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Soft X-Ray and EUV Imaging Systems II
Editor(s): Daniel A. Tichenor; James A. Folta

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Volume Number: 4506
Date Published: 20 December 2001

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Liquid-xenon-jet laser-plasma source for EUV lithography
Author(s): Bjoern A. M. Hansson; Lars Rymell; Magnus Berglund; Oscar E. Hemberg; Emmanuelle Janin; Jalmar Thoresen; Hans M. Hertz
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Initial results from the EUV engineering test stand
Author(s): Daniel A. Tichenor; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; Sang Hun Lee; Henry N. Chapman; William C. Replogle; Kurt W. Berger; Richard H. Stulen; Glenn D. Kubiak; Leonard E. Klebanoff; John B. Wronosky; Donna J. O'Connell; Alvin H. Leung; Karen J. Jefferson; William P. Ballard; Layton C. Hale; Kenneth L. Blaedel; John S. Taylor; James A. Folta; Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Regina Soufli; Gary E. Sommargren; Donald W. Sweeney; Patrick P. Naulleau; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Eric M. Gullikson; Jeffrey Bokor; David T. Attwood Jr.; Uwe Mickan; Ralph M. Hanzen; Eric M. Panning; Pei-yang Yan; John E. Bjorkholm; Charles W. Gwyn
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Design and progress in the fabrication of an EUV micro exposure tool optics for PREUVE
Author(s): Roland Geyl; Jean-Francois Tanne
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Effect of obstructions on the design of reflective ring-field projection systems
Author(s): Matthieu Bal; Florian Bociort; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Upgrades to the NIST/DARPA EUV reflectometry facility
Author(s): Charles Tarrio; Thomas B. Lucatorto; Steven Grantham; Matthew B. Squires; Uwe Arp; Lu Deng
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Current status of ASET-HIT EUV phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer
Author(s): Yoshio Gomei; Katsumi Sugisaki; Yucong Zhu; Masahito Niibe; Takeo Watanabe; Hiroo Kinoshita
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ComIXS: a compact inelastic x-ray spectrometer
Author(s): Daniele Cocco; Maurizio Matteucci; Kevin C. Prince; Marco Zangrando
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Stress control of Mo/Si-based multilayer coatings deposited by ion-beam sputtering
Author(s): Katsuhiko Murakami; Masayuki Shiraishi
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Improved reflectance and stability of Mo/Si multilayers
Author(s): Sasa Bajt; Jennifer B. Alameda; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; W. Miles Clift; James A. Folta; Benjamin B Kaufmann; Eberhard Adolf Spiller
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First realization and characterization of multilayer EUV reflective coatings
Author(s): Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Alessandro Patelli; Maria-Guglielmina Pelizzo; Valentino Rigato; Gianluigi Maggioni; L. Depero; E. Bontempi; G. Mattei; Luca Poletto; Paolo Mazzoldi; Giuseppe Tondello
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Enhanced soft x-ray reflectivity of Cr/Sc multilayers by ion-assisted sputter deposition
Author(s): Fredrik Eriksson; Goeran A. Johansson; Hans M. Hertz; Jens Birch
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Prevention of MoSi multilayer reflection loss in EUVL tools
Author(s): Hans Meiling; Bas Mertens; Frank Stietz; Marco Wedowski; Roman Klein; Ralph Kurt; Eric Louis; Andrey E. Yakshin
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Lifetime testing of EUV optics using intense synchrotron radiation at the PTB Radiometry Laboratory
Author(s): Roman Klein; Alexander Gottwald; Frank Scholze; R. Thornagel; Johannes Tuemmler; Gerhard Ulm; Marco Wedowski; Frank Stietz; Bas Mertens; Norbert B. Koster; J. van Elp
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Bufferlayer and caplayer engineering of Mo/Si EUVL multilayer mirrors
Author(s): Ulf Kleineberg; Thomas Westerwalbesloh; O. Wehmeyer; Michael Sundermann; Armin Brechling; Ulrich Heinzmann; Markus Haidl; Stefan Muellender
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X-ray interferometry: ultra-high-resolution astronomy
Author(s): Webster C. Cash; Ann F. Shipley; Randall Lee McEntaffer
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HERMES: an imaging x-ray fluorescence spectrometer for the BepiColombo mission to Mercury
Author(s): Alan Owens; Marcos Bavdaz; Marco W. Beijersbergen; Adam N. Brunton; George W. Fraser; D. Martin; P. Nieminen; Anthony J. Peacock; M. G. Pia
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Scanning transmission soft x-ray microscopy at beamline X-1A at the NSLS: advances in instrumentation and selected applications
Author(s): Michael Feser; Tobias Beetz; Chris J. Jacobsen; Janos Kirz; Sue Wirick; Aaron Stein; Thorsten Schaefer
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Multipurpose experimental station for soft x-ray microscopy on BACH beamline at Elettra
Author(s): Marco Zangrando; Marco Finazzi; Michele Zacchigna; Enzo M. Di Fabrizio; Daniele Cocco; Regina Rochow-Carbone; Maya Kiskinova; Burkhard Kaulich; Ralf-Hendrik Menk; Fulvio Parmigiani
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Differential interference contrast x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Thomas Wilhein; Burkhard Kaulich; Enzo M. Di Fabrizio; Jean Susini
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Damage resistant and low-stress Si-based multilayer mirrors
Author(s): Torsten Feigl; Sergey A. Yulin; Thomas Kuhlmann; Norbert Kaiser
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