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Third International Conference on Virtual Reality and Its Application in Industry
Editor(s): Zhigeng Pan; Jiaoying Shi

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Volume Number: 4756
Date Published: 1 April 2003

Table of Contents
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Virtual odors to transmit emotions in virtual agents
Author(s): Carlos Delgado-Mata; Ruth Aylett
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Integrated VR platform for 3D and image-based models: a step toward interactive image-based virtual environments
Author(s): Jayoung Yoon; Gerard Jounghyun Kim
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Vision-based augmented reality system
Author(s): Jing Chen; Yongtian Wang; Qi Shi; Dayuan Yan
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Virtual reality experimental platform based on bi-arm robot
Author(s): Wenhua Zhou; Yannan Zhao; Zehong Yang; Jiaxin Wang; Peifa Jia
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Free image-based virtual spaces
Author(s): Yue Qi; QinPing Zhao
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Evaluation of pointing techniques for ray casting selection in virtual environments
Author(s): SangYoon Lee; Jinseok Seo; Gerard Jounghyun Kim; Chan-Mo Park
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Rendering complex scenes based on spatial subdivision, object-based depth mesh, and occlusion culling
Author(s): Chih-Chun Chen; Bo-Yin Lee; Jung-Hong Chuang; Wei-Wen Feng; Ting Chiou
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Real-time rendering of large terrain using quadtree-based triangulation
Author(s): Kefei You; Jinwen Tian; Jian Liu
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Surface simplification using rendering error metrics
Author(s): Kun Zhou; Yigang Wang; Jiaoying Shi; Zhigeng Pan
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Deformation constraints in the draping of cloth-like objects
Author(s): Qingwen Song; Yuanhua Zhou
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New algorithm for 3D facial model reconstruction and its application in VR
Author(s): Ronghua Liang; Chun Chen; Zhigeng Pan; Hui Zhang
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Adaptive algorithm of automatic implementing fillet operations with loop subdivision surfaces
Author(s): Weizhong Liu; Kunio Kondo
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Virtual object registration with projection algorithm for augmented reality
Author(s): Ya Zhou; Lei Yan
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Selective refinement of progressive meshes using vertex hierarchies
Author(s): Yigang Wang; Bernd Froehlich; Martin Goebel
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Facial animation on an anatomy-based hierarchical face model
Author(s): Yu Zhang; Edmond C. Prakash; Eric Sung
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Gesture language use in natural UI: pen-based sketching in conceptual design
Author(s): Cuixia Ma; Guozhong Dai
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Dynamics identification for enhanced haptic display in VR-based training platforms
Author(s): D. Bi; You Fu Li; G. L. Wang
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Virtual environment system with virtual force display and feedback based on master arm
Author(s): Juan Wu; Xiaoying Cao; Aiguo Song
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Verbal/nonverbal communication between man and Avatar in virtual mechanical assembly training system
Author(s): Kazuaki Tanaka; Tomoaki Ozaki; Norihiro Abe; Horikazu Taki
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Perceptual user interface in virtual shopping environment
Author(s): Weidong Geng; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Monika Fleischmann; Vladimir Elistratov; Thomas Kulessa; Marina Kolesnik
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Grasping force measurement of a 6-DOF haptic device for human-computer interaction
Author(s): Z. C. Wu; Zengfu Wang; Yu Ge
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Construction of English-Chinese bilingual interaction environment in virtual space teleconferencing system
Author(s): Hongmei Ma; Yue Qi; Ting Wang; Huowang Chen
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Study on tracking system with pulsed AC magnetic field for virtual reality system
Author(s): Yue Liu; Yongtian Wang; Xiaoming Hu
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Naver: a PC-cluster-based VR system
Author(s): ChangHoon Park; HeeDong Ko; TaiYun Kim
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DVR application in SCADA simulation system
Author(s): Dahua Zhang; Zongxue Wang; Lihua Qiu
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Building collaborative workshop of metasynthetic engineering based on virtual conferencing space
Author(s): Lifeng Sun; Hanyi Ge; Yuzhuo Zhong; Lingda Wu
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Network latency issue in cooperative shared haptic virtual environment
Author(s): M. Osama Alhalabi; Susumu Horiguchi
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DVENET: a distributed integrated environment of virtual reality application
Author(s): Qinping Zhao; Wei Wu; Xukun Shen; Aimin Hao; Xiaohui Liang; Bing He
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Development and application of distributed marine simulator
Author(s): Yong Yin; Yicheng Jin; Xiufeng Zhang; Hongxiang Ren; Zhihua Li; Baian Zhang
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Integrated virtual factory and logistics for electronics industry
Author(s): Haibin Wang; Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig; Reginald Jegathese; Meehae Song; Jochen Quick; Yongmin Zhong
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Analytical and experimental study of freeform object design and simultaneous manufacturing
Author(s): Weihan Zhang; Wei Zhang; Xiaofang Wang; Jingbin Yan
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Constraint manager for intuitive and precise solid modelling in a virtual reality environment
Author(s): Yongmin Zhong; Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig; Weiyin Ma
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Research on inosculation between master of ceremonies or players and virtual scene in virtual studio
Author(s): Zili Li; Guangxi Zhu; Yaoting Zhu
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Study of key techniques concerning virtual assembly system for equipment maintenance training
Author(s): Weiyi Chen; Shuzong Wang; Zongji Li; Chuanshou Feng
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Interactive design and presentation of ceramic sanitary products
Author(s): Tian Chen; Guofu Yin; Zhigeng Pan
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Freeform object design and simultaneous manufacturing
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Weihan Zhang; Heng Lin; Ming C. Leu
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Assembly sequence planning and assembling simulation of stamping die tools
Author(s): Xinhua Yang; Zongying Ou; Peide Lu; Feng Han
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Pilot study on the technique of tolerance analysis based on virtual assembly
Author(s): Yue Ma; Shuli Cui; Tiening He
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Design and implementation of Kyongju VR theatre
Author(s): ChangHoon Park; Ig-Jae Kim; Sang Chul Ahn; HeeDong Ko; Yong-Moo Kwon; Hyoung-Gon Kim
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Immersive Kendo (Gum-do) game with an intelligent cyber fighter
Author(s): Jungwon Yoon; Se-Hwan Kim; Jeha Ryu; Woontack Woo
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Virtual and augmented reality in education and training: an interactive, multimedia training and information system for use in an exhibition
Author(s): Juergen Gausemeier; Ute Brueseke; Raphael Wortmann
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Internet-based remote maintenance system with the use of virtual reality
Author(s): Moez Bellamine; Norihiro Abe; Munehisa Kusano; Kazuaki Tanaka; Hirokazu Taki
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Reconfigurable driving platforms in CAVE
Author(s): Xinjian Zhou; Cristian Luciano; Pat Banerjee; James J. Knight
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Virtual imaging in sports broadcasting: an overview
Author(s): Yi Tan
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Using VR technology for training in minimally invasive vascular surgery
Author(s): Yiyu Cai; Cheekong K. Chui; Xiuzi Ye; James H. Anderson; Yaoping Wang
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EasyBowling: a virtual bowling system for small space
Author(s): Zhigeng Pan; Jin Huang; Weiwei Xu; Kun Zhou; Jiaoying Shi
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Comparing VR and video in military training
Author(s): H. J. Seo; Yoon C. Choi; HeeDong Ko
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Method-based development environment for efficient creation of interactive 3D information systems
Author(s): Juergen Fruend; Raphael Wortmann; Christoph Brand
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Interactive mining of multimedia databases with virtual reality
Author(s): N. Monmarche; H. Marteau; J.-P. Gerard; C. Guinot; G. Venturini
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Design of semi-automatic modeler for highway scenes
Author(s): Qiaosheng Feng; Ronald R. Mourant
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Three-dimensional dynamic GIS model for landscape planning
Author(s): Yong Liu; Congfu Xu; Shijian Li; Yunhe Pan
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Research on constructing of the virtual shop-floor environment
Author(s): Liansheng Sun; Ruxin Ning
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New approach of color image quantization based on multidimensional directory
Author(s): Chin-Chen Chang; Yuan-Yuan Su
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Automatic visualization of 3-D geometry contained in online databases
Author(s): Jie Zhang; Nigel W. John
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Adapting line integral convolution for fabricating artistic virtual environment
Author(s): Jiunn-Shyan Lee; Chung-Ming Wang
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Acentric panorama view rendering
Author(s): Ping-Hsien Lin; Tong-Yee Lee; Po-Hua Huang
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