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Sensors and Camera Systems for Scientific, Industrial, and Digital Photography Applications III
Editor(s): Nitin Sampat; John Canosa; Morley M. Blouke; John Canosa; Nitin Sampat

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Volume Number: 4669
Date Published: 24 April 2002

Table of Contents
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Noise properties of a high-speed semiconductor-gas-discharge infrared imager
Author(s): Valery M. Marchenko; Sascha Matern; Hans-Georg Purwins; Yuri Astrov; Leonid Portsel
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Application of high-speed IR converter in scientific and technological research
Author(s): Sascha Matern; Valery M. Marchenko; Yuri Astrov; Leonid Portsel; Hans-Georg Purwins
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Column parallel vision system: CPV
Author(s): Naohisa Mukozaka; Haruyoshi Toyoda; Seiichiro Mizuno; Ming Hsien Wu; Yoshihiro Nakabo; Masatoshi Ishikawa
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Development of the next-generation document reader: Eye Scanner
Author(s): Toshiyuki Amano; Tsutomu Abe; Tetsuo Iyoda; Osamu Nishikawa; Yukio Sato
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128x96 pixel field emitter-array image sensor with HARP target
Author(s): Toshio Yamagishi; Masakazu Nanba; Katsunori Osada; Yoshiro Takiguchi; Saburo Okazaki; Norifumi Egami; Kenkichi Tanioka; Mitsuru Tanaka; Shigeo Itoh
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Image sensor based on pulse frequency modulation for retinal prosthesis
Author(s): Jun Ohta; Norikatsu Yoshida; Tetsuo Furumiya; Keiichiro Kagawa; Masahiro Nunoshita
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Two-dimensional imaging sensor based on the measurement of differential phase related to surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Ho-Pui Ho; Wai Wah Lam; Shu-Yuen Wu; Michael Yang
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Grabbing video sequences using protein-based artificial retina
Author(s): Lasse T. Lensu; Jussi P. S. Parkkinen; Sinikka Parkkinen; Timo Jaeaeskelaeinen
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Development of a high-resolution surveillance camera with 520 TV lines
Author(s): Seiji Okada; Yukio Mori; Ryuichiro Tominaga; Tetsuo Mise; Eiichiro Azuma; Toshiya Iinuma
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Spectral matching imager using correlation image sensor and variable-wavelength illumination
Author(s): Akira Kimachi; Toshihide Imaizumi; Ai Kato; Shigeru Ando
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Wide-dynamic-range camera using a novel optical beam splitting system
Author(s): Takayuki Yamashita; Masayuki Sugawara; Kohji Mitani; Fumio Okano
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Development of an onboard spectro-polarimeter for Earth observation at NAL
Author(s): Hirokimi Shingu; Kohzo Homma; Hirohisa Kurosaki; Takao Suzuki; Hiromichi Yamamoto
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Low-noise signal detection technique in CMOS image sensors using frame oversampling and nondestructive high-speed readout
Author(s): Shoji Kawahito; Nobuhiro Kawai
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Experimental characterization and simulation of quantum efficiency and optical crosstalk of CMOS photodiode APS
Author(s): Cecile Marques; Pierre Magnan
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On-chip binary image processing with CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Canaan Sungkuk Hong; Richard I. Hornsey
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CMOS megapixel digital camera with CameraLink interface
Author(s): Martin Waeny; Peter Schwider
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Transversal direct readout CMOS APS with variable shutter mode
Author(s): Shigehiro Miyatake; Masaru Miyamoto; Takashi Morimoto; Yasuo Masaki; Hideki Tanabe
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Proton radiation damage in high-resistivity n-type silicon CCDs
Author(s): Christopher Bebek; Donald E. Groom; Steven E. Holland; Armin Karcher; William F. Kolbe; Julie S. Lee; Michael E. Levi; Nicholas P. Palaio; Bojan T. Turko; Michela C. Uslenghi; M. T. Wagner; Guobin Wang
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Radiation events in astronomical CCD images
Author(s): Alan R. Smith; Richard J. McDonald; Donna C. Hurley; Steven E. Holland; Donald E. Groom; William E. Brown; David Kirk Gilmore; Richard J. Stover; Mingzhi Wei
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Deep-UV-sensitive high-frame-rate backside-illuminated CCD camera developments
Author(s): Robin M. Dawson; Robert Andreas; James T. Andrews; Mahalingham Bhaskaran; Robert Farkas; David Furst; Sergey Gershstein; Mark S. Grygon; Peter A. Levine; Grazyna M. Meray; Michael O'Neal; Steve N. Perna; Donald Proefrock; Michael Reale; Ramazan Soydan; Thomas M. Sudol; Pradyumna K. Swain; John R. Tower; Pete Zanzucchi
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Flight CCD detectors for the Advanced Camera for Surveys
Author(s): Marco Sirianni; Mark Clampin; George F. Hartig; Holland C. Ford; Garth D. Illingworth; Pamela C. Sullivan; William Koldewyn; Bill Burmester; Ronald J. Schrein; Vic Albright; Michael P. Lesser; Morley M. Blouke
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Smart sensor for surface inspection: concepts and prototype description
Author(s): Stephane Poujouly; Bernard A. Journet
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Optical sensor for real-time weld defect detection
Author(s): Antonio Ancona; Tommaso Maggipinto; Vincenzo Spagnolo; Michele Ferrara; Pietro Mario Lugara
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Straightness measurement of a moving table using laser beams and quadrant PSDs
Author(s): Koji Tenjimbayashi
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Usage of DSC meta tags in a general automatic image enhancement system
Author(s): Stefan Moser; Michael Schroeder
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New approach to auto-white-balancing and auto-exposure for digital still cameras
Author(s): Nasser Kehtarnavaz; Hyuk-Joon Oh; I. Shidate; Youngjun F. Yoo; R. Taluri
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MPEG streaming over mobile Internet
Author(s): Myungjin Lee; Kyounghee Lee; Truong Cong Thang; Nguyen Nuu Thanh; MyungChul Kim; Yong Man Ro; Jong Hyun Lee
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Optimal scheduling of capture times in a multiple-capture imaging system
Author(s): Ting Chen; Abbas El Gamal
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Very fast algorithm for the JPEG compression factor control
Author(s): Arcangelo Bruna; Massimo Mancuso; Alessandro Capra; Salvatore Curti
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Photocurrent estimation for a self-reset CMOS image sensor
Author(s): Xinqiao Liu; Abbas El Gamal
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Figure-of-merit for CMOS imagers
Author(s): Chi-Shao Lin; Frank Mau-Chung Chang; Bimal P. Mathur; David L. Standley
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High-dynamic-range imaging for digital still camera
Author(s): Sebastiano Battiato; Alfio Castorina; Massimo Mancuso
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Geometrical noise bandwidth: a new tool to characterize the resolving power of analogue and digital imaging devices
Author(s): Norbert Schuster
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Noise reduction techniques for Bayer-matrix images
Author(s): Ossi Kalevo; Henry Rantanen
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Correlation-based color mosaic interpolation using a connectionist approach
Author(s): Gary L. Embler
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High-resolution dyed color-filter-material for use in digital photography applications: cyan, magenta, and yellow color photoresists
Author(s): Gu Xu; Jonathan W. Mayo; Curtis Planje; Lorie Rieken; Gary Brand
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Gain fixed-pattern-noise correction via optical flow
Author(s): SukHwan Lim; Abbas El Gamal
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Lux transfer: CMOS versus CCD
Author(s): James R. Janesick
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Active-area shape influence on the dark current of CMOS imagers
Author(s): Igor Shcherback; Alexander A. Belenky; Orly Yadid-Pecht
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Temperature dependence of dark current in a CCD
Author(s): Ralf Widenhorn; Morley M. Blouke; Alexander Weber; Armin Rest; Erik Bodegom
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Front-illuminated full-frame charge-coupled-device image sensor achieves 85% peak quantum efficiency
Author(s): Antonio S. Ciccarelli; William V. Davis; William Des Jardin; Hung Doan; Eric J. Meisenzahl; Laurel J. Pace; Gloria G. Putnam; Joseph E. Shepherd; Eric G. Stevens; Joseph R. Summa; Keith Wetzel
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