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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XIV
Editor(s): G. Stephen Mecherle

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Volume Number: 4635
Date Published: 26 April 2002

Table of Contents
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Preliminary results of the in-orbit test of ARTEMIS with the Optical Ground Station
Author(s): Marcos Reyes Garcia-Talavera; Zoran Sodnik; Pablo Lopez; Angel Alonso; Teodora Viera; Gotthard Oppenhauser
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Preliminary results of a 61km ground-to-ground optical IM/DD data transmission experiment
Author(s): Florian David; Dirk Giggenbach; Rainer Landrock; Klaus Pribil; Edgar W. Fischer; Robert G. Buschner; Detlev Blaschke
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Environmental qualification and field test results for the SONAbeam 155 and 622
Author(s): Robert T. Carlson; Slawomir Paciorek
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Design and performance of the ESA Optical Ground Station
Author(s): Marcos Reyes Garcia-Talavera; Jose Antonio Rodriguez; Teodora Viera; Heidi Moreno-Arce; Jose Luis Rasilla; Fernando Gago; Luis Fernando Rodriguez; Panchita Gomez; Ezequiel Ballesteros Ramirez
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Free-space system for metropolitan optical network trasnparent link
Author(s): Davide Piccinin; Pierpaolo Boffi; Alessandro Cabas; Mario Martinelli
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Approaches to efficient coupling of laser beams to obscured telescopes
Author(s): Hamid Hemmati; Norman A. Page
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Far-IR semiconductor laser for future THz-carrier free-space communications
Author(s): Robert E. Peale; Andrei V. Muravjov; Eric W. Nelson; Chris J. Fredricksen; Sergei G. Pavlov; Valery N. Shastin
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Pointing accuracy improvement using model-based noise reduction method
Author(s): Shinhak Lee
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Ground detectors for optical communications from deep space
Author(s): Abhijit Biswas; Beckett Madden-Woods; Meera Srinivasan; Victor Vilnrotter; William H. Farr
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Quantum detection and channel capacity for communications applications
Author(s): Victor Vilnrotter; Chi-Wung Lau
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Present and future free-space quantum key distribution
Author(s): Jane E. Nordholt; Richard J. Hughes; George L. Morgan; C. Glen Peterson; Christopher C. Wipf
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Constrained coding for the deep-space optical channel
Author(s): Bruce Moision; Jon Hamkins
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Statistics of link blockage due to cloud cover for free-space optical communications using NCDC surface weather observation data
Author(s): Sabino Piazzolla; Stephen Slobin
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Performance analysis of free-space on-off-keying optical communication systems impaired by turbulence
Author(s): Kamran Kiasaleh
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Measurements at a 61-km near-ground optical transmission channel
Author(s): Dirk Giggenbach; Florian David; Rainer Landrock; Klaus Pribil; Edgar W. Fischer; Robert G. Buschner; Detlev Blaschke
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Optical terminals for microsatellite swarms
Author(s): Walter R. Leeb; Andras Kalmar; Klaus H. Kudielka; Peter J. Winzer
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Multigigabit data-rate optical communication depicting LEO-to-GEO and GEO-to-ground links
Author(s): Hamid Hemmati; Malcolm W. Wright; Babak Sanii; Norman A. Page; Gerry G. Ortiz; Abhijit Biswas; Keith E. Wilson
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Analog optical intersatellite links
Author(s): Klaus Pribil; Klaus H. Kudielka
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Pulse position modulated (PPM) ground receiver design for optical communications from deep space
Author(s): Abhijit Biswas; Victor Vilnrotter; William H. Farr; D. Fort; E. Sigman
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Installation environments for free-space optical terrestrial communications links: terminal base motion
Author(s): David Rollins; Jeff Baars; Steven Cashion; James J. Herbert; Michael Narigon; Mark L. Plett; Thomas Wiltsey
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Use of cross-validation and Monte Carlo simulation for estimating the parameters of beaconless free-space optical pointing and tracking
Author(s): Barbara E. Marino; Haiping Tsou; Tsun-Yee Yan
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Optimum intersatellite link design in the presence of random pointing jitter for free-space laser communication systems
Author(s): Morio Toyoshima; Takashi Jono; Keizo Nakagawa; Akio Yamamoto
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Effects of low clouds on terrestrial free-space optics availability
Author(s): Jeff Baars; Michael Witiw; Ammar Al-Habash; Kenneth W. Fischer
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Mitigation of aberration in a beam-shaping telescope and optical inhomogeinity in a free-space optical path using an extended light source coupled to the telescope
Author(s): Vladimir G. Sidorovich; V. V. Ragulsky; Michael V. Vasil'ev; Aleksey A. Leshchev; Michael A. Sadovnikov
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Simulating atmospheric free-space optical propagation: rainfall attenuation
Author(s): Maha Achour
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Evaluation of free-space optical communication system in metropolitan Tokyo area
Author(s): Shoji Kaneko; Kazutaka Oba; Tatsuaki Hamai
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Image transmission in mid-IR using a solid state laser pumped optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Pat Kratovil; James R. Magee
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Wavelength and altitude dependence of laser beam propagation in dense fog
Author(s): Olga V. Kalashnikova; Heinz A. Willebrand; Laurel M. Mayhew
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In-orbit test result of an operational optical intersatellite link between ARTEMIS and SPOT4, SILEX
Author(s): Toni Tolker-Nielsen; Gotthard Oppenhauser
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