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Biomedical Vibrational Spectroscopy II
Editor(s): Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; Henry H. Mantsch; Gerwin J. Puppels

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Volume Number: 4614
Date Published: 27 March 2002

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Comparing FTIR and RAPD techniques in the typing of c. albicans in a clinical set-up
Author(s): Christophe L. Sandt; Ganesh D. Sockalingum; Dominique Toubas; Dominique Aubert; Herve Lepan; Claire Lepouse; Maryse Jaussaud; Alain Leon; Jean-Michel Pinon; Michel Manfait
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In-situ spectroscopic investigation of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies: application of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy to a scrapie-hamster model
Author(s): Janina Kneipp; Peter Lasch; Michael Beekes; Dieter Naumann
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Early mineralization of normal and pathologic calvaria as revealed by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Michael D. Morris; Shona Stewart; Catherine Perso Tarnowski; Dana Shea; Renny Franceschi; Dian Wang; Michael A. Ignelzi Jr.; Wei Wang; Evan T. Keller; Din-Lii Lin; Steven A. Goldstein; Juan M. Taboas
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Laser biomodulation in bone implants: a Raman spectral study
Author(s): Cibelle Lopes; Sokki Sathaiah; Antonio Luiz Barbosa Pinheiro; Janaina Duarte; Airton Abrahao Martin; Vicente P. P. Cunha; Marcos T. T. Pacheco
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Effects of applied load on bone tissue as observed by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Michael D. Morris; Angela Carden; Rupak M. Rajachar; David H. Kohn
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Diagnosing the predisposition for diabetes mellitus by means of mid-IR spectroscopy
Author(s): Johanna Frueh; Stephan Jacob; Brion Dolenko; Hans-Ullrich Haering; Reinhold Mischler; Ortrud Quarder; Walter Renn; Raymond L. Somorjai; Arnulf Staib; Gerhard H. Werner; Wolfgang H. Petrich
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New applications of fiber-optic IR spectroscopy in urologic practice
Author(s): Shmuel E. Cytron; Sergey Kravchick M.D.; Ben-Ami Sela; Evgeny Shulzinger; Irena Vasserman; Yosef Raichlin; Abraham Katzir
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Applications of FT-IR spectrometry to plasma contents analysis and monitoring
Author(s): Gerard Yves Rene Deleris; Cyril Petibois
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Skin hydration by spectroscopic imaging using multiple near-infrared bands
Author(s): E. Michael Attas; Michael G. Sowa; Trevor B. Posthumus; Bernhard J. Schattka; Henry H. Mantsch; Shuliang L. Zhang
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Infrared fiber optic evanescent wave spectroscopy for the study of diffusion in the human skin
Author(s): Yosef Raichlin; I. Goldberg; Sarah Brenner; Evgeny Shulzinger; Abraham Katzir
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Chemical factor analysis of skin cancer FTIR-FEW spectroscopic data
Author(s): Reinhard F. Bruch; Sydney Sukuta
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Vibrational spectroscopy of viable paired tumorigenic and nontumorigenic cells
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant; Yujiro R. Yamada; Susan Carpenter; Anabel Guerra; Jon R. Schoonover; James P. Freyer
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Near-infrared Raman spectroscopy for detection and classification of gastrointestinal disease
Author(s): Nicholas Stone; Catherine A. Kendall; Nitya Chandratreya; Neil Shepherd; Hugh Barr M.D.
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Detection and grading of human gliomas by FTIR spectroscopy and a genetic classification algorithm
Author(s): Gerald Steiner; R. A. Shaw; Lin-P'ing Choo-Smith; Wolfram Steller; Laryssa Shapoval; Gabriele Schackert; Stephan Sobottka; Reiner Salzer; Henry H. Mantsch
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Application of Fourier-transform infrared ellipsometry to quantify bioloical molecules in animal tissues
Author(s): Enric Garcia-Caurel; Bernard Drevillon; Laurent Schwartz
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Optimum procedure for construction of spectral classification algorithms for medical diagnosis
Author(s): Catherine A. Kendall; Hugh Barr M.D.; Neil Shepherd; Nicholas Stone
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Visible hyperspectral imaging: monitoring the systemic effects of shock and resuscitation
Author(s): Leopold C. Cancio; Derek Brand; Jeffery Kerby; Jenny Freeman; Michael Hopmeier; James R. Mansfield
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In vivo detection of cervical dysplasia with near-infrared Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Amy Robichaux; Chad A. Lieber; Heidi Shappell M.D.; Beth Huff; Howard Jones III; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
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Raman imaging and spectroscopy of single functional erythrocytes: a feasibility study
Author(s): Kerstin Ramser; Erik J. Bjerneld; Camilla Fant; Mikael Kall
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