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XI Feofilov Symposium on Spectroscopy of Crystals Activated by Rare-Earth and Transition Metal Ions
Editor(s): Alexander A. Kaplyanskii; Boris Z. Malkin; Sergey I. Nikitin

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Volume Number: 4766
Date Published: 12 July 2002

Table of Contents
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S.A. Altshuler and spectroscopy: from nuclear physics to quantum electronics
Author(s): N. S. Altshuler; Alexander L. Larionov
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Optical properties of the Cm3+ ion in single crystals
Author(s): Norman Edelstein
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Spectroscopic properties of TR3+ doped double chloride crystals
Author(s): Alexandra M. Tkachuk; S. E. Ivanova; Ludmila I. Isaenko; Alexander P. Yelisseyev; D. I. Mironov; Mike C. Nostrand; Ralph H. Page; Stephen A. Payne
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MIR spectroscopy of Tb3+-doped low phonon crystals and polycrystalline fibers
Author(s): Leonid N. Butvina; Eugeni M. Dianov; A. G. Okhrimchuk; N. V. Lichkova; V. N. Zavgorodnev
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Optical absorption of Eu3+ and Eu2+ in europium oxides and europium fluorides
Author(s): Victor F. Zinchenko; Ninel' P. Efryushina; O. G. Eryomin
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Charge transfer and 4fn-4fn-1 5d transitions of trivalent rare-earch ions in CsCdBr3
Author(s): R. Demirbilek; J. Heber; Sergey I. Nikitin
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Quadrupolar susceptibility of LiTmF4 crystal and the nature of forbidden 3H6(2)-3F2(2) transition
Author(s): N. S. Altshuler; Alexander L. Larionov; M. P. Rodionova; A. L. Stolov
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Magnetic field effects in optical and far IR spectra of LiTmF4 crystals
Author(s): R. Yu. Abdulsabirov; A. A. Kazantsev; S. L. Korableva; Boris Z. Malkin; Sergey I. Nikitin; A. L. Stolov; M. S. Tagirov; D. A. Tayurskii; J. van Tol
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On multicenter luminescence spectra recording and analysis
Author(s): Artem V. Mikheev; B. N. Kazakov; I. G. Motygullin
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Spectroscopic properties of Cr3+ ions in KTP single crystals
Author(s): Efim V. Pestryakov; V. V. Petrov; A. G. Volkov; V. A. Maslov
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Blue fluorescence of Ti3+ ions in LaGaO3/SrTiO3 mixed crystals
Author(s): Slawomir Maksymilian Kaczmarek
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Absorption spectrum of the mixed valence Cr3+-Cr2+ pair center in KZnF3 crystal
Author(s): M. V. Eremin; Sergey I. Nikitin; N. I. Silkin; S. Yu. Prosvirnin; R. V. Yusupov
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Er-related luminescence in Si:Er epilayers grown with sublimation molecular-beam epitaxy
Author(s): B. A. Andreev; Z. F. Krasil'nik; D. I. Kryzhkov; V. P. Kuznetsov; E. N. Morozova; V. B. Shmagin; M. V. Stepikohova; A. N. Yablonskii
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Absorption spectra of GaN:Er3+ crystals
Author(s): Vladimir V. Krivolapchuk; Margarita M. Mezdrogina; S. D. Raevskii; Alexander P. Skvortsov; Sh. A. Yusupova
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Spectroscopic studies of bulk AS2S3 glasses and amorphous films doped with Dy, Sm and Mn
Author(s): Mihai S. Iovu; Sergiu D. Shutov; Andrei M. Andriesh; E. I. Kamitsos; C. P.E. Varsamis; Angela B. Seddon; David Furniss; Mihai A. Popescu
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Optical and EPR centers involving 3d metals in diamond
Author(s): J. M. Baker
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Photodynamic nonlinear processes in UV solid-state active media and approaches to improving material laser performance
Author(s): V. V. Semashko; Mark A. Dubinskii; R. Yu. Abdulsabirov; S. L. Korableva; A. K. Naumov; A. S. Nizamutdinov; M. S. Zhuchkov
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Spectroscopy and laser action of the disordered calcium-niobium and calcium-lithium-niobium-gallium garnets doped with rare earth ions
Author(s): Yu. K. Voronko; Alexander A. Sobol; S. N. Ushakov; V. E. Shukshin
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Investigation of a Co:MgF2 laser for intracavity laser spectroscopy
Author(s): M. P. Frolov; Yu. P. Podmar'kov; N. A. Raspopov
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Luminescent properties of ytterbium ions in strontium haloborates
Author(s): V P Dotsenko; P V Pirogenko; I V Berezovskaya; E A Zhikhareva; E V Shabanov
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5d-4f radiative transitions in Ce-doped Si3xAlxOyN4-y solid solutions
Author(s): B V Chernovetz; A V Feopentov; F F Grekov; S B Mikhrim; Alexander N. Mishin; Alexander S. Potapov
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Electron excitation oc Ce3+ in third group metal oxides
Author(s): B R Namozov; V A Vetrov; S M Muradov; R I Zakharchenya
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Inter and intraconfigurational luminescence of LiYF4:Er3- under selective VUV excitation
Author(s): N M Khaidukov; Natalia Yu Kirikova; M Kirm; J C Krupa; Vladimir N. Makhov; E Negodin; Georg Zimmerer
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Interconfiguration and intraconfiguration transitions of Pr3- in some oxides and flourides
Author(s): Piotr A. Rodnyi; C. W.E. van Eijk; Alexander N. Mishin; Sergey B. Mikhrin; Andranik G. Avanesov; Alexander S. Potapov
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VUV spectroscopy of nominally pure and rare-earth ions doped LiCaAlF6 single crystals as promising materials for 157 nm photolithography
Author(s): Alkiviadis Constantinos Cefalas; Evangelia Sarantopoulou; Z Kollia; R. Yu. Abdulsabirov; S. L. Korableva; A. K. Naumov; V. V. Semashko; S Kobe; P J McGuiness
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Up-conversion in rare-earth-doped systems: past, present and future
Author(s): Francois E. Auzel
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Up conversion processes in yttrium-lithium-flouride crystals co-doped with erbium and ytterbium ions
Author(s): B Spinger; Valery P. Danilov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; L O Schwan; D Schmid
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Inhomogeneous broadening of the dynamically split Kramers spectral line and up-conversion in the pair and quartet centers in CaF2:Nd3+
Author(s): Yurii V. Orlovskii; T. T. Basiev; Alexander G. Papashvili; Ivan N. Vorob'ev; O K Alimov; Vyacheslav V. Osiko; J. Heber
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Cooperative optical phenomena in praseodymium doped CsCdBr3
Author(s): J. Heber; Sergey I. Nikitin; R. Demirbilek; Alexander G. Papashvili; Ivan N. Vorob'ev; Olimkhon K. Alimov; Yurii V. Orlovskii; E O Orlovskaya
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Some experimental peculiarities of photon echo in ruby
Author(s): Vitaly V. Samartsev; Alexei A. Kalachev; Ramil G. Usmanov
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Optical superradiance in Van-Vleck paramagnets
Author(s): Alexei A. Kalachev; Vladimir A. Zuikov; Vitaly V. Samartsev; Anatoly M. Shegeda
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Optical second harmonic generation in centrosymmetric antiferromagnetic NiO
Author(s): M Fiebig; D Froehlich; Th. Lottermoser; V. V. Pavlov; R. V. Pisarev; J. H. Weber
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Multiphonon optical bands of Cr3+ ion in sulphide spinels: a pseudo Jahn-Teller model
Author(s): A Al Haroun; Leonid L. Culiuc; V Y Mirovitskii; A N Nateprov; A V Palii; V E Tezlevan; B S Tsukerblat
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Population of higher-energy levels in LiY1-xErxF4(x=0.003/1) crystals under CW IR laser-diode pumping
Author(s): Alexandra M. Tkachuk; Irene K. Razumova; A. A. Mirzaeva; Georgii E. Novikov; Oleg A. Orlov; A. V. Malyshev; V. P. Gapontsev
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Excitonic-type polaron states: photoluminescence in SBN and in other ferroelectric oxides
Author(s): V. S. Vikhnin; I Kislova; A B Kutsenko; S E Kapphan
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Spectra and relaxation of electronic excitations in CsCdBr3:Yb3+ and CsCdBr3:Nd3+ monocrystals
Author(s): M R Gafurov; A I Iskhakova; I N Kurkin; S P Kurzin; Boris Z. Malkin; Sergey I. Nikitin; S. B. Orlinskii; R. M. Rakhmatullin; Gil'man S. Shakurov; Valery F. Tarasov; R. Demirbilek; J. Heber
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