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Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems IV

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Volume Number: 4538
Date Published: 29 January 2002

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Combined field [3-5 um] and [8-14 um] infrared imaging: approaches to extracting target's bidirectional reflectivity and emissivity
Author(s): Alain Malaplate; Francoise Nerry; Marc-Philippe Stoll; Bernard Guillame; Xavier Briottet
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Free-space laser communication using a partially coherent laser source
Author(s): Jennifer C. Ricklin; Frederic M. Davidson; Thomas Weyrauch
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Analysis of satellite laser optical cross sections from the active imaging testbed
Author(s): Gordon W. Lukesh; Susan M. Chandler; David G. Voelz
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Summertime atmospheric ozone measurements above the Gap-Tallard Aerodome, France
Author(s): Anthony J. Ratkowski; Edmund A. Murphy; George Y. Jumper
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Passive ranging through the Earth's atmosphere
Author(s): Victor H. Hasson; Christopher R. Dupuis
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Comparison of performance capabilities of spread spectrum coherent and direct detection CO2 DIAL systems
Author(s): Victor H. Hasson; Mark A. Kovacs
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Influence of aerosols on propagation of intensive pulses of a CO2-laser of microsecond duration in the near-surface atmosphere
Author(s): Liliya K. Chistyakova
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Estimation of behavior of outer scale turbulence from optical measurements
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin
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Statistical success of nonimaging target shape estimation through a turbulent medium
Author(s): Susan M. Chandler; Gordon W. Lukesh
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Statistical analysis of measurements of atmospheric turbulence in different climates
Author(s): Karin Weiss-Wrana; Leslie Salem Balfour
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Numerical simulation of turbulence effect on ground-to-satellite optical link
Author(s): Viktor A. Banakh; Igor N. Smalikho; Andrey V. Falits
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Estimation of turbulence parameters from solar observations
Author(s): Lyes Lakhal; Abdanour Irbah; Claude Aime; Julien Borgnino; Francois Martin
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Multiconjugate adaptive optics at the Vacuum Tower Telescope, Tenerife
Author(s): Thomas Berkefeld; Dirk Soltau; Oskar von der Luehe
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Fourier telescopy imaging through strongly inhomogeneous atmosphere at high level of additive noises
Author(s): Valery I. Mandrosov
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Simultaneous SCIDAR and adaptive optics measurements: results and applications
Author(s): Robert A. Weiss; Stefan Hippler; Markus E. Kasper; Markus Feldt
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Density of the wave front dislocations in the turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Valerii P. Aksenov
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Analysis of inner geometric noise influence on image quality of large aperture segmented adaptive telescopes
Author(s): Yurij Petrovich Shumilov; Peter Alexseevich Bakut; Olga M. Ershova
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Expansion of random wave phase in terms of eigenfunctions of phase correlation function
Author(s): Yusup N. Isaev; Elena V. Zakharova
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Low-cost multiple-camera multiple-processor multispectral system
Author(s): James E. Whitney II; Joseph J. Dirbas
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Sensitivity between photolytic aerosol kinetics and solar radiative field
Author(s): Maria Santa Maria Iruzubieta; J. Robert Mahan
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Vicarious calibration and validation in the thermal region
Author(s): Rudolf Richter; Cesar Coll; Vicent Caselles; E. Rubio; E. Valor
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Adaptive optics system for a 1.5-m solar telescope
Author(s): Oskar von der Luehe; Thomas Berkefeld; Dirk Soltau
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Monte Carlo code for mixed MIE and molecular scattering in lidar returns
Author(s): Piero Bruscaglioni; Marco Gai; Andrea Ismaelli
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MATISSE: advanced Earth modeling for imaging and scene simulation
Author(s): Pierre Simoneau; Roland Berton; Karine Caillault; Gerard Durand; Thierry Huet; Luc Labarre; Claire Malherbe; Christophe Miesch; Antoine Roblin; Bernard Rosier
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Noise propagation for multiconjugate adaptive optics system
Author(s): Thierry Fusco; Jean-Marc Conan; Vincent Michau; Gerard Rousset
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Laser-sodium interaction for the polychromatic laser guide star project
Author(s): Veronique Bellanger; Alain Denis Petit
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