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Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology IV

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Volume Number: 4715
Date Published: 17 July 2002

Table of Contents
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Autonomy and manual operation in a small robotic system for under-vehicle inspections at security checkpoints
Author(s): William Smuda; Paul L. Muench; Grant R. Gerhart; Kevin L. Moore
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Applications of tactical mobile robot technology to urban search and rescue: lessons learned at the World Trade Center disaster
Author(s): S. Scott Pratt; Fred Alibozek; Thomas Frost; Christopher O. Norman; Andrew M. Shein; Christopher Smith
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Haptic-feedback-based robotic teleparamedics
Author(s): Gregory Zeltser; Thomas Forrester; Paul I. Shnitser; Alfred Goldsmith; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Stephen A. Kupiec; Joanna L. Jannson; Tomasz P. Jannson
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System design for robot agent team
Author(s): Stuart H. Young; Hung M. Nguyen
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Wide-field-of-view foveated imaging system using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): David V. Wick; Ty Martinez; Jeffrey T. Baker; Don M. Payne; Bradley R. Stone; Sergio R. Restaino
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MERLIN vehicles for outdoor applications
Author(s): Klaus Schilling; Qinghao Meng
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Autonomous mobile communication relays
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Hobart R. Everett; Narek Manouk; Ambrish Verma
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Robotic concepts for urban operations
Author(s): Bruce Leonard Digney; Steven G. Penzes
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Dynamic behaviors for a hybrid leg-wheel mobile platform
Author(s): Carl Steeves; Martin G. Buehler; Steven G. Penzes
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Control of an electrohydraulic steering system using a PID controller with a nonlinear compensation algorithm
Author(s): Zhilin Dong; Qin Zhang; Shufeng Han
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Department of Defense joint robotics program
Author(s): Michael Toscano
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DARPA FCS unmanned ground vehicle research initiatives
Author(s): Scott Fish
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Robotic follower: near-term autonomy for future combat systems
Author(s): Bruce E. Brendle Jr.; Jeffrey J. Jaczkowski
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Army ground robotics research program
Author(s): Jonathan A. Bornstein
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Robotic acquisition programs: technical and performance challenges
Author(s): Steven A. Thibadoux
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Path planning is no substitute for intelligent behavior
Author(s): David L. Jung; Lynne E. Parker
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Perception for learned trafficability models
Author(s): Gregory S. Broten; Bruce Leonard Digney
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Intelligent behavior generator for autonomous mobile robots using planning-based AI decision making and supervisory control logic
Author(s): Hitesh K Shah; Vikas Bahl; Jason Martin; Nicholas S. Flann; Kevin L. Moore
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Situational awareness for unmanned ground vehicles in semi-structured environments
Author(s): Thomas G. Goodsell; Magnus Snorrason; Mark R. Stevens
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Assessment methodology for image processing detectors of unstructured road edges
Author(s): Delphine Dufourd; Andre Dalgalarrondo
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Driving in traffic: short-range sensing for urban collision avoidance
Author(s): Chuck E. Thorpe; David F. Duggins; Jay W. Gowdy; Rob MacLaughlin; Christoph Mertz; Mel Siegel; Arne Suppe; Chieh-Chih Wang; Teruko Yata
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Applications for the MATILDA robotic platform
Author(s): Steve H. Munkeby; Don Jones; George Bugg; Kathryn Smith
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Commercialization of a JAUGS autonomous development vehicle
Author(s): Mel W. Torrie; Paul Lewis; Donald L. Cripps
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Integrated development process for automated or driver-assist vehicles
Author(s): Joao Borges de Sousa; James A. Misener; Raja Sengupta
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Sensor fusion method for off-road vehicle position estimation
Author(s): Linsong Guo; Qin Zhang; Shufeng Han
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Experimental characterization of Polaroid ultrasonic sensors in single and phased array configuration
Author(s): Alex Cao; Johann Borenstein
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Terrain estimation for high-speed rough-terrain autonomous vehicle navigation
Author(s): Karl D. Iagnemma; Steven Dubowsky
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Sinkage and slippage estimation for an articulated vehicle
Author(s): Brian H. Wilcox
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Motion dynamics and control of a planetary rover with slip-based traction model
Author(s): Kazuya Yoshida; Hiroshi Hamano
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Defining proprioceptive behaviors for autonomous mobile robots
Author(s): James L. Overholt; Greg R. Hudas; Grant R. Gerhart
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Kinematic analysis and stability optimization of a reconfigurable legged-wheeled mini-rover
Author(s): Christophe Grand; Faiz Ben Amar; Philippe Bidaud
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4D/RCS: a reference model architecture for intelligent unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): James S. Albus
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Road detection and tracking for autonomous mobile robots
Author(s): Tsai Hong Hong; Christopher Rasmussen; Tommy Chang; Michael Shneier
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Hierarchical planning algorithms
Author(s): Alberto Lacaze
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Value-driven behavior generation for an autonomous mobile ground robot
Author(s): Stephen B. Balakirsky; Alberto Lacaze
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Hierarchical world model for an autonomous scout vehicle
Author(s): Tsai Hong Hong; Stephen B. Balakirsky; Elena Messina; Tommy Chang; Michael Shneier
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Forward imaging robotic vehicle mission using an ultra-wideband synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Lam H. Nguyen; David C. Wong; Gregory Smith; Marc A. Ressler
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