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ICONO 2001: Quantum and Atomic Optics, High-Precision Measurements in Optics, and Optical Information Processing, Transmission, and Storage
Editor(s): Sergei N. Bagayev; Sergei S. Chesnokov; Anatoliy S. Chirkin; Victor N. Zadkov

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Volume Number: 4750
Date Published: 1 April 2002

Table of Contents
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Applications of entangled-state interference
Author(s): Gunnar Bjork; Jonas Soderholm; Alexei Trifonov; Pavel A. Usachev; L. L. Sanchez-Soto; A. B. Klimov
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Quantum properties of the two-mode Kerr states
Author(s): Ryszard Tanas
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Partial entanglement, complementary, and simultaneous measurement of discrete observables
Author(s): Alexei Trifonov; Jonas Soderholm; Gunnar Bjork
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Biphoton radiation with hidden polarization: experimental implementation and polarization tomography
Author(s): P. A. Bushev; Valery P. Karassiov; A. V. Masalov; A. A. Putilin
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Detection and correction of errors with quantum tomography
Author(s): Z. S. Sazonova; R. Singh
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Coherent and compatible information: a basis for information analysis of quantum systems
Author(s): Boris A. Grishanin; Victor N. Zadkov
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Exploring the role of the relative phase in atom-field interactions
Author(s): L. L. Sanchez-Soto; J. Delgado; E. C. Yustas; A. B. Klimov
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Multiple transitions in atom optics: intensity- and density-dependent effects
Author(s): Konstantin V. Krutitsky; Karl-Peter Marzlin; Juergen Audretsch
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Quantum computing and fundamental limit of self-switching effect for nonlinear spatially inhomogeneous bosonic systems
Author(s): Andrei Yu. Leksin; Alexander P. Alodjants; Alexei V. Prokhorov; Sergei M. Arakelian
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Random walking of a two-level atom in a standing-wave field
Author(s): Victor Y. Sirotkin; Sergey V. Prants
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Theoretical study of atom dynamics in optical dipole trap
Author(s): Denis N. Yanyshev; Boris A. Grishanin; Victor N. Zadkov
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Echo spectroscopy of squeezed vacuum
Author(s): Ashat M. Basharov; Valery D. Popov
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Effects of inhomogeneous line broadening on electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) and slow group velocity
Author(s): Elena Kuznetsova; Olga A. Kocharovskaya; Marlan O. Scully
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Miniaturized laser magnetometers and clocks
Author(s): Robert Wynands; C. Affolderbach; Leo W. Hollberg; John E. Kitching; Svenja A. Knappe; M. Staehler
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Femtosecond optical clock
Author(s): Sergei N. Bagayev; Alexander K. Dmitriyev; S. V. Chepurov; A. S. Dychkov; V. M. Klementyev; D. B. Kolker; S. A. Kuznetsov; Yu. A. Matyugin; M. V. Okhapkin; V. S. Pivtsov; M. N. Skvortsov; V. F. Zakharyash; Timothy A. Birks; William J. Wadsworth; Philip St.J. Russell; Alexei M. Zheltikov; Valentin I. Beloglazov
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Highly sensitive polarimetry
Author(s): V. A. Ruilova-Zavgorodniy; N. V. Chigarev; Dmitri Yu. Paraschuk
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Mensuration of the spectral modulated interferograms by the iterative phase-locked loop method
Author(s): Igor P. Gurov; Petr Hlubina; Vladimir Chugunov
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Laser interferometry based on autodyne detection in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Dmitry Alexandrov Usanov; Anatoli V. Skripal; Mihail Yu. Kalinkin
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Resonant surface polaritons of the cylindrical near-field tip
Author(s): M. N. Libenson; G. A. Martsinovsky; Dmitry Smirnov
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Calculations of second-harmonic near-field images
Author(s): Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi; Valeri Z. Lozovski
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Thermal wave phase and amplitude measurements of thin metal films thickness
Author(s): A. V. Reznikov
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Possibility of determination of parameters of nanolayers by the modified Kretchman's scheme
Author(s): Valery A. Karpenko; Aleksei A. Romanenko
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Restoration of the autocorrelation function of a statistic surface roughness on the light scattering in a planar optical waveguide in the presence of the additive stochastic noise
Author(s): Alexandre A. Yegorov
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Theory of Doppler-free spectroscopy with lambda-thick vapor cells
Author(s): A. N. Naumov; A. A. Podshivalov; Konstantin N. Drabovich; Richard B. Miles; Alexei M. Zheltikov
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Transfer, storage, and multiplexing of optical signals in bistable planar semiconductor structures
Author(s): Andrey M. Goncharenko; George V. Sinitsyn; Sergey P. Apanasevich; Andrey V. Lyakhnovich; Anatoly S. Yasukevich; Mikhail A. Khodasevich; A. V. Kazberuk; Alexander A. Dokutovich; Yuriy A. Varaksa
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Theoretical aspects and potential applications of cavity solitons in semiconductor microresonators
Author(s): Tommaso Maggipinto; Massimo Brambilla; I. M. Perrini; Lorenzo Spinelli; Giovanna Tissoni
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Effect of false writing of information in optical processor and optical storage devices based on nonlinear absorption
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov
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Thermal crosstalk analysis of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays
Author(s): S. M. Zakharov; Eduard A. Manykin
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Two-wave coupling in azo-containing photosensitive polymers with liquid crystal properties
Author(s): Maria A. Andreeva; A. N. Simonov; V. I. Shmalhauzen
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Nonlinear filtering of noisy interference fringes with the 2D spatially dependent filter impulse response
Author(s): Igor P. Gurov; Mikhail V. Volkov
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Enhanced semiconductor photorefractivity in the presence of a magnetic field
Author(s): Praveen Aghamkar; Sunayana Nepal; Suta Suta
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Optical storage of information via refreshing by inverse seeding in a photorefractive Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 crystal (BCT)
Author(s): Vladislav Matusevich; Armin Kiessling; Richard M. Kowarschik
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Bistability of acousto-optic interaction in gyrotropic crystals with electro-induced anisotropy
Author(s): Svetlana N. Kurilkina; Mechael V. Shuba
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Optical logic elements based on fiber Bragg reflectors
Author(s): Vladimir Antonovich Pilipovich; Alexander K. Esman; Igor A. Goncharenko; V. K. Kuleshov
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Acceleration of arithmetic operation performance by the use of spectral compression
Author(s): Vladimir Antonovich Pilipovich; Alexander K. Esman; Valery S. Posedko; V. K. Kuleshov; Igor A. Goncharenko
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Maximum achievable efficiencies for pulse position modulation in optical communication systems
Author(s): Mikhail A. Khodasevich; George V. Sinitsyn; Anatoly S. Yasukevich
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Optimization of low-noising hologram characteristics in photorefractive piezocrystals
Author(s): Vasiliy V. Shepelevich; A. A. Firsov
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Dynamics of switching waves and realization of shift register in optically bistable GaAs/GaAlAs interferometer
Author(s): George V. Sinitsyn; Sergey P. Apanasevich; Andrey V. Lyakhnovich; Anatoly S. Yasukevich; Mikhail A. Khodasevich; Yuriy A. Varaksa; Alexander A. Dokutovich
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Optimizing the performance of erbium-doped fiber amplifier
Author(s): Anubhuti Shrivastava
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Temporal interference of coherent laser pulses in optical fibers
Author(s): Vladimir P. Minkovich; Andrey N. Starodumov; V. I. Borisov; V. I. Lebedev; S. N. Perepechko
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Stabilization of dissipative soliton sequences in fibers by self-phase-modulation feedback
Author(s): A. K. Komarov; Konstantin P. Komarov
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Cascade acousto-optic diffraction for optical communication systems
Author(s): Vladimir M. Kotov; Gennady N. Shkerdin; Johan H. Stiens; Roger A. Vounckx
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Quantum cooperative cluster: a new basic element for optical parallel computers
Author(s): Sergei N. Bagayev; V. S. Egorov; V. J. Dmitriev; I. A. Chekhonin; Michael Chekhonin
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Dynamic and stationary holographic recording in rigid solutions of organic dyes
Author(s): Y. D. Lantukh; S. N. Letuta; E. K. Alidjanov; S. N. Pashkevitch
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Computer simulation of the wavefront correction system with local curvature sensing
Author(s): Vladimir O. Militsin; Svyatoslav A. Shlenov; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Nd:YAG laser with independent channels for exposure and heat development of holographic recording on photothermoplastic materials
Author(s): Anatoliy A. Kovalev; S. N. Zhdanovich
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