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Advanced Environmental Sensing Technology II
Editor(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Stephanus Buettgenbach

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Volume Number: 4576
Date Published: 22 February 2002

Table of Contents
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Online sensing and control of oil in process wastewater
Author(s): Irina B. Khomchenko; Alexander D. Soukhomlinoff; T. F. Mitchell; Alexander E. Selenow
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Selective detection of transition metal ions by an array of functionalized fluorescent conjugated polymer chemosensors
Author(s): Wayne E. Jones Jr.; Clifford Murphy; Yan Zhang; Vivian Ferry; Scott Gilje
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Polarization-based fluorescent method for enhanced analytical determination of mixed fluorophores in fluid
Author(s): Yuan Yan; Michael L. Myrick
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Comparative intrinsic and enhanced total photoluminescence of endospore material
Author(s): John E. Anderson; Stanley Thomas Webb; Robert L. Fischer; Karen Kester; Clint Smith
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Fluorescence particle detector for real-time quantification of viable organisms in air
Author(s): Greg Luoma; Pierre P. Cherrier; Marc Piccioni; Carol Tanton; Steve Herz; Richard K. DeFreez; Michael Potter; Kenneth L. Girvin; Ronald Whitney
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Development of ecosensor for the continuous monitoring of environmental volatile organic chlorinated compounds
Author(s): Yoshio Ishimori; Koichiro Kawano; Tsutomu Shinozaki; Mitsuo Mouri; Takao Kase; Eiichi Tamiya; Masaru Ishizuka
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MEMS-based sensor system for environmental monitoring
Author(s): James T. Daly; Edward A. Johnson; Nicholas Moelders; Mark P. McNeal; Martin U. Pralle; Anton C. Greenwald; William Ho; Irina Puscasu; Thomas George; Daniel S. Choi
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Multi-immunosensors based on electrolite-insulator-semiconductor structures for determination of some herbicides
Author(s): Nickolaj F. Starodub; Valentyna M. Starodub; Vladimir E. Krivenchuk; Valentyna F. Shapovalenko
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Superconducting quantum interference device detection of magnetically tagged micro-organisms
Author(s): Helene L. Grossman; SeungKyun Lee; Whittier R. Myers; Yann R. Chemla; Yan Poon; H. M. Cho; Robert McDermott; Raymond C. Stevens; Mark Alper; John Clarke
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Intelligent systems for conveyance and storage infrastructure
Author(s): Thomas M. Juliano; Jay N. Meegoda
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Wavelet-based method for the suppression of ringing on force data taken during the extensional rheology of a non-Newtonian fluid polymer
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Mackey; Ezzatollah Salari
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Autoranging compensation for variable baseline chemical sensors
Author(s): Sam McKennoch; Denise M. Wilson
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Novel data analysis approach for temperature and strain profile reconstruction in distributed fiber optics sensors based on stimulated Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Luigi Zeni; Romeo Bernini; Aldo Minardo
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Array biosensor for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Frances S. Ligler; K. E. Sapsford; Y. S. Shubin; J. Lemmond; Chris A. Rowe-Taitt; J. B. Delahanty; Joel P. Golden
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Field-effect-based multifunctional hybrid sensor module for the determination of both (bio-)chemical and physical parameters
Author(s): Michael J. Schoening; Arshak Poghossian; J. Walter Schultze; Hans Lueth
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Optical imaging fiber-based recombinant bacterial biosensor
Author(s): Israel Biran; David M. Rissin; David R. Walt
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Simple plastic fiber-based optode array for the in-situ measurement of ground air oxygen concentrations
Author(s): Martin Koelling; Henrik Hecht; Gerhard A. Holst
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Surface phenomena with organic coatings for chemical sensing
Author(s): Wolfgang Greibl; Oliver Hayden; Paul Achatz; G. Fischerauer; G. Scholl; Franz Ludwig Dickert
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Wireless remote-query environmental monitoring using magnetoelastic sensors
Author(s): Keat Ghee Ong; Craig A. Grimes; Mahaveer K. Jain; Casey Mungle
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Enhancement in ZnS:Mn triboluminescent film intensity using ZnO films as buffer layers
Author(s): Boateng Onwoma-Agyemann; Chao-Nan Xu; S.W. Shi; Xu-Guang Zheng; Morio Suzuki
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Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for environmental monitoring of soil carbon and nitrogen
Author(s): Madhavi Z. Martin; Stan Wullschleger; Charles Garten
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Water monitoring of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by laser-excited time-resolved Shpol'skii spectrometry with fiber optic probes
Author(s): Andres D. Campiglia; Adam Bystol
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Optimization of composite polymer gas sensor arrays for single-analyte multiple-interferent applications
Author(s): Denise M. Wilson
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Numerical methods for accelerating the PCA of large data sets applied to hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Frank Vogt; Boris Mizaikoff; Maurus Tacke
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Transparent oxygen optodes in environmental applications at fine scale as measured by luminescence lifetime imaging
Author(s): Gerhard A. Holst; Ulrich Franke; Bjorn Grunwald
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Room temperature ethanol sensors based on SnO2 films
Author(s): Armen P. Hakhoyan; Vladimir M. Aroutiounian; Zaven N. Adamian; Robert S. Barseghian; Tigran Dolukhanian
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Odor sensor using plasma-polymerized-film-coated QCM for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Hidehito Nanto; Yuuki Hamaguchi; Syouji Sanada; Kenji Nobuyama; Takatoshi Matsumoto; Kazutoshi Tanabe; Shigeru Kurosawa
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Field-portable AOTF-based monitor technology for environmental sensing
Author(s): Brian M. Cullum; Joel Mobley; Alan L. Wintenberg; R. A. Maples; David L. Stokes; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Development of eco-sensor for the continuous monitoring of environmental volatile organic chlorinated compounds
Author(s): Mizuho Murahashi; Yoshio Ishimori; Koichiro Kawano; Takao Kase; Mitsuo Mouri; Yasutaka Morita; Yuji Murakami; Kenji Yokoyama; Eiichi Tamiya
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