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Medical Image Acquisition and Processing

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Volume Number: 4549
Date Published: 18 September 2001

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Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Aaron Fenster; Donal B. Downey
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Go digital, go fuzzy
Author(s): Jayaram K. Udupa
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Regional myocardial wall thickening of the left ventricle from segmentation of echocardiographic images
Author(s): Isabelle Fitton; J. Shen; Jean-Marie Perron; Akem Kerouani; Raymond Roudaut; J.-L. Barat
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Framework for distributed medical image collaborative processing based on the web
Author(s): Quan-Hai Zhang; Peng-Fei Shi
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Neural-network-based filter for medical ultrasonic images
Author(s): Tianfu Wang; Deyu Li; Changqiong Zheng; Yi Zheng
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3D reconstruction model of vessels based on object-oriented quantization
Author(s): Hengyong Yu; Xuanqin Mou; Yong Wang; Yuanlong Cai
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Bronchoscopic fluorescence image enhancement using digital image processing techniques
Author(s): Buhong Li; Shusen Xie; Zukang Lu
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Image processing and pattern recognition for ROI compression in cancer detection
Author(s): Ehsan Sheybani
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Edge detection of microcirculation images using snake model
Author(s): Ting Shen; ZhiGuang Zhang
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Parametrical model of vessel cross-section reconstruction based on elasticity quality
Author(s): Yong Wang; Xuanqin Mou; Hengyong Yu; Yuanlong Cai
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Reduction of patient dose on medical radiographs using scattered x rays
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Asai; Hitoshi Kanamori; Yoshiaki Ozaki; Atsushi Takigawa; Hideaki Kubota; Masao Matsumoto
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SVM-based ultrasonic medicine image diagnosis
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Xiaomao Liu; Jianguo Liu; Fuyuan Peng; Jinwen Tian; Ying Wang; Wenjun Zhang; Mingxing Xie
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Novel method of vessel axis reconstruction from the rotary projections based on furcation model
Author(s): Wei Hong; Xuanqin Mou; Yong Wang; Yuanlong Cai
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Dual-energy x-ray image decomposition by independent component analysis
Author(s): Yifeng Jiang; Dazong Jiang; Feng Zhang; Dengfu Zhang; Gang Lin
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Image-analysis-based assessment of hypoxia and vasculature in bladder tumors
Author(s): Constantinos G. Loukas; George D. Wilson; Borivoj Vojnovic; Alfred David Linney
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Region-growing approach to detect microcalcifications in digital mammograms
Author(s): Jin-Wook Shin; Soo-Ik Chae; Yoon Mr. Sook; Dong-Sun Park
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Medical image retrieval based on mutual information
Author(s): Shunshan Li; Tian-ge Zhuang; Hong Zhang
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Auto threshold region-growing method for edge detection of nuclear medicine images
Author(s): Wei Gao; Yongjie Jin
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Correction of distortion in medical electronic endoscope image
Author(s): Hongbo Xie; Dongqing Chen; Zhi Xu; Daoyin Yu
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Speckle filtering method of ultrasonic cardio-image based on mathematical morphology
Author(s): Qi Liu; Tianfu Wang; Changqiong Zheng; Deyu Li; Yi Zheng
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Dynamic-programming-based algorithm for optimal edge detection in ultrasound images
Author(s): Bin Lee; Jia-yong Yan; Tian-ge Zhuang
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Extraction of edge feature in cardiovascular image
Author(s): Jianrong Lu; Dongqing Chen; Daoyin Yu; Xiaojun Liu
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Vessel tracking by template string in angiography
Author(s): Hui Zhu; Morton H. Friedman
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3D kinematics of the tarsal joints from magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Bruce Elliot Hirsch; Jayaram K. Udupa; Enyi Okereke; Howard J. Hillstrom; Sorin Siegler; Stacie I. Ringleb; Carl W. Imhauser
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Algebraic reconstruction techniques in CT and their implementation
Author(s): Fengrong Sun; Jiren Liu; Benren Zhu
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3D reconstruction of multiplane transesophageal rotational scanning echocardiography
Author(s): Aijun He; Tianfu Wang; Changqiong Zheng; Deyu Li; Lixue Yin; Yi Zheng
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Measurement of vessel diameter of coronary arterial
Author(s): Jianrong Lu; Dongqing Chen; Yangsheng Lu; Maoyong Cao
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Strain rate imaging of sinoatrial node by ultrasound
Author(s): Deyu Li; Shukui Zhao; Lixue Yin; Tianfu Wang; Changqiong Zheng; Yi Zheng
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