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Smart Structures and Materials 2002: Smart Sensor Technology and Measurement Systems
Editor(s): Daniele Inaudi; Eric Udd

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Volume Number: 4694
Date Published: 27 June 2002

Table of Contents
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Challenging the notion of equal modal power distribution in multimode optical fibers
Author(s): Kim D. Bennett; L. M. Alexander; M. N. Marbell
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Determining the relationship between the amplitude parameter and the modal power in dual mode fibers
Author(s): Kim D. Bennett; M. N. Marbell; L. M. Alexander
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Brillouin optical fiber sensor for cryogenic thermometry
Author(s): Luc Thevenaz; Alexandre Fellay; Massimo Facchini; Walter Scandale; Marc Nikles; Philippe A. Robert
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Fiber optic acoustic emission sensor based on a fused tapered coupler
Author(s): Crispin T. M. Doyle; Rongshen Chen; Tongyu Liu; Gangtie Zheng; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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Development of a fiber optic interferometric inclinometer
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; Branko Glisic
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New techniques for manufacturing optical-fiber-based fiber Fabry-Perot sensors
Author(s): Christopher J. Tuck; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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Fiber optic sensors for process monitoring of composite aerospace structures
Author(s): Jose Manuel Menendez Martin; Pedro Munoz-Esquer; Fernando Rodriguez-Lence; J. Alfredo Guemes
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Strain sensor development
Author(s): Kevin B. McKenney; Shoko Yoshikawa; Marco Giovanardi
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Detection and suppression for mechanical resonance in hard disk drives with built-in piezoelectric sensors
Author(s): Peng Gao; Yaolong Lou; Kanzo Okada
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Method and system for air-driven pump monitoring based on frequency analysis of the acoustic signal
Author(s): Nathan Ida; Razvan Ciocan
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Embedded optical fiber Bragg grating sensors for the measurement of crack-bridging forces in composites
Author(s): Michel Studer; Kara J. Peters; John Botsis
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Application of chirped fiber Bragg grating sensors for damage identification in composites
Author(s): Nobuo Takeda; Yoji Okabe; Ryohei Tsuji; Shin-ichi Takeda
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Embedded fiber Bragg grating as local damage sensors for composite materials
Author(s): J. Alfredo Guemes; M. Frovel; Fernando Rodriguez-Lence; Jose Manuel Menendez Martin
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Condition monitoring of vibrating composite structures based on optical fiber strain sensing and finite element model updating
Author(s): Giorgio Nosenzo; Maurice Patrick Whelan; Tara Dalton
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Detection of delamination in composite laminates using small-diameter FBG sensors
Author(s): Shin-ichi Takeda; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda
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Structural monitoring using a novel high-performance fiber optic measurement system
Author(s): Michael D. Todd; Mark E. Seaver; Tim Wiener; Stephen Trickey
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Using multi-axis fiber grating strain sensors to measure transverse strain and transverse strain gradients in composite materials with complex weave structures
Author(s): Catherine A. Black; Eric Udd; Whitten L. Schulz; Stephen T. Kreger; Marley Kunzler; Tad Taylor; Ross W. Lumsden; Dirk Heider; Zhicheng Yu
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Fiber Bragg grating first- and second-order diffraction-wavelength-based transducer-optimized design
Author(s): Juan Echevarria; Francisco J. Madruga; Mauro Lomer; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Characterization of embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors written in high-birefringent optical fibers subjected to transverse loading
Author(s): Federico Bosia; Philippe Giaccari; Mauro Facchini; John Botsis; Hans G. Limberger; Rene-Paul Salathe
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Embedded optical fiber strain rosette for in-plane measurements
Author(s): Jerome Matrat; Klas Levin
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Polarization-maintaining fiber Bragg grating interrogation system for multi-axis strain sensing
Author(s): Chen-Chun Ye; Steven E. Staines; Stephen W. James; Ralph P. Tatam
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Development of multipoint strain measurement systems using small-diameter fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Seiji Kojima; Kouji Satori; Keisuke Fukuchi; Akihito Hongo; Nobuo Takeda
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Fiber optic grating moisture and humidity sensors
Author(s): Harold Martin Laylor; Sean Calvert; Tad Taylor; Whitten L. Schulz; Ross W. Lumsden; Eric Udd
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Adhesively bonded optical sensors: stress transfer and durability
Author(s): Arne Skontorp; Jean-Marie Guerin
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Autonomous remote monitoring system for landslides
Author(s): Luca Manetti; Andrea Terribilini; Alfredo Knecht
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Complex measurement system for long-term monitoring of prestressed railway bridges in the new Lehrter Bahnhof in Berlin
Author(s): Wolfgang R. Habel; Detlef Hofmann; H. Kohlhoff; J. Knapp; K. Brandes; H. Haenichen; Daniele Inaudi
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Remote structural monitoring of the Cathedral of Como using an optical fiber Bragg sensor system
Author(s): Maurice Patrick Whelan; Daniel Albrecht; Antonio Capsoni
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Characterization of bond performance of textiles in cement matrices using fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Matthias I. Molter; Josef Hegger; Wolfgang R. Habel; Detlef Hofmann; Toivo Gutmann; Frank Basedau
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Strain monitoring of a newly developed precast concrete track for high speed railway traffic using embedded fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Stephanie Crail; D. Reichel; U. Schreiner; E. Lindner; Wolfgang R. Habel; Detlef Hofmann; Frank Basedau; K. Brandes; A. Barner; Wolfgang Ecke; Kerstin Schroeder
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Experimental validation of fiber Bragg grating sensors for steel girder strain characterization
Author(s): Juan Echevarria; Cesar Jauregui; Antonio Quintela; Miguel A. Rodriguez; Roberto Garcia; Juan A. Polanco; Isidro Carrascal; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Concrete beam curing process and flexural test with fiber-Bragg-grating based transducers
Author(s): Juan Echevarria; Cesar Jauregui; Antonio Quintela; Miguel A. Rodriguez; Roberto Garcia; German Gutierrez; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Optical fiber transducer for monitoring the cooling profile of iron-steel bars
Author(s): Francisco J. Madruga; Victor Alvarez; Daniel A. Gonzalez; Juan Echevarria; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Measurement of local bending moment using embedded optical fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Mohanraj Prabhugoud; Kara J. Peters
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Development of the monitoring system for slope deformations with fiber Bragg grating arrays
Author(s): Yukimi Yoshida; Yoshio Kashiwai; Eiji Murakami; Shoji Ishida; Nobuyuki Hashiguchi
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Temperature-compensated strain measurement using FBG sensors embedded in composite laminates
Author(s): Nobuhira Tanaka; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda
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Transmission/reflection-type hybrid extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Sang-Hoon Kim; Jung-Ju Lee
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Monitoring of stress concentration at circular holes caused by cyclic loading
Author(s): Kensuke Ichinose; Kenji Gomi; Kiyoshi Taniuchi; Yuuji Funamoto; Katsumi Fukuda
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Crack identification in CFRP laminates using small-diameter FBG sensors
Author(s): Tadahito Mizutani; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda
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Fiber optic sensor for hydrocarbon leak detection and localization based on transmission/reflection analysis
Author(s): Vasilii V. Spirin; Rosa Lopez; Mikhail G. Shlyagin; Serguei V. Miridonov; I. Marquez; Evgueni Anatolevich Kuzin; Georgina Beltran-Perez; Pieter L. Swart
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Distributed excess strain sensor using fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Ileana Marquez Borbon; Mikhail G. Shlyagin; Serguei V. Miridonov; Vasilii V. Spirin; Rosa Lopez
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