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Image Matching and Analysis
Editor(s): Bir Bhanu; Jun Shen; Tianxu Zhang

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Volume Number: 4552
Date Published: 20 September 2001

Table of Contents
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Fringe-line detection of interferometric phase images
Author(s): Feng Wang; Veronique Prinet; Songde Ma
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Wavelet-domain suppression of speckle in single-look SAR images
Author(s): Fangling Pu; Xin Xu
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New algorithm for image quality measure based on wavelet transform and visual weighted processing
Author(s): Yifang Ding; Wenjun Zhang
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Application research of the multifractal wavelet model in pattern recognition
Author(s): Yue Zhou; Jie Yang
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Image processing and pattern recognition in textiles
Author(s): Lingxue Kong; F. H. She
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Rectifying high-resolution images by using rectified low-resolution images
Author(s): Wenling Xuan; Zongjian Lin
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Principal curve detection in complicated graph images
Author(s): Yuncai Liu; Thomas S. Huang
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Improved algorithm for scanned blueprint image preprocessing and enhancing
Author(s): Yubin Shao; Zhang Qi; Shaowen Yao
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Blurred image restoration based on synergetic pattern recognition
Author(s): Dingguo Chen; Jun Gao; Menxian Pan; Dong Liang
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Image comparison based on semivariogram and its application
Author(s): Hongchao Ma; Deren Li; Shuying Jin; Xiaodong Zhang
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Geometric preprocess research of digital image
Author(s): Wenjun Zhang; Dong Miao; Guangyuan Fu; Chuan Li; Xiaogang Yang
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Fast 3D adaptive filtering for simulation focusing gradient
Author(s): Wen-Yu Liu; Hua Li; Guang-Xi Zhu
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Generalized morphological transformation for describing nonhomotopic object metamorphosis
Author(s): Hua Li; Wen-Yu Liu; Yaoting Zhu; Guang-Xi Zhu
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Image processing using BZ reaction
Author(s): Yufeng Hao; Junzhe Hu; Lei Wu; Chunwei Yuan
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Design and simulation of reusable IP for image convolution algorithm
Author(s): Jiannong N. Tong; Xuecheng Zou; Xubang Shen
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Parameter estimation method of space-variant degraded image using the normalized entropy evaluation
Author(s): Tomokazu Tamaoki; Noboru Funakubo
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Fingerprint enhancement based on MRF with curve accumulation
Author(s): Zhongwen Huang; Feihu Qi
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Modularized multi-DSP real-time image processing system
Author(s): Yuehuan Wang; Tianxu Zhang; Luxin Yan
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Optimum filtering and FFT-based algorithm for tree ring measurements
Author(s): Carlos Miguel Pereira Rodrigues; Joao Lemos Pinto
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HMM-based operational gesture recognition method
Author(s): Gengyu Ma; Xueyin Lin
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Edge detection and image segmentation based on K-means and watershed techniques
Author(s): Nassir H. Salman; Chongqing Liu
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Adaptive contrast enhancement by a Gaussian function of local standard deviation
Author(s): Feng Zhang; Dazong Jiang
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Applied method of license plate binarization based on histogram analysis
Author(s): Mingxiang Wang; Yu Long Mo; Junli Ma
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Good processing method of interference patterns
Author(s): Ciming Zhou; ZuHai Cheng; Yaoning Zhang
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Design and realization of a new combinatorial image enhancement algorithm
Author(s): Lin Wang; Jianyong Xiang; Jun Xu; An Liu
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Bilateral filtering in the wavelet domain
Author(s): Chao Cai; Mingyue Ding; Chengping Zhou
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Fractal-based texture analysis on the SEM images of machined surfaces
Author(s): Shuhai Quan; Jing Peng
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Efficient postprocessing scheme for block-coded images based on multiscale edge detection
Author(s): Shuanhu Wu; Hong Yan; Zheng Tan
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Hardware scheme for plankton recognition
Author(s): Peng Liu; Xiaoou Tang; Da Yao; Qingdong Yao
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Thinned fingerprint image postprocessing using ridge tracing
Author(s): Wenxing Liu; Zhaoqi Wang; Guoguang Mu
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Kernel adaptive filter (SRSSHF) and quality improvement method for hyperspectral imaging based on spectral dimension recognition and spatial dimension smoothing according to CSAM
Author(s): Yongchao Zhao; Qingxi Tong; Lanfen Zheng; Bing Zhang; Xia Zhang; Jiwei Bai; Chuanqing Wu; Tuanjie Liu
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Wavelets for multiresolution image matching
Author(s): Su Zhang; Hanfeng Chen; Yuncai Liu; Peng-Fei Shi
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TIN-based global image matching for aerial images
Author(s): Wanshou Jiang; Zuxun Zhang; Jianqing Zhang
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Matching method applying neural network
Author(s): Ming Jiang; Guilin Zhang; Qijie Chen
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Whitening transformation and robust estimation technique applied to point pattern matching
Author(s): Zhonggen Yang
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Image panoramic mosaicing with global and local registration
Author(s): Qi Li; Zhen Ji; Jihong Zhang
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Relaxation approach of segment-based stereo matching for urban aerial images
Author(s): Hong Fan; Zuxun Zhang; Jianqing Zhang
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Fast algorithm for minutiae matching based on multiple-ridge information
Author(s): Guoyou Wang; Jing Hu
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Matching between SLAR and SAR images based on vertical projection adjust
Author(s): Weidong Yang; Tianxu Zhang; Xinsai Wang
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Adaptive image matching based on wavelet multiscale representation
Author(s): Tianxu Zhang; Huilin Xiong
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Frequency analysis of intensity-based correlation for different sensors scene
Author(s): Sheng Zhong; Tianxu Zhang; Nong Sang
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Grid-code-based fast matching method in active binocular vision
Author(s): Mingzhou Chen; Zhong Wang; Xinyu Kou; Shenghua Ye
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Fuzzy feature matching between infrared image and optical image
Author(s): Tiejun Li; Zhe Chen; Renxiang Wang
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Algorithm of subpixel image matching with high accuracy
Author(s): Jianming Wu; Ganghui Zhou; Peng-Fei Shi
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Fuzzy matching algorithm for hand-drawn graphic primitive recognition
Author(s): Xin Gong; Jihong Pei; Weixing Xie
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Image restoration based on the discrete fraction Fourier transform
Author(s): Peimin Yan; Yu Long Mo; Hong Liu
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New regularized image reconstruction for electrical impedance tomography
Author(s): Weidong Hou; Yu Long Mo
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Perceptually based approach to color quantization
Author(s): Erdan Gu; Duanqing Xu; Jingbin Wang; Chun Chen
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Real-time optical correlator using four-wave mixing in BSO crystal and moving gratings
Author(s): Baolai Liang; Qinglin Guo; Guangsheng Fu; Zhaoqi Wang
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Fast image matching method using neural network
Author(s): Chunhong Jiang; Zhe Chen
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Automatization research on form processing
Author(s): Delie Ming; Yulong Tian; Jianguo Liu; Jinwen Tian
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Contour tracing and tree structure of multivalue segmented image
Author(s): Fei Wu; Tianxu Zhang
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Image processing method based on fuzzy assemble theory
Author(s): Hong Zhang; Tian-ge Zhuang; Shunshan Li
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Scale-invariant pattern recognition system based on volume holographic wavelet correlator
Author(s): Qingzeng Xue; Yingbai Yan; Qingsheng He
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Two-dimensional color-coded matching method for 3D moving human body shape measurement
Author(s): Weiyi Liu; Deyue Yu; Zhaoqi Wang; Guoguang Mu
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