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Optical Diagnostics and Sensing of Biological Fluids and Glucose and Cholesterol Monitoring II

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Volume Number: 4624
Date Published: 23 May 2002

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Clinical results from a noninvasive blood glucose monitor
Author(s): Thomas B. Blank; Timothy L. Ruchti; Alex D. Lorenz; Stephen L. Monfre; M. R. Makarewicz; Mutua Mattu; Kevin Hazen
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Kromoscopic measurement of glucose in the first overtone region of the near-infrared spectrum
Author(s): Airat K. Amerov; Yu Sun; Gary W. Small; Mark A. Arnold
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Noninvasive blood glucose monitoring by novel optical-fiber probe
Author(s): Katsuhiko Maruo; Jakusei Chin; Mamoru Tamura
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Monte Carlo simulation of NIR spectrum changes induced by variations of glucose concentration
Author(s): Masatoshi Tarumi; Mitsunori Shimada; Tomoya Murakami; Mamoru Tamura; Miho Shimada; Yukio Yamada
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Optimization of low-coherence interferometry for quantitative analysis of tissue optical properties
Author(s): Alexander I. Kholodnykh; Irina Y. Petrova; Kirill V. Larin; Massoud Motamedi; Rinat O. Esenaliev
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Nanostructured fluorescent particles for glucose sensing
Author(s): Patrick S. Grant; Ming Fang; Yuri Lvov; Michael J. McShane
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Investigation of pH and temperature effects on FRET systems for glucose sensing
Author(s): Michael Adam Meledeo; Bennett L. Ibey; D. Patrick O'Neal; Michael V. Pishko; Gerard L. Cote
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Nanoassembled fluorescent microshells as biochemical sensors
Author(s): Ted Duchesne; J. Quincy Brown; Kyle Guice; Suman R. Nayak; Yuri Lvov; Michael J. McShane
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Dual-detector polarimetry for compensation of motion artifact in a glucose sensing system
Author(s): Justin S. Baba; Gerard L. Cote
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Detection of low-molecular-weight analytes by surface plasmon resonance and receptor conformational changes
Author(s): Helen V. Hsieh; Jason E. Gestwicki; J. Bruce Pitner
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Feasibility of an online fluorescence-based optical sensor for oxygen monitoring in cell-culture media
Author(s): D. Patrick O'Neal; Michael Adam Meledeo; Michael V. Pishko; Gerard L. Cote
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Online measurement of urea concentration in spent dialysate during hemodialysis
Author(s): Jonathon T. Olesberg; Ben Armitage; Mark A. Arnold; Michael Flanigan
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Influence of tissue movements on laser Doppler perfusion imaging
Author(s): Daniel M.G. Karlsson; Marcus Larsson; Tomas Stroemberg; Karin Wardell
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New potentialities for noninvasive optical investigation of microcirculation in extended space missions
Author(s): Youri I. Gurfinkel; Valery M. Mikhailov
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Development imaging and experimental model for studying pathogenesis and treatment efficacy of postmastectomy lymphedema
Author(s): Ekateryna I. Galanzha; Valery V. Tuchin; Anastasiya V. Solov'eva; Tatyana V. Stepanova; Gregory E. Brill; Vladimir P. Zharov
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In-vivo lymph dynamic monitoring using speckle-correlation technique and light microscopy
Author(s): Ekateryna I. Galanzha; Ivan V. Fedosov; Anastasiya V. Solov'eva; Tatyana V. Stepanova; Valery V. Tuchin; Gregory E. Brill
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Computer simulation of the decay of nonlinear subglobular oscillations in aqueous solutions of protein molecules
Author(s): Yury M. Romanovsky; Andrey Yuri Chikishev; Stanislav V. Kroo; Alexei V. Netrebko
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Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of aqueous solutions using optical substraction
Author(s): Peter Snoer Jensen; Jimmy Bak; Peter E. Andersen; Stefan Andersson-Engels
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Polarimetric glucose sensing using the Brewster-reflection off the eye lens: theoretical analysis
Author(s): Stefan Boeckle; Luigi Rovati; Rafat R. Ansari
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Development of a new detection technique for fluorescence lifetime-based chemical/biological sensor arrays monitoring: dual closed-loop optoelectronic auto-oscillatory detection circuit
Author(s): Emmanuil M. Rabinovich; Tengiz Svimonishvili; Michael J. O'Brien II; Steven R. J. Brueck; Tione Buranda; Larry A. Sklar; Gabriel P. Lopez
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Effect of model parameters on Monte-Carlo simulated light scattering indicatrice of RBC suspension layer at physiological hematocrit
Author(s): Alexander V. Priezzhev; Mikhail Yu. Kirillin; Vladimir V. Lopatin
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