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Second Conference on Photonics for Transportation
Editor(s): Vladimir G. Inozemtsev; Victor A. Shilin

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Volume Number: 4761
Date Published: 30 April 2002

Table of Contents
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Russian federal program on transportation development
Author(s): Vladimir G. Inozemtsev
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Photonics in transportation
Author(s): Vladimir G. Inozemtsev; Victor A. Shilin; Vladimir G. Syster
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New generation of high-efficiency optoelectronic devices and systems for transportation: infrastructure equipment
Author(s): Alexej S. Adonin; Oleg N. Ermakov
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History of optoelectronics: general review
Author(s): Yuri R. Nosov
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Russian regional society for scientists and engineers TOPEK-solid-state optoelectronic systems
Author(s): Elena E. Bokareva; Victor A. Shilin
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Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) of dynamic image processing for cardiologic diagnostics of transportation workers
Author(s): Valeri G. Gnedenko; D. G. Ioseliani; S. N. Nikiforov; Evgeny M. Fainberg
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Railway track image processing to calibrate the photonic velocity sensor
Author(s): Mikhael E. Fainberg
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Algorithms and software to determine rail profile using moving distorted images
Author(s): Dmitry V. Popov; Olga S. Smoleva
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Complex photonic system for underground railway measurements and inspection
Author(s): Victor S. Giltsov; Vladimir G. Inozemtsev; Sergey V. Popov; Evgeny V. Titov; Victor A. Shilin
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Single-chip microcomputer for image processing in the photonic measuring system
Author(s): Olga S. Smoleva; Natalia Y. Ljul
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Optoelectronic sensors to measure velocity and level for Moscow Metro rail track monitoring station
Author(s): Sergei V. Larionov; Serge F. Kabov; Dmitry V. Popov; Evgeny V. Titov
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Photonic subsystem for rail track hollows measurement
Author(s): Igor D. Kashlakov; Alexei N. Yakushev; Roman B. Ryabichenko; Vladimir P. Yuraskin
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Photonic velocity sensor based on CCD
Author(s): Mikhael E. Fainberg; Serge F. Kabov; Alexander A. Utenkov
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New generation of high-efficiency optoelectronic devices and systems for transportation: on-board equipment
Author(s): Oleg N. Ermakov
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Uncooled array IR sensors integrated with CCD analog processor
Author(s): Vladimir V. Chernokozhin; Eugeny Ph. Pevtsov; Alexander S. Sigov
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History optoelectronics application for railway transportation in Russia
Author(s): E. V. Savkina; V. N. Tarasova
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Project of Constellation space system
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Vladimir I. Karasev; Nikolai N. Ivanov; Maxim V. Klyushnikov; Timofei V. Kondranin; Vachesluv O. Prasolov
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Astronomic camera AstroCam and algorithms of its operation
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Maxim V. Klyushnikov
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Small-size spacecraft of Earth remote sensing: project Poputchik
Author(s): Nikolai N. Ivanov; V. Markelov; Vladimir I. Karasev; A. Koekin; Vachesluv O. Prasolov
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COTS electronic components for space application
Author(s): Vachesluv O. Prasolov; Sergei V. Larionov; Elena N. Khrabrova
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Total dose effects in the auger transistor
Author(s): Dmitry V. Gromov; Vadim V. Elesin; Aledxander Y. Nikiforov; Stanislav A. Polevich; Yury F. Adamov; V. G. Mokerov
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Constructive-technological features of assembling focal plane array with elements of precision positioning
Author(s): Constantine I. Barinov; Sergei V. Larionov; Mikhail O. Rapidov; Elena N. Khrabrova
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Analysis of radiation resistance of linear CCD reticon RL2048DAQ-011
Author(s): Sergei V. Larionov; Yury M. Nikolaev; Elena N. Khrabrova
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Developing land system for processing targeted information received from flying apparatus
Author(s): S. V. Gnedenko
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Design and mixed modeling of PhCCD with vertical antiblooming structure
Author(s): Evgeni V. Kostyukov; Andre A. Pugachev; Alexander S. Skrylev; Pavel A. Skrylev
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Model synthesis of optical- and laser-electronic systems
Author(s): Vladimir B. Nemtinov
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Optoelectronic integrated circuit with built-in photo-voltaic supply
Author(s): Alexej S. Adonin; Konstantin O. Petrosjanc; Igor V. Poljakov
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Analytical models of CMOS APS
Author(s): Victor A. Shilin; Pavel A. Skrylev; A. L. Stempkovsky
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New efficient laser dyes for the green and red spectral regions with a broad wavelength tuning range
Author(s): I. V. Komlev; G. A. Mezentseva; A. V. Reznichenko; M. A. Tavrisova; O. R. Khrolova; V. A. Petukhov; M. A. Semenov
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Liquid coolants and optical filters for laser-, light-, and electronic technologies
Author(s): P. P. Dakhnov; I. V. Komlev; Vitaly M. Podgaetsky; A. V. Reznichenko
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Time-domain non-Monte-Carlo method for noise simulation in CMOS imager sensors
Author(s): M. M. Gourary; S. G. Rusakov; S. L. Ulyanov; M. M. Zharov; B. J. Mulvaney
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Multilayer x-ray-sensitive CCDs
Author(s): Alexander S. Skrylev; Pavel A. Skrylev; Victor A. Shilin
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