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European Workshop on Smart Structures in Engineering and Technology
Editor(s): Brian Culshaw

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Volume Number: 4763
Date Published: 13 March 2003

Table of Contents
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Smart consumer goods
Author(s): Clifford M. Friend; Chris Thorpe
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SMA: smart materials for medical applications
Author(s): T. Duerig; Dieter Stoeckel; D. Johnson
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Biomimetic engineering
Author(s): Julian FV Vincent
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Application of fiber optic sensors to structural monitoring
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi
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Smart structures in engineering and technology: an aerospace and automotive perspective
Author(s): Christian Boller
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Technology perspective: Sensors, actuators, and signal processing -- the ASSET view
Author(s): Brian Culshaw
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Evolving into complexity
Author(s): William B. Spillman Jr.
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Development of active materials with adaptive acoustic imedance
Author(s): Herve Lissek; Xavier Meynial; C. Guigou-Carter
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Intertially stabilized rifle using smart materials
Author(s): Douglas K. Lindner; Diann E. Brei; Chris LaVigna
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Opportunities for adaptive optimization of gas turbine systems
Author(s): John R. Webster
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Smart Bumper for pedestrian impact recognition
Author(s): Alessandro Zanella; Francesco Butera; Enrico Gobetto
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An RPV adaptive aeroelastic demonstrator
Author(s): Afzal Suleman; Antonio P. Costa
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Active vibration isolation using decentralized velocity feedback control
Author(s): Michael J. Brennan; Stephen J. Elliott; X. Huang
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Approximate normal stresses for the boundary control of flexible structures
Author(s): Frederic Bourquin
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Fuzzy modeling of a smart CFRP composite beam and controller design for vibration
Author(s): Takeshi Takawa; Takehito Fukuda
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DAMASCOS damage location demonstrator for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Graeme Manson; B. C. Lee; Graham Thursby; Keith Worden; Fengzhong Dong; Brian Culshaw
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Adaptive chromogenic materials and devices
Author(s): Pierre Sixou; H. Guillard; L. Labonne; V. Gandolfo
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Damage detection in CFRP laminates using electrical potential techniques
Author(s): N. Angelidis; N. Khemiri; P. E. Irving
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Monitoring system for assessment of prestressed railway bridges in the new Lehrter Bahnhof in Berlin
Author(s): Wolfgang R. Habel; H. Kohlhoff; J. Knapp; R. Helmerich
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Dielectric elastomer planar actuators for small-scale applications
Author(s): Federico Carpi; P. Chiarelli; Andrea Mazzoldi; Danilo De Rossi
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In-service health monitoring of composite structures using Lamb waves
Author(s): K. Diamanti; J. M. Hodgkinson; Constantinos Soutis
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Ultrasonic detection of embedded and surface defects in thin plates using Lamb waves
Author(s): M. J. Conry; L. J. Crane; Michael Gilchrist
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Transient modeling of Lamb wave generation by surface-bonded piezoelectric transducers
Author(s): Laurent Duquenne; Emmanuel Moulin; Jamal Assaad; Christophe Delebarre
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Magnetostrictive actuators compared to piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Frank Claeyssen; Nicolas Lhermet; T. Maillard
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Comb drives: versatile microstructures for capacitive sensing and electrostatic actuation
Author(s): G. J. M. Krijnen; T. Kuijpers; Theo S. J. Lammerink; Remeo J. Wiegerink; Miko C. Elwenspoek
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Smart masks for next-generation lithography
Author(s): Dryver R. Huston; Wolfgang Sautera
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CMOS BDJ detector with signal recovery electronics for fluorescence detection
Author(s): Guo Neng Lu; J. M. Galvan; P. Pittet
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Embedded fiber Bragg grating transducer for concrete structures
Author(s): Antonio Quintela; Cesar Jauregui; Juan Echevarria; Olga M. Conde; Francisco J. Madruga; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Dynamic strain detection using a fiber Bragg grating sensor array for geotechnical applications
Author(s): Cornelia Schmidt-Hattenberger; M. Naumann; Gunter Borm
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Bridge sensing using a fiber Bragg grating quasi-distributed transducer: in-field results
Author(s): Cesar Jauregui; Antonio Quintela; Juan Echevarria; Marian Quintela; Adolfo Cobo; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Conditioning influence on the output signal delivered by an optical fibre sensor embedded in concrete for applying to smart structures
Author(s): Jean-Marie Caussignac; James Dupont; Ban Chau
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Optical fiber instrumentation for online absorption and reflection spectroscopy
Author(s): Andrea A. Mencaglia; Anna Grazia Mignani
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Applications of FBG sensors for the monitoring of critical components of vehicles
Author(s): Paolo Castelli; Riccardo Falciai; Roberta Galli; Nadia Mattiucci; Nereo Pallaro; Cosimo Trono
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Optical sensors for smart structures applications: a small company experience
Author(s): Samuel David Crossley; Stuart C. Murray; Timothy John Litt
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