author(s): Kanti Jain
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Beam delivery for stable isotope separation
Author(s): Andrew Forbes; Hendrick J. Strydom; Lourens R. Botha; Einar Ronander
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Historical perspective of laser beam shaping
Author(s): David L. Shealy
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Sensitivity of a refractive beam reshaper to figure error
Author(s): John A. Hoffnagle
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Iterative Fourier transform algorithm: different approaches to diffractive optical element design
Author(s): Marek Skeren; Ivan Richter; Pavel Fiala
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Beam shaping of ultrashort laser pulses using diffractive optics: a theoretical study
Author(s): Shuyan Zhang; Yuhang Ren; Gunter Luepke
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Three-dimensional beam shaping using diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Zsolt John Laczik
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Transformation of spatial domain of the pumping beam into spectral domain of the output oscillation
Author(s): Igor S. Moskalev; Sergey B. Mirov; Vladimir V. Fedorov; Tasoltan T. Basiev; Petr G. Zverev
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Online laser beam characterization by means of diffractive optical correlation filters
Author(s): Michael Rudolf Duparre; Carsten Rockstuhl
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Beam shaping technology for laser diode arrays
Author(s): Peter Y. Wang; Alice Gheen; Z. Wang
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Propagation-invariant optical fields of the third kind
Author(s): Andrey S. Ostrovsky; Gabriel C. Martinez-Niconoff; Julio C. Ramirez San Juan
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Generation of light string and light capillary beams
Author(s): Andrey S. Ostrovsky; Gabriel C. Martinez-Niconoff; Julio C. Ramirez San Juan
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Adaptive system for laser beam formation
Author(s): Alexander Alexandrov; Alexey L. Rukosuev; Valentina Ye. Zavalova; Pavel Romanov; Vadim V. Samarkin; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Intracavity laser beam shaping by means of a flexible corrector
Author(s): Tatyana Yu. Cherezova; Vadim V. Samarkin; Sergei S. Chesnokov; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Far-field beam shaping through static wavefront correction in the near field on the HELEN laser
Author(s): Thomas H. Bett; N. W. Hopps; J. R. Nolan
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