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Media Processors 2002

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Volume Number: 4674
Date Published: 20 December 2001

Table of Contents
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Mapping of MPEG-4 decoding on a flexible architecture platform
Author(s): Erik B. van der Tol; Egbert G.T. Jaspers
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DCT-based MPEG-2 programmable coprocessor
Author(s): Mohamed Ahmed Wahby; Khaled Mostafa; Ahmed M. Darwish
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Hardware/software codesign for embedded RISC core
Author(s): Peng Liu
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Light field video camera
Author(s): Bennett S. Wilburn; Michal Smulski; Hsiao-Heng Kelin Lee; Mark A. Horowitz
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Extremely distributed media processing
Author(s): William Butera; V. Michael Bove Jr.; James McBride
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Evaluation of the Pentium 4 for imaging applications
Author(s): Michael S. Grow; Yongmin Kim
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Evaluation of Texas Instruments TMS320C64x mediaprocessor architecture and performance in image and video computing
Author(s): Kerem Karadayi; Yongmin Kim
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Significance map-based adaptive wavelet zerotree codec (SMAWZ)
Author(s): Rade Kutil
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Instruction fetch characteristics of media processing
Author(s): Jason E. Fritts; Wayne H. Wolf
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Approaching real-time processing for matching pursuit image coding
Author(s): Roland Norcen; Peter Schneider; Andreas Uhl
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MoNET: media over net gateway processor for next-generation network
Author(s): Hammam Elabd; Rangarajan Sundar; John Dedes
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Broadband set-top box using MAP-CA processor
Author(s): John E. Bush; Woobin Lee; Chris Basoglu
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Compression for reduction of off-chip video bandwidth
Author(s): Egbert G.T. Jaspers; Peter H. N. de With
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Design of progressive syntax-rich multichannel audio codec
Author(s): Dai Yang; Hongmei Ai; Christos Kyriakakis; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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IEC 61883 and AV/C CTS-based IEEE 1394 digital home appliances control
Author(s): Il-Jung Kim; Soo-Kyung Yang; Seung Hak Rhee; Ik Soo Choy; Jong-An Park
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Efficient RTL-based code generation for specified DSP C-compiler
Author(s): Qiaohai Pan; Peng Liu; Ce Shi; Qingdong Yao; Shaobo Zhu; Li Yan; Ying Zhou; Weibing Huang
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SDRAM bus schedule of HDTV video decoder
Author(s): Hui Wang; Yan Li He; Lu Yu
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Holo-Chidi video concentrator card
Author(s): Thomas A. Nwodoh; Aditya Prabhakar; Stephen A. Benton
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