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Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers

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Volume Number: 4651
Date Published: 22 May 2002

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Gain characteristics of GaInP quantum well laser structures
Author(s): Gareth M. Lewis; John D. Thomson; Peter M. Smowton; P. J. Hulyer; Peter Blood
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Gain and carrier-induced refractive index change in group-III nitride quantum wells
Author(s): Weng W. Chow; Hans Christian Schneider
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High-power 400-nm AlGaInN/650-nm AlGaInP semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Shiro Uchida; Satoru Kijima; Shinichi Ansai; Tsuyoshi Tojyo; Katsuyoshi Shibuya; Shinroh Ikeda; Takashi Mizuno; Motonubu Takeya; Syu Goto; Takeharu Asano; Masao Ikeda
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Low-threshold GaInNAsSb quantum well lasers
Author(s): Hitoshi Shimizu; Casimirus Setiagung; Kouji Kumada; Akihiko Kasukawa
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Group III-arsenide-nitride quantum well structures on GaAs for laser diodes emitting at 1.3 um
Author(s): Tomi Jouhti; Chang Si Peng; Emil-Mihai Pavelescu; Wei Li; Victor-Tapio Rangel-Kuoppa; Janne Konttinen; Pekka Laukkanen; Markus Pessa
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High-efficiency multiple-quantum-well GaInNAs/GaNAs ridge-waveguide diode lasers
Author(s): Wonill Ha; Vincent Gambin; Mark A. Wistey; Seth Bank; Seongsin M. Kim; James S. Harris Jr.
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100-mW high-power three-section tunable distributed Bragg reflector laser diodes with a real refractive-index-guided self-aligned structure
Author(s): Toru Takayama; Atsunori Mochida; Kenji Orita; Satoshi Tamura; Toshikazu Ohnishi; Masaaki Yuri; Hirokazu Shimizu
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Tunable picosecond pulses from gain-switched grating-coupled surface-emitting laser
Author(s): Oleg V. Smolski; Jun Jiang; Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri; G. B. Venus; Jeff Bullington; Efim L. Portnoi
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Generation of high-power pulses in the GHz range with three-section DBR lasers
Author(s): Andreas Klehr; Hans Wenzel; Karl-Heinz Hasler; Goetz Erbert
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High-brightness diode lasers with high d/gamma ratio obtained in asymmetric epitaxial strutures
Author(s): Iulian B. Petrescu-Prahova; Thomas Moritz; John Riordan
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High-power and high-brightness laser diode structures at 980 nm using Al-free materials
Author(s): Michel M. Krakowski; Sophie-Charlotte Auzanneau; Michel Calligaro; Olivier Parillaud; Philippe Collot; Michel Lecomte; Benoit Boulant; Thierry Fillardet
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High-power 1300-nm Fabry-Perot and DFB ridge-waveguide lasers
Author(s): Dmitri Z. Garbuzov; Mikhail A. Maiorov; Raymond J. Menna; Anatoly V. Komissarov; V. Khalfin; Igor V. Kudryashov; Alexander V. Lunev; Louis A. DiMarco; John C. Connolly
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Frequency-stable semiconductor laser for DWDM
Author(s): Bradley N. Mells; Laurence Chen; Alexander Semenov; Ming-Wei Pan; Jacob Makhinson; Jeff Morris; Carolyn S. Hoefer
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Wide-wavelength control by selective MOVPE and its applications to DFB-LD array for CWDM
Author(s): Takahiro Nakamura; Kazuo Mori
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High-output-power polarization-insensitive SOA
Author(s): Ken Morito
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Reducing temperature dependence of semiconductor lasers using nonidentical multiple quantum wells
Author(s): Ching-Fuh Lin; Yi-Shin Su; Di-Ku Yu; Bing-Ruey Wu
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Quantum cascade lasers and metal waveguides at lambda > 20 m
Author(s): Raffaele Colombelli; Federico Capasso; Karl Unterrainer; Claire F. Gmachl; A. Michael Sergent; Deborah L. Sivco; Alfred Y. Cho
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Recent developments in the applications of mid-infrared lasers, LEDs, and other solid state sources to gas detection
Author(s): Stanley D. Smith; Harvey R. Hardaway; J. Graham Crowder
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Physics and applications of III-Sb-based type-I QW diode lasers
Author(s): Carmen Mermelstein; M. Rattunde; J. Schmitz; Rudolf Kiefer; Martin Walther; Joachim Wagner
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Optical gain and loss in 3-um diode W lasers
Author(s): Sergei Suchalkin; David Westerfeld; Dimitrii Donetski; Ramon U. Martinelli; Igor Vurgaftman; Jerry R. Meyer; Serge Luryi; Gregory L. Belenky
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Type-II diode lasers based on interface recombination at 3.3um
Author(s): Anthony Krier; Derek A. Wright; Victoria J. Ellarby; Victor V. Sherstnev; Konstantin D. Moiseev; Yury P. Yakovlev
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Novel hybrid III-V/II-VI mid-infrared laser structures with high asymmetric band offset confinements
Author(s): Yury P. Yakovlev; Sergey V. Ivanov; Konstantin D. Moiseev; Andrei M. Monakhov; Victor A. Solov'ev; Irina V. Sedova; Yakov V. Terent'ev; Alexei A. Toropov; Maya P. Mikhailova; Boris Ya. Meltzer; Petr S. Kop'ev
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Photonic crystal defect lasers
Author(s): Kartik Srinivasan; Oskar J. Painter
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Two-dimensional photonic crystal lasers
Author(s): Mitsuru Yokoyama; Masahiro Imada; Susumu Noda
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Active photonic lattices for high-coherent-power generation
Author(s): Dan Botez
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Mid-infrared photonic-crystal distributed-feedback lasers with improved spectral and far-field characteristics
Author(s): Christopher L. Felix; William W. Bewley; Igor Vurgaftman; Robert E. Bartolo; James R. Lindle; Jerry R. Meyer; Hao Lee; Ramon U. Martinelli
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Achieving spatial coherence in broad-area lasers using transverse-gain tailoring techniques
Author(s): John A. Houlihan; James R. O'Callaghan; Vincent Voignier; Guillaume Huyet; John Gerard McInerney; Brian Corbett
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Diode laser modules of highest brilliance for materials processing
Author(s): Alexander Knitsch; Axel Luft; Tobias Gross; Detlev Ristau; Peter Loosen; Reinhart Poprawe
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Influence of intraband relaxation processes on threshold and power-current characteristics of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Georgy G. Zegrya; Natalya A. Gunko; Eugen B. Dogonkin
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Current-induced cooling of quantum systems
Author(s): Eugen B. Dogonkin; Georgy G. Zegrya
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High-performance quantum cascade lasers: physics and applications
Author(s): Jerome Faist; Daniel Hofstetter; Mattias Beck; Thierry Aellen; Michel Rochat; Stephane Blaser
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Quantum cascade lasers with a heterogeneous cascade: two- and multiple-wavelength operation
Author(s): Claire F. Gmachl; Deborah L. Sivco; Axel Straub; Raffaele Colombelli; Trinesha S. Mosely; James N. Baillargeon; Federico Capasso; Alfred Y. Cho
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980-nm quantum dot lasers for high-power applications
Author(s): Frank Klopf; Stefan Deubert; Johann-Peter Reithmaier; Alfred W. B. Forchel; Philippe Collot; Michel M. Krakowski
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High-performance 1.32-um GaInNAs/GaAs single-quantum-well lasers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Wei Li; Chang Si Peng; Tomi Jouhti; Janne Konttinen; Emil-Mihai Pavelescu; Mikko Suominen; Mihail M. Dumitrescu; Markus Pessa
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