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18th European Conference on Mask Technology for Integrated Circuits and Microcomponents
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer

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Volume Number: 4764
Date Published: 16 August 2002

Table of Contents
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Mask strategy at International SEMATECH
Author(s): Kurt R. Kimmel
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Mask availability for next-generation lithography
Author(s): Michael J. Lercel; Emily Fisch; Kenneth C. Racette; Mark Lawliss; Carey T. Williams; Louis Kindt; Chester Huang
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Measures to achieve 20nm IPL stencil mask distortion
Author(s): Ernst Haugeneder; A. Chalupka; T Lammer; Hans Loeschner; Frank-Michael Kamm; Thomas Struck; Albrecht Ehrmann; Rainer Kaesmaier; Andreas Wolter; Joerg Butschke; Mathias Irmscher; Florian Letzkus; Reinhard Springer
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EUV mask development: material and process
Author(s): Jenspeter Rau; Hermann Wendt; Josef Mathuni; Christoph Stepper; Albrecht Ehrmann; Frank-Michael Kamm
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Cleaning of low thermal expansion materials for low-defect EUVL mask substrates
Author(s): Eva Krueger-Velthusen; Falk Friemel; Lutz Aschke; Frank Lenzen
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Recent progress of low-energy e-beam proximity projection lithography (LEEPL) with B-tool development
Author(s): Nobuo Shimazu; Hiroshi Nozue; Akihiro Endo; Akira Higuchi; T. Ise; Toyoharu Fukui; N. Yasumitsu; Tsutomu Miyatake; Norimiti Anazawa
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Mask CD uniformity impact during incoming quality control
Author(s): Ernesto Villa; Emanuele Baracchi; Anja Rosenbusch; Michael M. Har-zvi; Gidon Gottlib
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Application of lithography simulation in reticle inspection
Author(s): Christian K. Kalus; Robert Wildfeuer
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Plasma etch of Cr masks utilizing TCP source for a next-generation plasma source
Author(s): Hyuk-Joo Kwon; Dong-Soo Min; Pil-Jin Jang; Byung-Soo Chang; Boo-Yeon Choi; Soo-Hong Jeong
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Pattern data processing using 1-nm address grid
Author(s): Juergen Gramss; Hans Eichhorn; Michael Gehre; Bernd Schnabel; Traugott Schulmeiss; Detlef Melzer; Klaus Kunze; Ulrich Baetz
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Elements of hierarchical mask data preparation
Author(s): Christian K. Kalus; Michal Simecek
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Reticle processing induced proximity effects
Author(s): Maurice Janssen; Robert de Kruif; Ton Kiers
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Printability of hard and soft defects in 193-nm lithography
Author(s): Vicky Philipsen; Rik M. Jonckheere; Stephanie Kohlpoth; Christoph M. Friedrich; Juan Andres Torres
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Feasibility study of manufacturing process and quality control for the new alternating PSM structure
Author(s): Yasutaka Morikawa; Haruo Kokubo; Masaharu Nishiguchi; Masami Nara; Yousuke Totsu; Morihisa Hoga; Naoya Hayashi
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Ion projection lithography (IPL): posters presented at the 5th Intrnational SEMATECH Next-Generation Lithography (NGL) workshop
Author(s): Rainer Kaesmaier; Hans Loeschner; Patrick W.H. de Jager; Albrecht Ehrmann; Stefan Hirscher; Karl Kragler; Reinhard Springer; Gerhard Stengl; Andreas Wolter
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Simulation study of 193-nm phase-shifting masks: analysis of distributed defects of embeded attenuated phase mask (EAPSM)
Author(s): Linard Karklin
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Defect inspection and repair reticle (DIRRT) design for the 100-nm and sub-100-nm technology nodes
Author(s): Nishrin Kachwala; Klaus Eisner
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Review of the 2001 ITRS update
Author(s): Gilbert V. Shelden
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CD performance of CA-resits with dynamically controlled multi-zone bake system
Author(s): Shiho Sasaki; Masa-aki Kurihara; Hiroshi Mohri; Naoya Hayashi; Peter Dress; Andreas Noering; Thomas M. Gairing
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Defect density engineering for high-end masks (=0.14 technology phase-shift masks)
Author(s): R Laubmeier; A MacKenzie; M Schmidt; R Sikorski; K Koremura; Takashi Ito
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Environmental monitoring system
Author(s): Gernot Goedl; Dirk Loeffelmacher; Timo Wandel; Gisbert Gralla; Andreas Greiner
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Calibration of test reticles for qualification of imaging properties of microlithographic projection lenses
Author(s): Wolfgang Haessler-Grohne; K Hahm; Werner Mirande; Harald Bosse; Michael Arnz
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Long-term performance of the DUV optical metrology tool for the 90-nm node
Author(s): Louis M. Chacon; Nicholas G. Doe; Richard D. Eandi; Patrick St. Cin
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Actual performance data obtained on new transmitted light mask metrology system
Author(s): Klaus-Dieter Roeth; Gerhard W.B. Schlueter
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Advanced optical imaging platform for CD metrology and defect review on 130-nm to 100-nm node reticles: an overview of preliminary results
Author(s): Andrew C. Hourd; Anthony Grimshaw; Gerd Scheuring; Christian Gittinger; Hans-Juergen Brueck; Shiuh-Bin Chen; Parkson W Chen; Hans Hartmann; Volodymyr Ordynskyy; Rik M. Jonckheere; Vicky Philipsen; Thomas Schaetz; Karl Sommer
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OPC aware mask and wafer metrology
Author(s): Wilhelm Maurer; Vincent Wiaux; Rik M. Jonckheere; Vicky Philipsen; Thomas Hoffmann; Staf Verhaegen; Kurt G. Ronse; Jonathan G. England; William B. Howard
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Multibeam resolution die-to-database reticle inspection
Author(s): William Waters Volk; William H. Broadbent; Hector I. Garcia; Sterling G. Watson; Phillip Lim; Wayne E. Ruch
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Inspection of alternating PSM reticles using UV-based 365-nm reticle inspection tool
Author(s): Anja Rosenbusch; Michael M. Har-zvi; Gidon Gottlib
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Productivity and OPC reticle inspectability using multibeam UV wavelength inspection
Author(s): Mark R. Laurance; Dino Hsieh; Vincent Wen
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Measuring and assessing printability of reticle pinhole defects
Author(s): Darren Taylor; Anthony Vacca; Larry S. Zurbrick; William H. Broadbent; Peter Fiekowsky
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High-precision mask repair using nanomachining
Author(s): Martin Verbeek; Roy White; Marty Klos
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Noncontact fluorence measurements for inspection and imprint depth control in nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Ch. Finder; C Mayer; Hubert Schulz; Hella-Christin Scheer; Marion Fink; Karl Pfeiffer
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