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Sensor Fusion and Decentralized Control in Robotic Systems IV

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Volume Number: 4571
Date Published: 4 October 2001

Table of Contents
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Delayed and asequent data in decentralized sensing networks
Author(s): Eric W. Nettleton; Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte
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Building a million beacon map
Author(s): Simon J. Julier; Jeffrey K. Uhlmann
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Geometric projection filter: an efficient solution to the SLAM problem
Author(s): Paul M. Newman; Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte
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Rover localization results for the FIDO rover
Author(s): Eric T. Baumgartner; Hrand Aghazarian; Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu
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Unmanned airship development and remote sensing applications
Author(s): James H. Boschma
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Bayesian network approach to sensor fusion of aerial imagery
Author(s): Thomas Kaempke; Alberto Elfes
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Toward a perception and sensor fusion architecture for a robotic airship
Author(s): Alberto Elfes; Jose Reginaldo H. Carvalho; Marcel Bergerman; Samuel S. Bueno
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Collection of environmental data from an airship platform
Author(s): George Kantor; David Wettergreen; James P. Ostrowski; Sanjiv Singh
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Performance of a distributed robotic system using shared communications channels
Author(s): Paul E. Rybski; Sascha A. Stoeter; Maria Gini; Dean F. Hougen; Nikolaos P. Papanikolopoulos
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Steering and control of a passively articulated robot
Author(s): Benjamin Shamah; Michael D. Wagner; Stewart Moorehead; James Teza; David Wettergreen; William L. Whittaker
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Development of CAMPOUT and its further applications to planetary rover operations: a multirobot control architecture
Author(s): Paolo Pirjanian; Terrance L. Huntsberger; Paul S. Schenker
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Framework for coordinating multiple robots in cooperative manipulation tasks
Author(s): Luiz Chaimowicz; Vijay Kumar; Mario F.M. Campos
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People tracking using omnidirectional vision and range information
Author(s): Joerg Illmann; Boris Kluge; Erwin A. Prassler
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Dynamic multisensor fusion for mobile robot navigation in an indoor environment
Author(s): Taeseok Jin; Jang-Myung Lee; Bing Lam Luk; Shiu Kit Tso
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Distributed motion planning for modular robots
Author(s): Kristian Gregersen; Henrik G. Petersen; Morten Lind Petersen
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Decentralized control algorithm for modular manipulators using coupled nonlinear dynamics
Author(s): Shinichi Kimura
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Development of PetRo: a modular robot for petlike applications
Author(s): Ben Salem
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MARS software model for modeling modular manipulators
Author(s): Gerard T. McKee; J. Andrew Fryer; Paul S. Schenker
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Model Manager: a visually programmed model-themed data-flow programming language for robot control
Author(s): William J. Schonlau
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Estimating the surface temperature profile from a sequence of partial thermal images
Author(s): Paul Jones; Stephen R. Duncan
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Algebraic reconstruction technique fusing with pointwise measurements in optical computerized tomography
Author(s): Wei Yao; Malek Adjouadi
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Open multi-agent control architecture to support virtual-reality-based man-machine interfaces
Author(s): Eckhard Freund; Juergen Rossmann; Marcel Brasch
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Construction of sensor network system for human behavior measurement and accumulation via distributed objects
Author(s): Taketoshi Mori; Hiroshi Noguchi; Tomomasa Sato
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Integrated virtual space control system utilizing hand gesture for intelligent house
Author(s): Taketoshi Mori; Masamichi Shimosaka; Tomomasa Sato
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