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Charged Particle Detection, Diagnostics, and Imaging
Editor(s): Eric Munro; John A. Rouse

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Volume Number: 4510
Date Published: 21 December 2001

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Neutron enhancement and related recent studies on the fast ignitor at ILE Osaka University
Author(s): Yoneyoshi Kitagawa; Ryosuke Kodama; Kazuo A. Tanaka; Yusuke Tohyama; Shin Akamatsu; Yasuhiko Sentoku; Hisanori Fujita; Takahisa Jitsuno; Hiroaki Nishimura; Shuji Sakabe; Yasukazu Izawa; Kunioki Mima; Tatsuhiko Yamanaka
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CVD diamond detectors for current mode neutron time-of-flight spectroscopy at OMEGA/NIF
Author(s): Gregory J. Schmid; Vladimir Yu. Glebov; Allen V. Friensehner; Dana R. Hargrove; Steven P. Hatchett II; Nobuhiko Izumi; Richard A. Lerche; Thomas W. Phillips; Thomas Craig Sangster; Christopher T. Silbernagel; Christian Stoeckl
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Neutron spectrometer
Author(s): Philippe Schneider
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High-spatial-resolution imaging system for high-energy neutrons in inertial confinement fusion experiments
Author(s): Olivier Delage; Tao Le; Nicolas Dague; Henri H. Arsenault; Richard A. Lerche; Thomas Craig Sangster; Nobuhiko Izumi; Paul A. Jaanimagi; Ray K. Fisher
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Neutron imaging system established at Rochester (NY): evaluation of the neutrons gamma signal noise ratio
Author(s): Christian Labbe
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Optimizing photonuclear reactions with a high-intensity laser
Author(s): G. Malka; Marie Madeleine Aleonard; J. F. Chemin; G. Claverie; M. Harston; V. T. Tikhonchuk; J. N. Scheurer; S. Fritzler; Victor Malka; Philippe Balcou; G. Grillon; Stavros D. Moustaizis; L. Notebaert; M. Pittman; Erik Lefebvre
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Resonant nuclear excitation with high-energy lasers
Author(s): G. Malka; Marie Madeleine Aleonard; J. F. Chemin; G. Claverie; M. Harston; J. N. Scheurer; V. Meot
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Development of lower energy neutron spectroscopy for areal density measurement in implosion experiment at NIF and OMEGA
Author(s): Nobuhiko Izumi; Richard A. Lerche; Thomas W. Phillips; Gregory J. Schmid; Michael J. Moran; Thomas Craig Sangster
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S filter: a compact high dispersion in-column energy filter
Author(s): Katsushige Tsuno
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Compact neutron source development at LBNL
Author(s): Jani Reijonen; Tak Pui Lou; Bryan Tolmachoff; Ka-Ngo Leung
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Compact electron beam focusing column
Author(s): Arun Persaud; Ka-Ngo Leung; Jani Reijonen
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Focused ion beam methods of nanofabrication: room at the bottom
Author(s): Robert L. Gerlach; Mark Utlaut
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Improved 3D boundary charge method for high-accuracy calculation of potential and electric field in composite dielectric system
Author(s): Hidekazu Murata; Toshimi Ohye; Hiroshi Shimoyama
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New features in program package POCAD
Author(s): Peter L. H. Albertino Leunissen; Michael Andrianus Johannes van der Stam; Pieter Kruit
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Application of genetic algorithms to the optimization design of electron optical system
Author(s): Changxin Gu; M. Q. Wu; Liying Shan; G. Lin
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Boundary element method (BEM) for charged particle optics
Author(s): Ali Asi
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Application of artificial neural network to an inverse design of an electron gun's main lens
Author(s): Yan Tu; Xuefei Zhong
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Computer simulation of electric field analysis for vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (2): electric field on the nanotube apex
Author(s): Hiroshi Shimoyama; Hidekazu Murata; Toshimi Ohye
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Computer simulation of electric field analysis for vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (1): simulation method and computing model
Author(s): Hidekazu Murata; Hiroshi Shimoyama; Toshimi Ohye
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Sensitivity analyses for construction of monochrome electron guns
Author(s): Roger Casanova Alig
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New method for simulating charging effects on specimens in electron beam testing
Author(s): Naoto Kihara; Erika Kanematsu; Yoshinobu Kimura; Hiroshi Hayashi; Noriyuki Ishihara
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Theoretical analysis of achromatic deflectors
Author(s): Igor A. Petrov; T. Y. Fishkova; L. P. Ovsyannikova
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Intense ion beams accelerated by relativistic laser plasmas
Author(s): Markus Roth; Thomas E. Cowan; Jean-Claude J. Gauthier; Matthew Allen; Patrick Audebert; Abel Blazevic; Julien Fuchs; Matthias Geissel; Manuel Hegelich; S. Karsch; Jurgen Meyer-ter-Vehn; Alexander Pukhov; Theodor Schlegel
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Testing an electron beam deflection innovation
Author(s): Michael W. Retsky
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Electrostatic aberration correction in low-voltage SEM
Author(s): Diederik J. Maas; Sander Henstra; Marcel Krijn; Sjoerd Mentink
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Aberration correction for charged particle lithography
Author(s): Eric Munro; Xieqing Zhu; John A. Rouse; Haoning Liu
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