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Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring, GIS Applications, and Geology
Editor(s): Manfred Ehlers

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Volume Number: 4545
Date Published: 23 January 2002

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New remote sensing concepts for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Manfred Ehlers; Ronald Janowsky; Monika Gaehler
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Pollino Project Action D: a multi-scale approach in the space-time domain to environmental risk monitoring
Author(s): Vincenzo Cuomo; Nicola Afflitto; Mariagrazia Blumetti; Amedeo Bonfiglio; Oronzo Candela; Teresa Carone; Gerardo Di Bello; Carolina Filizzola; Teodosio Lacava; Antonio La Norte; Vito Lanorte; Rosa Lasaponara; Maria Francesca Macchiato; Gerardo Masi; Leonardo Minervini; Francesco Mundo; Nicola Pergola; Carla Pietrapertosa; Stefano Pignatti; Filomena Romano; Tiziana Simoniello; Valerio Tramutoli; Angela Zaccagnino
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Innovative remote sensing applications for environmental management of a military training area
Author(s): Horst G. Klemm; Albert Boehm; Karl Segl
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Multiscale image analysis for ecological monitoring of heterogeneous, small structured landscapes
Author(s): Thomas Blaschke; Manuel Conradi; Stefan S.L. Lang
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Unsupervised land-cover classification using multitemporal ERS-1/2 tandem INSAR data
Author(s): Marcus E. Engdahl; Juha M. Hyyppa
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Remote sensing and GIS in the agri-environmental measures' chain: results from two pilot studies in Italy and England
Author(s): Enrico Zini; Paer-Johan Astrand; Niall J. Watson; Catherine Horrobin; Alison E. Riding; Jacqueline Slater
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Monitoring of environmental changes caused by hard-coal mining
Author(s): Christian Fischer; Wolfgang Busch
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Integration of census data, remote sensing, and GIS techniques for land-use and cover classification
Author(s): Jorge Rocha; Maria Paula Queluz
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Spatiotemporal prediction applying fuzzy logic in a sequence of satellite images
Author(s): Tania Mezzadri-Centeno; Gilles Selleron
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Advanced knowledge-based methodology for the training phase within the classification process of remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Ulrich Michel
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Object oriented post-classification of change images
Author(s): Irmgard Niemeyer; Morton John Canty
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New remote sensing systems and GIS-techniques for the monitoring of urban ecological processes
Author(s): Matthias S. Moeller
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Land-use and transport-network indicators in the assessment of the sustainability of urban areas
Author(s): Marjo Kasanko; Carlo Lavalle; Luca Demicheli; Niall L.M. McCormick; Maddalena Turchini
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Fusion of principal component of multispectral bands with PAN band using HIS and wavelet transform
Author(s): Sakreya Chitwong; Fusak Cheevasuvit; J. Homthong
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Development and validation of a multisensor system for ocean pollution detection
Author(s): Ignasi Navas; Marc Bara; Pau Prats; Antoni Broquetas; Stephane Charron; Francois Cabioch; Ronan Jezequel
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Accessibility of lowland rain forests of Western Amazonia via rivers: an analysis using Landsat TM mosaic and GIS
Author(s): Tuuli Toivonen; Sanna Maki
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Searching for life in the Dead Sea: microbiological study using imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Michal Shimoni; Eyal Ben-Dor; Arnon Karnieli; Jerry Eichler; Freek Van der Meer; Hermann J. Kaufmann
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Remote sensing of forest fires in Southern Europe using IRS-WiFS and MODIS data
Author(s): Paulo M. Barbosa; Jesus San-Miguel-Ayanz; Guido Schmuck
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Evolutionary computation and post wildfire land-cover mapping with multispectral imagery
Author(s): Steven P. Brumby; Steven Koch; Leslie A. Hansen
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Accuracy of imaging spectroscopy for geologic material identification: analysis of noise effects
Author(s): Maria A. Sgavetti; Alessandra Gaibazzi; Ilaria Longhi; Sandro Meli; Claudia Giardino; Rosanna Capelletti; Andrea Baraldi; Marco Crotti
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Automatic recognition of rocky outcrops from MIVIS data: a test case on a selected area of the Pollino National Park (southern Italy)
Author(s): Valerio Tramutoli; Carolina Filizzola; Nicola Pergola; Stefano Pignatti; Marcello Schiattarella
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Digital image processing for lithological and alteration mapping using SPOT multispectral data: a case study of Pariz area, Kerman Province, Iran
Author(s): Hojjatollah Ranjbar; Ganpat Singh Roonwal
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Identification of landslides in clay terrains using Airborne Thematic Mapper (ATM) multispectral imagery
Author(s): Malcolm Whitworth; David Giles; William Murphy
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HySens-DAIS/ROSIS Imaging Spectrometers at DLR
Author(s): Andreas A. Mueller; Andrea Hausold; Peter Strobl
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Influence of physical surface characteristics on SAR backscatter
Author(s): Michaela Frei; Jochen Henkel
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Sensitivity of morphometric estimates of sediment transport in large gravel-bed rivers
Author(s): James Brasington; Joseph Langham; Barbara Rumsby
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Breaking new ground for remote sensing in support of disaster relief efforts: Detecting and pinpointing earthquake damage in near real-time (El Salvador, January 2001)
Author(s): Edmond Nezry; Paul P. Romeijn; Francesco Sarti; Jordi Inglada; Francis Zagolski; Francis Yakam-Simen
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Geo-atmospheric processing of wide-FOV airborne imaging spectrometry data
Author(s): Rudolf Richter; Daniel Schlapfer
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Ecology-geochemical analysis of nature-anthropogenous ecosystem (Novosibirsk Akademgorodok)
Author(s): Victoria Balandis; Ivan Zolnikov; Vladimir Krasavchikov; Aleksey Ptitsyn
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Extending the use of ATREM atmospheric correction to MIVIS data
Author(s): Vito Lanorte; Stefano Pignatti; Valerio Tramutoli
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Environmental mapping of Pollino National Park (southern Italy) by means of airborne remotely sensed data
Author(s): Antonio La Norte; Stefano Pignatti; Valerio Tramutoli
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Fully integrated low-power flip chip bonding of arrayed optoelectronic devices on SOS
Author(s): Ronald E. Reedy; Hal Anthony; Charles Kuznia; Mike Pendelton; Jim Cable; Jean Richaud
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New method for correction of bidirectional effects in hyperspectral images
Author(s): Ulrich Beisl
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Advanced environmental monitoring system using ecosensor based on bilayer lipid membrane
Author(s): Yoshio Ishimori; Koichiro Kawano; Hiroshi Tamura; Nobuhiro Aoyama; Mitsuo Mouri; Takao Kase; Eiichi Tamiya; Masaru Ishizuka
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Semiautomatic road extraction from IKONOS satellite image
Author(s): Taehun Yoon; Wonkyu Park; Taejung Kim
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