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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies VI

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Volume Number: 4640
Date Published: 18 June 2002

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Wavelength dependence of the ordinary and extraordinary index change in LiNbO3 proton-exchanged waveguides
Author(s): Roberta Ramponi; Marco Marangoni; Roberto Osellame
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Graded-index profile analysis from M-line, DNS, and EDS measurements of glass waveguides produced by K+/Ag+ ion-exchange combinations
Author(s): Stefano Pelli; Giancarlo C. Righini; Marcelo Barbalho Pereira; Flavio Horowitz
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Space qualification of photonic devices
Author(s): Quiesup Kim; Christopher J. Wrigley; Thomas J. Cunningham; Bedabrata Pain
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Modeling of optical guided-wave filters
Author(s): Ludovic Escoubas; Emmanuel Drouard; Francois Flory
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Hybrid glass structures for telecommunication applications
Author(s): Robert D. Simpson; Joseph S. Hayden; Samuel D. Conzone; Berton Callicoatt; Alexana Roshko; Norman A. Sanford
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Sol-gel technologies for multimode waveguide devices
Author(s): Pentti Karioja; Maja Kusevic; Marianne Hiltunen; Janne Paaso; Jukka-Tapani Maekinen; Jussi A. Hiltunen; Kari Kautio; Harri K. Kopola
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Micron-size bending radii in silica-based waveguides
Author(s): Milos Popovic; Kazumi Wada; Shoji Akiyama; Hermann A. Haus; Jurgen Michel
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Optical component coupling using self-written waveguides
Author(s): Naohiro Hirose; Tetsuzo Yoshimura; Osamu Ibaragi
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Diffused and buried waveguides made of crystalline silver halide and their potential as integrated optical elements for the middle infrared
Author(s): Ben-Zion Dekel; Shaul Shalem; Abraham Katzir
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Performance improvements in arrayed waveguide-grating modules
Author(s): Melissa Dixon; Barthelemy Fondeur; Craig Liddle; John A. Marsh; Anca-Liliana Sala
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Design of an arrayed waveguide grating with flat spectral response
Author(s): Thomas Kamalakis; Thomas Sphicopoulos; Dimitrios Syvridis
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Modeling and realization of a new broadband wavelength multiplexer demultiplexer
Author(s): Elise Ghibaudo; Pierre Benech; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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2Nx2N generalized Mach-Zehnder matrix switches for photonic switching applications
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill
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Integrated Bragg gratings in silicon-on-insulator waveguides
Author(s): Timo T. Aalto; Sanna Yliniemi; Paeivi Heimala; Panu Pekko; Janne Simonen; Markku Kuittinen
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Poled glass compared to ferroelectrics for electro-optics and nonlinear frequency conversion in optical waveguides
Author(s): Valerio Pruneri; Michele Belmonte
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Waveguide fabrication in fused silica using tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): James W. Chan; Thomas R. Huser; Subhash H. Risbud; Denise M. Krol
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Photorefractivity and luminescence properties of Sn-doped SiO2 glasses
Author(s): Alberto Paleari; Gilberto Brambilla; Norberto Chiodini; Silvia Ghidini; Daniela Di Martino
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Temperature sensitivity of UV-induced Bragg gratings in silica-based waveguides on crystallized glass substrate
Author(s): Kenji Kintaka; Junji Nishii
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F2-laser photosensitivity applications in germanosilicate fiber and planar waveguides
Author(s): Kevin P. Chen; Peter R. Herman; Dragan Coric; Jianzhao Li; Xiaoli Midori Wei; Roderick S. Taylor; Cyril Hnatovsky
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Second order optical nonlinearities in thermally poled phosphate glasses
Author(s): Prissana Thamboon; Denise M. Krol
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Serial key-based all-optical cryptographic device for security applications
Author(s): Fabio Garzia; Mario Bertolotti
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Nonlinear pulse propagation phenomena in 1D photonic crystals
Author(s): Marco Centini; Giuseppe D'Aguanno; Michael Scalora; Concita Sibilia; Mark J. Bloemer; Charles M. Bowden; Mario Bertolotti
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Refractive index of nanostructured optical materials
Author(s): Francois Flory; Ludovic Escoubas; Emmanuel Drouard; Basile Lazarides
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Add-drop photonic crystals filters
Author(s): Mihail M. Sigalas; Curt A. Flory; Carol J. Wilson
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Ion-exchanged glass DFB lasers for DWDM
Author(s): Sylvain Blaize; Lionel Bastard; Cedric Cassagnetes; Guy Vitrant; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin
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Integrated InGaAs-InP quantum wire lasers and Stark effect modulators for 1.55-micro applications
Author(s): Wenli Huang; Faquir C. Jain
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Extremely short external cavity lasers: the use of wavelength tuning effects in near field sensing
Author(s): Janne K. Aikio; Kari J. Kataja; Teemu Alajoki; Pentti Karioja; Dennis G. Howe
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Design of a three-telescope interferometer using a multimode interference waveguide
Author(s): Frederic Rooms; Alain Morand; Isabelle Schanen-Duport; Jean-Philippe Berger; Pierre Benech
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Programmable grating based on interface charge control
Author(s): Sina Khorasani; Alireza Nojeh; Bizhan Rashidian
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Full-vectorial beam propagation method for waveguide modeling
Author(s): Si Lu; Yingbai Yan; Daoyi Wang; Guofan Jin
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Propagation phenomena in a multilayer waveguide
Author(s): Wing-Ying Kwong
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Waveguide polarizers for integrated optics using artificial birefringent media: design and theoretical characteristics
Author(s): Kazutaka Baba; Tamon Iden; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Proposal of arrayed waveguides optical deflector and wavelength divide optical switch
Author(s): Yasumasa Kawakita; Tatsuya Kihara; Kazunori Miki; Kazuhiko Shimomura
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Model of pulse propagation along piecewise regular long-haul fiber optic transmission line with unordered structure
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin
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Dispersion of optical pulses in multimode fibers
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burdin; Anton V. Bourdine
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Novel spectral device based on volume holography for integrated and miniature spectrometers
Author(s): Hua Long; Qingsheng He; Minxian Wu; Guofan Jin
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Coupled-mode theory of waveguides with conducting interfaces
Author(s): Sina Khorasani; Bizhan Rashidian
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Code division multiple access with MMI mineral organic circuits
Author(s): Yves Moreau; Raphael Kribich; Paul Coudray; Pascal Etienne; J. Galy
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1.5-um DFB integrated with vertical tapered spotsize converter fabricated by selective MOVPE
Author(s): Weibin Qiu; Jie Dong; Jingyuan Zhang; Fan Zhou; Hongliang Zhu; Wei Wang
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Development of polymeric materials for waveguide components
Author(s): Maja Kusevic; Marianne Hiltunen
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InP-based high index waveguides on GaInAsP/InP for applications in active/passive ring resonators
Author(s): Michael Hamacher; Helmut Heidrich; Dominik Gerhard Rabus; Ute Troppenz
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