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Scalability and Traffic Control in IP Networks
Editor(s): Sonia Fahmy; Kihong Park

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Volume Number: 4526
Date Published: 25 July 2001

Table of Contents
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Class provisioning using proportional delay differentiation
Author(s): Constantinos Dovrolis; Parameswaran Ramanathan
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Economics of scalable network services
Author(s): John Chung-I Chuang
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Flexible transport services for emerging opportunities in Internet content delivery
Author(s): John W. Byers
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Position paper on networks with aggregate quality of service
Author(s): Stephen D. Patek; Jorg Liebeherr
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Enabling end-user network monitoring via the multicast consolidated proxy monitor
Author(s): Anshuman Kanwar; Kevin C. Almeroth; Supratik Bhattacharyya; Matthew Davy
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Efficient server replication and client redirection for multicast services
Author(s): Zongming Fei; Mostafa H. Ammar; Ellen W. Zegura
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RCache: design and analysis of scalable fault-tolerant multimedia stream caching schemes
Author(s): Katherine Guo; Milind M. Buddhikot; Youngsu Chae; Subhash Suri
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Protocol design for scalable and reliable group rekeying
Author(s): Xincheng Brian Zhang; Simon S. Lam; Dong Young Lee; Yang Richard Yang
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Reliable on-demand multicast routing with congestion control in wireless ad hoc networks
Author(s): Ken Tang; Mario Gerla
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Prefetching protocol for streaming of prerecorded continuous media in wireless environments
Author(s): Frank H. P. Fitzek; Martin Reisslein
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Power control for wideband cellular wireless systems with link adaptation
Author(s): Mingbo Xiao; Ness B. Shroff; Edwin K. P. Chong
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Framework for power and activity factor allocation in a multiclass CDMA system
Author(s): Xinzhou Wu; Rayadurgam Srikant
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Understanding traffic dynamics at a backbone POP
Author(s): Nina Taft; Supratik Bhattacharyya; Jorjeta Jetcheva; Christophe Diot
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Policy-aware algorithms for proxy placement in the Internet
Author(s): Krishnanand Monahar Kamath; Harpal S. Bassali; Rajendraprasad B. Hosamani; Lixin Gao
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Internet topology: connectivity of IP graphs
Author(s): Andre Broido; kc claffy
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Internet path inflation due to policy routing
Author(s): Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit; Ramesh Govindan; Scott Shenker
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Inferring AS-level Internet topology from router-level path traces
Author(s): Hyunseok Chang; Sugih Jamin; Walter Willinger
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Hierarchical structure of the logical Internet graph
Author(s): Zihui Ge; Daniel R. Figueiredo; Sharad Jaiswal; Lixin Gao
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Prioritized service system behavior
Author(s): Huw Oliver
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Internet pricing in light of the history of communications
Author(s): Andrew M. Odlyzko
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Charging for differentiated Internet services
Author(s): Burkhard Stiller; Jan Gerke; Hasan Hasan; Peter Reichl; Placi Flury
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Towards scalable network emulation
Author(s): Robert Simmonds; Brian W. Unger
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Hybrid discrete-continuous fluid-flow simulation
Author(s): Benjamin Melamed; Shuo Pan; Yorai Wardi
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Overview of fluid-based quick simulation techniques for large packet-switched communication networks
Author(s): Nenad Milidrag; George Kesidis; Mihail Devetsikiotis
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Scalable resources management using shaped weighted round-robin scheduling
Author(s): George Kesidis
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Provisioning power of optimal aggregate-flow scheduling
Author(s): Huan Ren; Kihong Park
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Fundamental trade-offs in aggregate packet scheduling
Author(s): Zhi-Li Zhang; Zhenhai Duan; Yiwei Thomas Hou
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Avoiding congestion through dynamic load control
Author(s): Vasil Hnatyshin; Adarshpal S. Sethi
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RACCOOM: a rate-based congestion control approach for multicasts
Author(s): Yuan Gao; Jennifer Chao-Ju Hou; Sanjoy Paul
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Large-scale reliable multicast of small messages
Author(s): Vijay Shivshanker Gupta; Roy H. Campbell
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Bandwidth analysis of tree-based reliable multicast transport protocols
Author(s): Christian Maihofer; Kurt Rothermel
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Rate-based reliable multicast congestion control
Author(s): Melody Moh; Shuqin Zhang
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