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Rare-Earth-Doped Materials and Devices VI
Editor(s): Shibin Jiang; Robert W. Keys

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Volume Number: 4645
Date Published: 5 April 2002

Table of Contents
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Tunable multiwavelength fiber lasers and their applications
Author(s): Jin Ung Kang; Raymond M. Sova; Chang-Seok Kim
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Bi2O3-based glass for S-band amplification
Author(s): Seiki Ohara; Naoki Sugimoto; Yuki Kondo; Katsuhiro Ochiai; Yutaka Kuroiwa; Yasuji Fukasawa; Takeshi Hirose; Hideaki Hayashi; Setsuhisa Tanabe
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1.54-um spontaneous and stimulated emission of Er-2O centers in GaAs: experiments and modeling
Author(s): Petr Georgievich Eliseev; S. V. Gastev; A. Koizumi; Y. Fujiwara; Y. Takeda
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Passive and active characterization of hybrid glass substrates for telecommunication applications
Author(s): Joseph S. Hayden; Robert D. Simpson; Samuel D. Conzone; Robert K. Hickernell; Berton Callicoatt; Alexana Roshko; Norman A. Sanford
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Development of optical devices based on rare-earth-doped fluoride fibers
Author(s): Tetsuya Nakai; Masayoshi Horita; Yukio Noda; Toshio Tani; Tomomi Sudo; Shunichi Ohno; Yoshinori Mimura
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Optical properties of Er3+ ions in new fluoroarsenate glasses
Author(s): Steven MacDonald; Jean-Luc Adam; Patrick Houizot; Rolindes Balda; Frederic Smektala; Joaquin R. Fernandez
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Nonlinear upconversion quenching in Er-doped glasses: modeling and experiment
Author(s): Nikolai V. Nikonorov; Alexander K. Przhevuskii; Alexander V. Chukharev
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Spectroscopy and frequency upconversion in KPb2Cl5:Pr3+ crystal
Author(s): Rolindes Balda; Joaquin R. Fernandez; A. Mendioroz; M. Voda; M. Al-Saleh
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Origin of laser-induced internal cooling of Yb3+-doped systems
Author(s): Joaquin R. Fernandez; A. Mendioroz; Rolindes Balda; M. Voda; M. Al-Saleh; A. J. Garcia-Adeva; Jean-Luc Adam; Jacques Lucas
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Signal enhancement in Er3+-doped telluride glass microsphere
Author(s): Xiang Peng; Feng Song; Shibin Jiang; Makoto Gonokami; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Multilayer optical storage disk based on the frequency up-conversion effect from rare-Earth ions
Author(s): Ho-Pui Ho; Wing-Wai Wong; Shu-Yuen Wu; Edwin Y. B. Pun
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Laser action in ion-exchanged waveguides fabricated on Er-Yb-doped phosphate glasses using planar technology
Author(s): Gino Sorbello; Stefano Taccheo; Roberta Ramponi; Vittorio Foglietti; Shibin Jiang; Nasser Peyghambarian; Paolo Laporta
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Design and fabrication of praseodymium-doped optical waveguides
Author(s): Francesco Prudenzano; Antonella D'Orazio; Marco De Sario; Luciano Mescia; Vincenzo Petruzzelli; A. P. Caricato; Gilberto Leggieri; Maurizio Martino
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Modeling of Er3+-doped SiO2-TiO2 planar amplifier
Author(s): Francesco Prudenzano; Antonella D'Orazio; Marco De Sario; Luciano Mescia; Vincenzo Petruzzelli; Alessandro Chiasera; Maurizio Montagna; Cristiana Tosello; Maurizio Ferrari
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Low third-order glass-host nonlinearities in erbium-doped waveguide amplifiers
Author(s): Michel E. Marhic; Dmitri E. Nikonov
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Superhigh temperature sensitivity of long-period gratings in B/Ge codoped fiber
Author(s): Xuewen Shu; Bashir A.L. Gwandu; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Yb3+ ion's cooperative upconversion luminescence of oxyfluoride vitroceramics
Author(s): Xiaobo Chen; Meixian X. Li; Z. F. Song; Guowen Wang; Z. Charles Ying
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Upconversion luminescence of Ho3+-and Yb3+-codoped oxyfluride glass
Author(s): Xiaobo Chen; Z. Charles Ying; N. Sawanobori
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Gain, damage, and recovery at 1.3 um in Pr3+-doped arsenic sulfide fibers
Author(s): Sylvia Jetschke; Anka Schwuchow; Jens Kobelke; Kay Schuster; Johannes Kirchhof
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Erbium spectroscopy in photosensitive tin-doped silica glass
Author(s): Norberto Chiodini; Alberto Paleari; Giorgio Spinolo; Gilberto Brambilla; Alessandro Chiasera; Maurizio Ferrari
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Yb3+-doped double-clad fiber laser with novel shape of inner cladding
Author(s): Ding Ning; Yigang Li; Bangcai Huang; Kecheng Lu; Shuzhong Yuan; Xiaoyi Dong
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Energy transfer process in the rare-earth-ion-doped lead silicate glasses
Author(s): N. O. Dantas; Fanyao Qu
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Upconversion process in the rare-earth-ion-doped lead silicate glasses
Author(s): N. O. Dantas; Fanyao Qu
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Optical properties of Tm3+ ions in GeGaSSb glasses
Author(s): Anne-Marie Jurdyc; Gabriel Rault; Wilfrid Meffre; Jenny Le Person; Stephan Guy; Frederic Smektala; Jean-Luc Adam
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