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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology III
Editor(s): Manfred Owe; Guido D'Urso

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Volume Number: 4542
Date Published: 28 January 2002

Table of Contents
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Application of MODIS-derived parameters for regional yield assessment
Author(s): Paul Doraiswamy; Steven Hollinger; Thomas R. Sinclair; Alan Stern; Bakhyt Akhmedov; John Prueger
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Characteristics of AVIRIS bands measurements in agricultural crops at Blythe area, California: II. Studies on kenaf, Hibiscus canabinus
Author(s): Safwat H. Shakir Hanna; Michael D. Rethwisch
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Crop yield forecast for France based on the CNDVI technique
Author(s): Cecile Vignolles; Giampiero Genovese; Thierry Negre
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Precision farming through variable fertilizer application by automated detailed tracking of in-season crop properties
Author(s): Mieke Reyniers; Els Vrindts; Koenraad Dumont; Josse De Baerdemaeker
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Integration of the soil and water assessment tool with the information system in watersheds modeling
Author(s): Wael M. Khairy; Alim P. Hannoura; Tommy L. Coleman
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Soil moisture monitoring with SMOS
Author(s): Yann H. Kerr; Jean Pierre Wigneron; Philippe Waldteufel; Jean-Christophe Calvet; Michael Berger
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Remote sensing classification of the arid watersheds of Iran
Author(s): Karim Solaimani; Mahmud Habibnejad-Roshan
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Detection of seasonal changes of rivers in tropical forests from JERS-1 SAR images of Amazon, New Guinea, and Congo Basin
Author(s): Takako Sakurai-Amano; Kazuhiro Nakasugi; Tasuku Yoshioka; Mikio Takagi
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Wavelet neural networks for supervised training of multispectral data and classification of soil moisture
Author(s): Chih-Cheng Hung; Kai Qian; Tommy L. Coleman
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Evapotranspiration estimates using ASTER thermal infrared imagery
Author(s): Thomas J. Schmugge; Andrew French; William P. Kustas
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Quality of topographic data from interferometry SAR DEM for hydrological researches: The case study of the Lesse and the Dendre rivers, Belgium
Author(s): Michal Shimoni; Benoit Moermans; Bernard Hanquet; Sylvia Dautrebande
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Recent advances in microwave sensing of soil moisture
Author(s): Manfred Owe; Richard A. de Jeu
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Forest cover estimation using normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) in plantation forest
Author(s): Ranitha Ratnayake
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General split window algorithm for land surface temperature estimation
Author(s): C. O. Mito; Giovanni Laneve; Marco M. Castronuovo
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Remote sensing of solar induced fluorescence of vegetation
Author(s): Kees Smorenburg; Gregory Bazalgette Courreges-Lacoste; Michael Berger; Claus Buschman; Andrew J. Court; Umberto Del Bello; Gabriele Langsdorf; Hartmut K. Lichtenthaler; Christopher Sioris; Marc-Philippe Stoll; Huib Visser
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Effects of nitrogen stress in grass swards on evolution of ground cover and spectral characteristics of leaf strata
Author(s): A.G.T. Schut; J.J.M.H. Ketelaars
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Relation between bulk temperature based on in-situ temperature profiles and NOAA-AVHRR sea surface temperature data for Lake Constance
Author(s): Sabine Thiemann; Clivia Haese; Thomas Heege
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ASTER obervations of the spectral emissivity over New Mexico
Author(s): Thomas J. Schmugge; Andrew French; Jerry Ritchie; Mark Chopping; Al Rango
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Incorporation of azimuthal dependence into the LCM2 coupled leaf/canopy reflectance model
Author(s): Barry Ganapol; Richard H. Picard; Jeremy R. Winick; Peter P. Wintersteiner; Stanley Woolf
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Assessment of inputs to land surface processes models derived from hyperspectral multiangular data
Author(s): Jose F. Moreno; Massimo Menenti; Rolf Richter
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Radargrammetry helps fight hunger in Ethiopia
Author(s): Tadesse Kippie Kanshie; Paul P. Romeijn; Edmond Nezry; Francis Yakam-Simen
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Comparative studies on combination of optical and SAR signatures in estimation of plant and soil variables
Author(s): Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska; Yoshio Inoue; Wanda Kowalik; Maryla Gruszczynska
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Modeling of stone cover percentage over bare soil using ERS2 radar measurements on semi-arid regions
Author(s): Mehrez Zribi; Naima Aqid; Eilon Adar; Jose Carlo Garcia; Giovanni Macelloni
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Soils spring productive moisture reserve evaluation model for northern Kazakhstan on the basis of NOAA/AVHRR information
Author(s): Alexander S. Terekhov; Nadiya R. Muratova
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Influence of soil structure on topsoil water dynamics observed by a groundbased 11.4 GHz microwave radiometer: first results
Author(s): Katrin Schneeberger; Christian Stamm; Christian Maetzler; Hannes Wydler; Hannes Fluehler
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Comparison of measured and SISPAT-RS simulated brightness temperatures and reflectances at field scale during ReSeDA experiment
Author(s): Jerome Demarty; Catherine Ottle; Isabelle Braud; Jean Pierre Frangi
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Directional effect on change of spatial scale over heterogeneous surface in thermal infrared remote sensing
Author(s): Laurent Coret; Xavier Briottet; Yann H. Kerr; Abdelghani Chehbouni
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Comparison of eye-safe UV and IR lidar for small forest-fire detection
Author(s): Rui M. Vilar; Alexander P. Lavrov; Andrei B. Utkin; Armando Fernandes
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Comparative analysis of environmental quality and zoning of watersheds: a methodological contribution
Author(s): Andrea Ferraz Young; Jansle Vieira Rocha
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Land surface heterogeneity on surface energy and water fluxes
Author(s): David L. Toll; Jared K. Entin; Paul R. Houser
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Applications of remote sensing to precision agriculture with dual economic and environmental benefits
Author(s): George Seielstad; Soizik Laguette; Santhosh K. Seelan; Rick Lawrence; Gerald A. Nielsen; David Clay; Kevin Dalsted
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Directional satellite thermal IR measurements and modeling of a forest in winter and their relationship to air temperature
Author(s): Lee K. Balick; Jerrell R. Ballard Jr.; James Alan Smith; Stewart M. Goltz
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Application of remote sensing technology for estimating soil roughness for hydrological modeling and their integration into GIS
Author(s): Naima Aqid; B. Slak; M. D. Hasnaoui; A. Touzani; D. Ouazar; G. Marcelloni
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