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Optical Networking

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Volume Number: 4585
Date Published: 17 October 2001

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Optical-label switching, MPLS, MPLambdaS, and GMPLS
Author(s): S. J. Ben Yoo
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Buffering optical IP packets
Author(s): Soon Hwa Chin; Ian Wright; Ivan Andonovic; Peter Ball
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Hybrid contention-resolution scheme for an optical packet-switched network with self-similar IP traffic
Author(s): Shun Yao; Biswanath Mukherjee; S. J. Ben Yoo; Sudhir Dixit
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IP over fiber technologies: ATM/POS/SDL
Author(s): Depeng Jin; Lieguang Zeng
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Soft optics in intelligent optical networks
Author(s): Chikong Shue; Yang Cao
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Unified approach for wavelength switch routing connection management
Author(s): Jesse Zhang
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Path-protection routing and wavelength assignment in WDM mesh networks under shared-risk-group constraints
Author(s): Hui Zang; Canhui Ou; Biswanath Mukherjee
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Sparse regeneration in a translucent WDM optical network
Author(s): Xi Yang; Byrav Ramamurthy
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Dynamic traffic grooming in optical WDM mesh networks with distributed control
Author(s): Keyao Zhu; Biswanath Mukherjee
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Priority-based wavelength assignment algorithm in WDM networks
Author(s): Rongxi He; Zhizhong Zhang; Lemin Li; Sheng Wang
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Adaptation technology between IP layer and optical layer in optical Internet
Author(s): Yuefeng Ji; Hua Li; Yongmei Sun
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Signaling for fast restoration in heterogeneous optical mesh networks
Author(s): Bala Rajagopalan; Debanjan Saha; Greg Bernstein; Vishal Sharma
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Reliable optical network design
Author(s): Guangzhi Li; Jennifer Yates; Dongmei Wang; Charles Kalmanek
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Optical SNR of OXC chains
Author(s): Tao Qin; Hanyi Zhang; Xiaoping Zheng; Yanhe Li; Feifei Feng
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Quality-of-service-based protection in MPLS control WDM mesh networks
Author(s): Wushao Wen; Biswanath Mukherjee; S. J. Ben Yoo
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Joint lightpath routing approach in survivable optical networks
Author(s): Chunsheng Xin; Yinghua Ye; Sudhir Dixit; Chunming Qiao
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IP-based restoration algorithm for optical networks
Author(s): Mianfeng Lin; Chunbo Mu; Laifu Fang; Jie Zhang; Wanyi Gu
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Optimization of protection domains for a survivable optical network with short leap shared protection (SLSP)
Author(s): Pin-Han Ho; Hussein T. Mouftah
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Protection scheme in NSFCNET
Author(s): Xiaodong Jia; Yi Dong; Jianping Wang; Juanjuan Yan; Yonghong Ma; Shizhong Xie
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Optical flow networking: a new approach for IP over DWDM services
Author(s): Jon Anderson
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Optical networks with deflected MPLS paths
Author(s): Stig Nygaard Quist; David Kennedy Hunter; Derek J. Stagg; Ivan Andonovic
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Statistical multiplexing in optical flow switching networks
Author(s): Kai Wu; QingJi Zeng
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Performance of the optical label eraser based on Lyot-Sagnac filter
Author(s): Zhensheng Jia; Minghua Chen; Kun Xu; Yi Dong; Shizhong Xie
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All-optical MAN based on IP
Author(s): Shuwen Yang; Maoguo Cai; Junxian Ma; Di Wu; Xin-ming Yan; Ke Wang; Zi-pen Zhang; Jian-hua Zhou
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Versatile emulator for automatically switched optical networks
Author(s): Bernd Stilling; Martin Nathansen
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Novel method to suppress waveform distortion and compress frequency chirp in SOAs as in-line amplifiers in WDM networks
Author(s): Wenshan Cai; Yi Dong; Mingyuan Zou; Qi Zhang; Jianping Wang; Xiaodong Jia; Shizhong Xie
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Operation model study of optical Internet with MP[lambda]S
Author(s): Mingye Jin; Lemin Li
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10-Gb/s optical Internet network with 16-channel bidirectional DWDM transmission system
Author(s): Jianping Wang; Yi Dong; Minyu Yao; Xiaodong Jia; Juanjuan Yan; Yonghong Ma; Mingyuan Zou; Qi Zhang; Wenshan Cai; Wendi Li; Ying Shi; Shizhong Xie
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Integrated routing in wavelength-routed all-optical networks
Author(s): Xudong Yang; QingJi Zeng; Xu Zhu; Yun Wang; Shilin Xiao
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Traffic grooming in interconnected multigranularity WDM SDH/SONET rings
Author(s): Jie Xu; QingJi Zeng; Yun Wang; Xudong Yang
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Unified control plane scheme for IP over WDM
Author(s): Yun Wang; QingJi Zeng; Jie Xu; Xudong Yang; Chun Jiang
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Enhanced restoration approach in IP-centric mesh optical networks
Author(s): Jimin Liu; QingJi Zeng; Jun Huang; Pengcheng Xiao
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Optical multicast using a mixed waveband forwarding in MPL(ambda)S network
Author(s): Dae-gun Kim; Kyung-Young Kang; Joosang Yoon; Sung-Woo Ryu; Chul-Hee Kang
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Offset time decision (OTD) algorithm for guaranteeing the requested QoS of high priority traffic in OBS networks
Author(s): Won-Ho So; Yun-Ho Cha; Sun-Sik Roh; Young-Chon Kim
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Novel approach for assigning wavelengths in WDM all-optical networks (AONs)
Author(s): Debashis Saha; Amitava Mukherjee; Sahadeb Jana; Suman Chowdhury
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Promising network evolution technology: MPLS
Author(s): Peng Xu; Wang Yu; Wei Ding
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Standardization efforts in optical networking focused on architecture and signaling issues
Author(s): Soo-Hyun Choi; Tae-Man Han; You-Hyeon Jeong
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Laser source providing multiple ITU wavelengths for WDM applications
Author(s): Lin Xue; Huafeng Zhao; Shan Huang
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GMPLS-based hierarchical optical routing switching architecture
Author(s): Wei Wei; QingJi Zeng
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Intelligentization: an efficient means to get more from optical networking
Author(s): Zhi Yun Chen
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