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Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics II
Editor(s): Paul D. Franzon; Ajay P. Malshe; Francis E.H. Tay

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Volume Number: 4593
Date Published: 19 November 2001

Table of Contents
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MOEM-based optical switch collimating lens
Author(s): Mark Roderick Mackenzie; Chee Yee Kwok
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Packaging of the rf MEMS switch
Author(s): Heung-Woo Park; Yun-Kwon Park; Duck-Jung Lee; Byeong-Kwon Ju
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Coupling and quality factors in RFID
Author(s): Peter H. Cole
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New architecture of fast parallel multiplier using fast parallel counter with FPA (first partial product addition)
Author(s): Mike Myung-Ok Lee; Byung Lok Cho
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Novel testing scheme for selection of capacitive fingerprint sensor LSIs
Author(s): Toshishige Shimamura; Hiroki Morimura; Hideyuki Unno; Koji Fujii; Satoshi Shigematsu; Katsuyuki Machida; Hakaru Kyuragi
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MEMS cantilever beam electrostatic pull-in model
Author(s): Gary O'Brien; David J. Monk; Liwei Lin
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Electrostatic interactions in micro-electro-mechanical resonant oscillators
Author(s): Rajashree Baskaran; Kimberly L. Turner
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Design of low-cost resonant mode sensors
Author(s): Robert Kazinczi; P. Turmezei; Jeff R. Mollinger; Andre Bossche
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Design considerations of the biaxial frequency-shifted microaccelerometer
Author(s): Deng-Huei Hwang; Yi-Chung Lo; Kanping Chin
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Design and simulation of a novel micromachined vibratory gyroscope with enhanced-sensitivity performance
Author(s): Rongming Lin; Zhe Wang; Kow Wah Leow; Mong Kim Lim; Uppili Sridhar; Yu Bo Miao; Hanhua Feng
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MEMS-based micromirror device for optical add/drop module
Author(s): J.C. Chiou; Yu-Chen Lin; S. D. Wu; Shiuan-Huei Lin
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Design of a fully compliant bistable micromechanism for switching devices
Author(s): Hsin-An Chang; Jinni Tsay; Cheng-Kuo Sung
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Design of an acoustic wave actuator using Lorentz force
Author(s): Ping-Ting Liu; Yi-Ping Ho; Shih-Hsorng Shen; Shih-Tsang Tang; Shuenn-Tsong Young; Weileun Fang
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Monolithic fabrication of Rotman lenses
Author(s): Leonard T. Hall; Hedley J. Hansen; Derek Abbott
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Shape analysis of cylindrical micromirrors for angular focusing
Author(s): Max Ti-Kuang Hou; Pei-Yuan Hong; Rongshun Chen
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Novel design and fabrication of Si optical bench
Author(s): Hyung Choi; Jin Hwan Kim; Sang-Chae Kim; Sungchul Kim; Yong Sung Kim; Byeong Cheon Koh
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LIGA: a fabrication technology for industry?
Author(s): Ronald Albert Lawes; Graham G. Arthur; Andreas Schneider
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Modeling and fabrication of a planar thin film airflow sensor
Author(s): Richard J. Adamec; Philip G. Tanner; David V. Thiel
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Thermal modeling of a MEMS for determination of fluid and flow characteristics
Author(s): Nicolae Damean; Paul P. L. Regtien
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Simulation and optimization of a micromachined gyroscope using high-aspect-ratio micromachining fabrication process
Author(s): Aiwu Y. Ruan; Man Siu Tse; Gang Yih Chong
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Design of rotating MEMS tunable capacitors for use at rf and microwave frequencies
Author(s): John M. Wilson; Rizwan Bashirullah; David P. Nackashi; David A. Winick; Bruce E. Duewer; Paul D. Franzon
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Massively parallel per-pixel-based zerotree processing architecture for real-time video compression
Author(s): Geoffrey Alagoda; Alexander Mark Rassau; Kamran Eshraghian
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Improved heuristics for optimal parallel multiplier synthesis
Author(s): Troy Townsend; Michael Liebelt
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60Co gamma-irradiation-induced defects in MOCVD n-GaN
Author(s): Gilberto A. Umana-Membreno; John M. Dell; Giacinta Parish; Lorenzo Faraone; Umesh K. Mishra
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Fully digital pixel readout architecture with a current-mode A/D converter
Author(s): Kamran Eshraghian; Stefan W. Lachowicz
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Force-deflection behavior of piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Ashok K. Singh; Pawan Nagpal
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Modeling of electromechanical forces in electrostatic microrelay with elastically deformed anchor
Author(s): Georgy I. Efremov; Nikolay Ivanovich Mukhurov; Alexander Khodin
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Investigation of stress in aluminum thin film for MEMS applications
Author(s): Jong-Woo Shin; Seok-Whan Chung; Dong-Sik Shim; Hyungjae Shin; Byeong Cheon Koh
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Novel wafer-through technique for interconnects
Author(s): Vladimir Gueorguiev Kutchoukov; Jeff R. Mollinger; Andre Bossche
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Analytical study of microchannel and passive microvalve: application to micropump simulator
Author(s): Samir Bendib; Olivier Francais
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Electrical analogies applied on a volumetric micropump: highlights of its fluidic resonant frequency
Author(s): Olivier Francais; Samir Bendib
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Design of the rf-MEMS voltage-tunable capacitor for wide tunable range
Author(s): Yongduk Kim; Sekwang Park
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Damping caused by the gas flow in the holes of perforated structures
Author(s): Heng Yang; Minhang Bao; Lukasz Pakula; Patrick J. French
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Mobility spectrum techniques for characterizing multilayer semiconductor structures
Author(s): Charles A. Musca; Thuyen Nguyen; Jarek Antoszewski; David A. Redfern; John M. Dell; Lorenzo Faraone
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