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Advanced Photonic Sensors and Applications II

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Volume Number: 4596
Date Published: 30 October 2001

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Thin films residual stress measurement by optical profilometry
Author(s): Manuel Filipe M. Costa
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Characterization of internal stress of silicon oxinitride thin films fabricated by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition: applications in integrated optics
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki; Andrei Sabac; Michal Jozwik; Seung Seoup Lee
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Switching property of sol-gel vanadium oxide thin films
Author(s): Ningyi Yuan; Jinhua Li; Chenglu Lin
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Properties of PT/P(VDF-TrFE) pyroelectric sensor based on porous SiO2 substrate
Author(s): Jinhua Li; Ningyi Yuan; Helen L.W. Chan; Chung-Loong Choy
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Depth-scanning fringe projection: a new technique for absolute phase evaluation
Author(s): Robert Windecker; Klaus Koerner; Hans J. Tiziani
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Active industrial surface inspection with the inverse projected-fringe technique
Author(s): Michael K. Kalms; Wolfgang Osten; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Surface profile measurement using a CD optical pickup head
Author(s): Zhaowei Zhong; W. W. Tham
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New principle for optical tomography and profilometry based on spatial coherence synthesis with a spatially modulated extended light source
Author(s): Wei Wang; Hirokazu Kozaki; Joseph Rosen; Mitsuo Takeda
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Surface inspection using radon transform of projected grating patterns
Author(s): Krishnakumar Venkateswaran; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Development of highly stable BOTDR strain sensor employing microwave heterodyne detection and tunable electric oscillator
Author(s): Hiroshige Ohno; Hiroshi Naruse; Norifumi Yasue; Yoshiaki Miyajima; Haruyoshi Uchiyama; Yoshiyuki Sakairi; Zhi Xien Li
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Fiber Optic Polarimetric Sensor (FOPS) for dynamic applications
Author(s): M. Shelly John; Vadakke Matham Murukeshan; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Combined fluorescence decay time and fiber Bragg grating temperature and strain sensing
Author(s): Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Scott A. Wade; David Forsyth; Tong Sun; Xiaomei Chen
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Temperature-strain discrimination using a wavelength-division-multiplexed chirped FBG/EFPI sensor system
Author(s): Yun-Jiang Rao; Xiang Kai Zeng; Yi-Ping Wang; Tao Zhu; Zeng-Lin Ran; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Long-period fiber grating curvature sensor based on temperature-insensitive wavelength separation measurements
Author(s): Yunqi Liu; Mei Nar Ng; Kin Seng Chiang; Jianping Yao
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Application of an improved EFPI/FBG sensor system to simultaneous strain/temperature measurement of advanced 3D braided composite materials
Author(s): Yun-Jiang Rao; Shengfang Yuan; Xiang Kai Zeng; Dakai Lian; Yi-Ping Wang; Shanglian Huang; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Fiber Bragg grating sensor for static and dynamic measurands
Author(s): Hoi Lut Ho; Wei Jin; Chi Chiu Chan; Y. Zhou; X. W. Wang
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Holographic compensation of atmospheric distortions in laser communication systems
Author(s): Irina V. Semenova; Sergei A. Dimakov; Pavel M. Karavaev
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Lidar imaging in highly turbid water
Author(s): Duo-Min He; Gerald G. L. Seet
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Tele-shearography for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of aircraft/composite panels: an analysis
Author(s): Chee Keong Ng; Vadakke Matham Murukeshan; Seng Lin Ong; Brian Stephen Wong; Anand Krishna Asundi
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New sensor for remote interferometry
Author(s): Wolfgang Osten; Torsten Baumbach; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Intracavity absorption measurements based on a wavelength-tunable fiber laser
Author(s): Min Zhang; Dongning Wang; Wei Jin; M. Suleyman Demokan
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Multichannel 3D profilometry
Author(s): Chongxiang Li; Anand Krishna Asundi; Zhong Ping Fang
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Liquid crystal display as spatial light modulator for diffractive optical elements and the reconstruction of digital holograms
Author(s): Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Sven Krueger; Hartmut Gruber; Nazif Demoli; Matthias Duerr; Stephan Teiwes
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Efficiency optimization approach for two-wavelength diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Wei-Feng Hsu; Ching-Tsung Ni
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General phase quantization approach for diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Wei-Feng Hsu; I-Lin Chu
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Development of fiber optic spectroscopy for in-vitro and in-planta detection of fluorescent proteins
Author(s): Oi Wah Liew; Jun-Wei Chen; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Silica-optical-fiber-based rare-earth-doped sensors
Author(s): Tong Sun; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Scott A. Wade; David Forsyth
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Method of vibration signal processing for interferometric optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Zhengyuan Cao; Ping Feng; Ruhua Feng; Jianxin Gao; Hong Zhao
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Characterization of electronic packaging materials and components by image correlation methods
Author(s): Dietmar Vogel; Juergen Auersperg; Bernd Michel
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Simultaneous microstress and strain measurement with an optical microscope
Author(s): Bing Zhao; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Micro-moire for thermal deformation investigation in electronics packaging
Author(s): Zhaowei Zhong; S. C. Lim; Anand Krishna Asundi; Tai Chong Chai
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High-resolution micro-moire methods: principles and applications
Author(s): Anand Krishna Asundi; Huimin Xie; Chai Gin Boay
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Simple extrashort external-cavity laser self-mixing interferometer for acceleration sensing
Author(s): Franck Alexis Chollet; Gopalkrishna M. Hegde; Anand Krishna Asundi; Ai Qun Liu
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Direct measurement of phase of foreward-scattered light using polarization heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): G. Ganesh Chandan; Ram M. Vasu; S. Asokan
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Dynamic phase-shift photoelasticity
Author(s): Tong Liu; Chai Gin Boay; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Use of Matlab filtering techniques in digital speckle pattern interferometry
Author(s): Vadakke Matham Murukeshan; Lai Yin Fei; V. Krishnakumar; Seng Lin Ong; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Fourier transform method for phase retrieving from fringe patterns without carrier: beware its theoretical error
Author(s): Kemao Qian; Jun Wang
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Comparison of some phase-shifting algorithms with a phase step of pi/2
Author(s): Kemao Qian
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Application of pulse frequency modulation photosensors to subretinal artificial retina implantation
Author(s): Keiichiro Kagawa; Norikatsu Yoshida; Tetsuo Furumiya; Jun Ohta; Masahiro Nunoshita
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Multipoint optical evanescent wave U-bend sensor system based on artificial neural network pattern recognition
Author(s): William B. Lyons; Colin Flanagan; Steffen Lochman; Hartmut Ewald; Elfed Lewis
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Polarization design of diffractive optical element for true beam smoothing with good performance
Author(s): Qiaofeng Tan; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin; Mingxian Wu; Duanyi Xu
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Numerical modeling and design of compact Ti:LiNbO3 Mach-Zehnder interferometric modulator using etched waveguides
Author(s): Najm Anwar; B. M. Azizur Rahman; Kenneth T. V. Grattan
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Bragg-grating-based multisensor system for structural integrity monitoring of a large civil engineering structure: a road bridge in Norway
Author(s): Yonas M. Gebremichael; W. Li; B. T. Meggitt; William J. O. Boyle; B. McKinley; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; L. Boswell; C. A. D'Mello; K. A. Aarnes; L. Kvenild
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Amplitude multiplexing of Mach-Zehnder interferometer array and its application to locating acoustic emission
Author(s): Jianmin Gong; J. M. K. MacAlpine; Wei Jin; Yanbiao Liao
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Fourier transform method for phase retrieving from fringe patterns with carrier: window selection
Author(s): Kemao Qian; Xiaoping Wu; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Wavefront sensing of a rear-surface reflection through a transparent media suppressing multiple-beam interference effect
Author(s): Kenichi Hibino; Toshiyuki Takatsuji; Sonko Osawa; Tomizo Kurosawa
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