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Optical Switching and Optical Interconnection
Editor(s): Lih-Yuan Lin; Shulian Zhang

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Volume Number: 4582
Date Published: 18 October 2001

Table of Contents
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DWDM switching with network photonics CrossWave technology: the third-generation optical switching technology
Author(s): Steven Georgis
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Complexity of routing and wavelength assignment in WDM rings with limited wavelength conversion
Author(s): Dirceu G. Cavendish Jr.
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New optical path cross-connect architecture
Author(s): Xiaofei Cheng; Laifu Fang; Jian Wang; Wanyi Gu
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Microelectromechanical optical cross-connects (OXCs)
Author(s): Xu Ming Zhang; Ai Qun Liu; Fang Wang; Z. Liu; C. Lu
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Optical switching in diffraction of partially coherent light: spectral switching
Author(s): Jixiong Pu; Shojiro Nemoto
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Recent advances in large-scale silica-based thermo-optic switches
Author(s): Takashi Goh
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Integrated MMI optical couplers and optical switches in silicon-on-insulator technology
Author(s): Jinzhong Yu; Hongzhen Wei; Xiaofeng Zhang; Qingfeng Yan; Jinsong Xia
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Liquid crystal optical switches and signal processors
Author(s): Chongchang Mao; Ming Xu; Wei Feng; Jian-Yu Liu; Jung-Chih Chiao
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Free-space optical switches based on polarization
Author(s): Qiaoyan Hu; Mingcui Cao; Fengguang Luo; Wei Tan
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Photon switch by Fano interference in a double quantum well structure
Author(s): Xuemei Su; Zhongchang Zhuo; Jinyue Gao
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Integrated add/drop multiplexer (ADM) using micromachined mirror
Author(s): J. Li; Q.X. Zhang; N. Balasubramanian; J.-M. Huang; Ai Qun Liu
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Modeling of optical mirror and electromechanical behavior
Author(s): Fang Wang; Chao Lu; Zishun Liu; Ai Qun Liu; Xu Ming Zhang
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WDM micromachined tunable laser
Author(s): Xu Ming Zhang; Ai Qun Liu; Chao Lu; Ding Yuan Tang
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Micromachined variable optical attenuator (VOA)
Author(s): J. Li; Xu Ming Zhang; Ai Qun Liu; Q.X Zhang; Ting Mei
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Demonstration of optical packet switching using optical-label switching technologies
Author(s): S. J. Ben Yoo; Hyuek Jae Lee; S. K. H. Fong; Vincent Tsui; Yanda Zhang
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Multiwavelength-label optical switching technology
Author(s): Shilin Xiao; QingJi Zeng; Jianxin Wang; Chun Jiang; Xudong Yang; Fengqing Liu; Xu Zhu
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Improvement of optical packet switching performance by employing partially shared buffering with shared wavelength converters
Author(s): Xin Wang Li; Jianping Chen; Junfeng Chen; Tao Shang; Wenning Jiang; Minhui Yan
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Novel optical switch structure implemented with the function of power control and cross-talk reduction
Author(s): Lei Zong; Hanyi Zhang; Wei Zhao; Yanhe Li; Xiaoping Zheng; Yili Guo
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Performance analysis of all-optical time division multiplexed router based on terahertz optical asymmetric demultiplexer
Author(s): Ruixin Gao; Zabih F. Ghassemlooy; Graham Swift; Peter Ball
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Virtual multichannel optical ring for computer cluster
Author(s): Wencai Jing; Ge Zhou; Haifeng Li; Jindong Tian; Nan Zhang; Yuxiu Deng; Hongxia Zhang; Yimo Zhang
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Geometries and applications of active fiber bundles
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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Twelve key trends in optical communications component and system testing
Author(s): Michael P. Minneman; James Egerton; Michael J. Crawford; Steve Cason
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Electromagnetic wave propagation through a nearly flat heterogeneous dielectric layer
Author(s): Igor V. Kozlov
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Multibuffer shared ATM switching based on optical interconnects
Author(s): Zhixiang Luo; Mingcui Cao; Zhishi Zhu
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Comprehensive analysis of different optical interconnecting architectures
Author(s): YiYun Wang; Xianfeng Chen
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Matrix description of a novel 4x4 polarization-independent optical switch
Author(s): Fengguang Luo; Mingcui Cao; Jun Xu; Xinjun Zhou; Anjun Wan
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Architecture of IP switch based on optical crossbar switching network with feedback loops
Author(s): Xinjun Zhou; Mingcui Cao; Jiangdong Wu; Fengguang Luo; Jun Xu
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Homodyne cross-talk penalty in large strictly nonblocking optical switches based on directional couplers
Author(s): Luis Goncalo C. Cancela; Joao Jose De Oliveira Pires
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Electromagnetic optical switch for optical network communication
Author(s): Chengtang Pan; S.C. Shen; His-harng Yang; Min-Chieh Chou; Shinn-Tyan Wu
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Application of MEMS technology in optical communications
Author(s): Yali Lu; Jintong L. Lin
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Optical switch fabric design for gigabit switching router
Author(s): Wei Wei; QingJi Zeng
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Novel ultrascalable optical core switch (OCS) system with integrated DWDM transport
Author(s): Rang-Chen Yu; Chien-Yu Kuo
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