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Data Mining and Applications
Editor(s): Deren Li; Jie Yang; Jufu Feng; Shen Wei

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Volume Number: 4556
Date Published: 18 September 2001

Table of Contents
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Current progress on multisensor image fusion in remote sensing
Author(s): Deren Li; Zhijun Wang; QingQuan Li
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Target recognition and tracking based on data fusion and data mining
Author(s): Jie Yang; Ying Hu; Guozheng Li
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Using multiple data mining techniques to assist MRI diagnosis of brain glioma
Author(s): Lixiu Yao; Chenzhou Ye; Jie Yang
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Algorithm based on time-window for mining sequential patterns in relational database
Author(s): Zhenyu Wang; Lifeng Bian; Xiaoshu Hang
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Information obtaining and fusion of color night vision system
Author(s): Lianfa Bai; Guohua Gu; Qian Chen; Baomin Zhang
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Novel estimated algorithm for information fusion on MMW/IR dual-mode combined seeker
Author(s): ZhiShe Cui; Tao Zeng; Teng Long
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Multispectral image fusion using an improved wavelet transform
Author(s): Haihui Wang; Jiaxiong Peng
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New image fusion method applied in two-wavelength detection of biochip spots
Author(s): Rang-Seng Chang; Jin-Yi Sheu; Ching-Huang Lin
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Medical image fusion using two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform
Author(s): Guihong Qu; Dali Zhang; Pingfan Yan
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Multispectral night vision image fusion based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Shaoyuan Sun; Liping Wang; Baomin Zhang; Xiaodong Zhuang
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Multisource remote sensing data fusion using fuzzy self-organization mapping network and modified Dempster-Shafer evidential reasoning method of classification
Author(s): Chunping Liu; Ling Kong; Peihua Shen; Deshen Xia
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3D navigation for endoscope by magnetic field
Author(s): XinYu Liu; Xin Chen; Dong Lin; QingHui Zhang; Shinichi Tamura
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Method of speed measurement for automatic object tracking in multiple scenes
Author(s): Xin Chen; Fang Wu; HaiMing Li; YinPin Zhao; JianXin Li
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Industrial application of thermal image processing and thermal control
Author(s): Lingxue Kong
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Two-dimensional optical measurement techniques based on optic birefringence effects
Author(s): Yongchang Zhu; Tatsuo Takada; Yoshihiro Murooka
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Estimation of helicopter navigation parameters with digital CCD camera
Author(s): Tiejun Li; Zhe Chen; Renxiang Wang
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Wavelets for detection and enhancement of silver grains in in-situ hybridization
Author(s): Haojun Wang; Chongxun Zheng; Xiangguo Yan
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Stability properties of vision-based controlled flexible arm
Author(s): Shuxin Wang; Jianlong Song; Zhi Liu; Morel Guillaume
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Airborne 3D imager in city planning
Author(s): Yihua Hu; Rong Shu; Yongqi Xue
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Definition of average path and relativity parameter computation in CASA
Author(s): Dawei Wu; Yan Huang; Xiaohua Chen; Chang Yu
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Reconfigurable macroprocessor model and its algorithm application
Author(s): Guangfu Sun; HuaMing Chen; Huanzhang Lu; Chang Qing; Dong Wu
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Prediction of curvature of curves based on trifocal tensor
Author(s): Maolin Hu; Zong-Cai Ruan; Sui Wei
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Mathematic model of the FX correlator of the Chinese VLBI network and its application
Author(s): Weimin Zheng; Xiuzhong Zhang; Fengchun Shu
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Method of automatic detection of tumors in mammogram
Author(s): Mei Xie; Zheng Ma
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New technique for number-plate recognition
Author(s): Jie Guo; Peng-Fei Shi
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Geometric correction of PHI images by POS/DG data
Author(s): Chuanqing Wu; Qingxi Tong; Lanfen Zheng
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Intelligent vehicle license plate recognition system
Author(s): Xiaotao Zou; Xuequan Chen; Jirong Chen
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Dielectric barrier discharge image processing by Photoshop
Author(s): Lifang Dong; Xuechen Li; Zengqian Yin; Qingli Zhang
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Principle of electro-optical system vulnerbility to ECM(EOSVECM)
Author(s): Juquan Zhang; Yiyu Zhou; Lixin Zhu; Yingshu Yang; Ye Wu; Xiongbing Ye
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Selection and attributes of objective function of electro-optical system vulnerbility to ECM(EOSVECM)
Author(s): Juquan Zhang; Yiyu Zhou; Wei An; Weili Jiang; Qi-zhong Lu; Hongxu Huang
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Economic model for QoS guarantee on the Internet
Author(s): Chi Zhang; Jiaolong Wei
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Three-dimensional distribution for images on rough surface of plasma-thermal sprayed ZrO28Y2O3 and NiCrAlY irradiated by laser with different beam width
Author(s): Chenbo Zhou; Hua Zou; Wenying Yu
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Novel wavelet transform-based method based for remote sensing image processing
Author(s): Jishuang Qu; Chao Wang
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