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Photodetector Materials and Devices VII

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Volume Number: 4650
Date Published: 21 May 2002

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Optoelectronic components for optical information processing applications
Author(s): Mohammad R. Taghizadeh
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Optic fiber clock distribution in high-speed video memory
Author(s): Peter B. Kosel; Amir Amin Hanjani
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GaAs PIN photodetectors for 10 Gbit/s data communication
Author(s): Lars Dillner; Roger Loow; Elsy Odling; Eva Backlin; Thomas Aggerstam
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Novel germanium photodetectors fabricated with a diffused junction
Author(s): Charles B. Morrison; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Moran Haddad; Joseph C. Boisvert; Dmitri D. Krut; Richard R. King; Nasser H. Karam
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Wafer-bonded InGaAs/silicon avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Alexandre Pauchard; Phil Mages; Yimin Kang; Martin Bitter; Z. Pan; D. Sengupta; Steve Hummel; Yu-Hwa Lo; Paul K. L. Yu
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Frequency response of multilayer avalanche photodiodes: structural effects
Author(s): Jorge M. T. Pereira
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Characterization of Geiger mode avalanche photodiodes for fluorescence decay measurements
Author(s): John Carlton Jackson; Don Phelan; Alan P. Morrison; R. Michael Redfern; Alan Mathewson
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Structural, optical, and electrical characterization of ZnO/Zn0.8Mg0.2O quantum wells for UV applications
Author(s): Agisilaos A. Iliadis; Soumya Krishnamoorthy; Wei Yang; Supab Choopun; R. D. Vispute; T. Venkatesan
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High-speed visible-blind GaN-based ITO-Schottky photodiodes
Author(s): Necmi Biyikli; Ibrahim Kimukin; Tolga Kartaloglu; Orhan Aytur; Ekmel Ozbay
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Future of AlxGa1-xN materials and device technology for ultraviolet photodetectors
Author(s): Patrick Kung; Alireza Yasan; Ryan McClintock; Shaban Darvish; Kan Mi; Manijeh Razeghi
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Advances in wide-bandgap semiconductor-based photocathode devices for low-light-level applications
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; Bruce W. Wessels; Oswald H. W. Siegmund
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Femtosecond studies of fundamental materials issues in III-nitride ultraviolet photodetectors
Author(s): Michael Wraback; Hongen Shen
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Solar-blind AlGaN-based UV photodetectors grown on Si (111) substrates
Author(s): Jose L. Pau; Elias Munoz Merino; Miguel A. Sanchez-Garcia; Enrico Calleja
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Comparison of performance limits of infrared detector materials
Author(s): Antoni Rogalski
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Recent development in infrared FPAs with multispectral 128exp2 IRCMOS
Author(s): J. P. Baylet; Jean-Paul Zanatta; Damien Chance; Olivier Gravrand; Frederic Rothan; Eric De Borniol; Pierre Castelein; Jean-Paul Chamonal; Michel Ravetto; Gerard L. Destefanis
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Amorphous silicon technology improvement at CEA-LETI
Author(s): Eric Mottin; Astrid Bain; Pierre Castelein; Jean-Louis Ouvrier-Buffet; Jean-Luc Tissot; Jean-Jacques Yon; Jean-Pierre Chatard
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QWIP-LED pixelless imaging
Author(s): Hui Chun Liu; Emmanuel Dupont; M. Byloos; Margaret Buchanan; Chunying Song; Zbigniew R. Wasilewski
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Whither P-type GaAs/AlGaAs QWIP?
Author(s): Frank Szmulowicz; Gail J. Brown
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Pulsed-laser-induced quantum well intermixing on the InGaAs/InGaAsP MQW waveguide photodetector
Author(s): Na Li; Teik Kooi Ong; Yuen Chuen Chan; Chang-Qing Xu; X. H. Tang
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Backside illuminated In(Ga)As/InAsSbP DH photodiodes for methane sensing at 3.3 um
Author(s): Boris A. Matveev; Nonna V. Zotova; Sergey A. Karandashev; Maxim A. Remennyi; Nikolai M. Stus'; Georgii N. Talalakin
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Type-II InGaAs/GaAsSb superlattice for photodetection in the near infrared
Author(s): Gail J. Brown; Joseph E. Van Nostrand; S. M. Hedge; W. J. Siskaninetz; Qianghua Xie
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InAs/InGaSb Type-II strained layer superlattice IR detectors
Author(s): Vaidya Nathan; K. Alex Anselm; C.H. Thompson Lin; Jeffrey L. Johnson
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Origin of improved luminescence efficiency after annealing of Ga(In)NAs materials grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Wei Li; Markus Pessa; Tommy Ahlgren; James Dekker
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Noninvasive electrical characterization of semiconductor and interface
Author(s): Samir Kasouit; Bernard Drevillon; Joao Conde; Hyun Jong Kim; Jean Paul Kleider; Regis Vanderhaghen
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Two-photon excited emission probing of thin film CdS formed by various techniques
Author(s): Bruno Ullrich; Raoul Schroeder
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Quantitative secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) of III-V materials
Author(s): Patrick Van Lierde; Chunsheng Tian; Bruce Rothman; Richard A. Hockett
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Assessment of colossal magnetoresistive manganite thin films for infrared detector applications
Author(s): Paul P. Donohue; Rex Watton; Michael A. Todd; Mark G. Blamire; Moon-Ho Jo
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Improved velocity mismatch in traveling-wave coplanar waveguide photodetector with thick ground-metal-line
Author(s): Sang-Jun Yoon; Seong-Hae Ok; Young-Seol Yoon; Soon-Chel Kong; Young-Wan Choi
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Surface leakage current in HgCdTe photodiodes
Author(s): Jakub Wenus; Jaroslaw Rutkowski; Antoni Rogalski
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Type-II InAs/GaSb superlattices and detectors with lambda c >18m
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Yajun Wei; Aaron Gin; Gail J. Brown; Daniel K. Johnstone
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