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UV/EUV and Visible Space Instrumentation for Astronomy and Solar Physics

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Volume Number: 4498
Date Published: 10 December 2001

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Solar Orbiter: a high-resolution mission to the sun and inner heliosphere
Author(s): Bernhard Fleck; E. Marsch; Ester Antonucci; Peter A. Bochsler; J. L. Bougeret; R. Harrison; R. P. Marsden; M. Coradini; Oscar Pace; Rainer Schwenn; Jean-Claude Vial
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Stray light evaluation of the Ultraviolet and Visible-light Coronagraph Imager (UVCI) rocket prototype
Author(s): Marco Romoli; Federico Landini; Silvano Fineschi; Daniele Gardiol; Giampiero Naletto; Marco Malvezzi; Giuseppe Tondello; Giancarlo C. Noci; Ester Antonucci
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EUV and soft x-ray telescope-spectrometer for imaging spectroscopy on the Solar Orbiter mission: grazing-incidence configuration
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Giuseppe Tondello; Massimo Landini
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EUV and soft x-ray telescope-spectrometer for imaging spectroscopy on the Solar Orbiter mission: configurations with multilayer-coated optics
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Giuseppe Tondello; Massimo Landini
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Design of the Heliospheric Imager for the STEREO mission
Author(s): Jean-Marc Defise; Jean-Philippe Halain; Emmanuel Mazy; Pierre P. Rochus; Russell A. Howard; J. Daniel Moses; Dennis George Socker; George Michael Simnett; David F. Webb
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Precision spectro-polarimeter for high-resolution observations of solar magnetic fields
Author(s): Bruce W. Lites; David F. Elmore; Kim V. Streander; David L. Akin; Tom Berger; Dexter W. Duncan; Chris G. Edwards; Barbara Francis; Chris Hoffmann; Noah Katz; Michael Levay; Dnyanesh Mathur; William J. Rosenberg; Ericka Sleight; Theodore D. Tarbell; Alan M. Title; Darrel Torgerson
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Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI) space experiment
Author(s): Richard R. Radick
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TIMED solar EUV experiment: preflight calibration results for the EUV grating spectrograph
Author(s): Francis G. Eparvier; Thomas N. Woods; Gregory J. Ucker; Donald L. Woodraska
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Optical characteristics of the Marshall Space Flight Center solar ultraviolet magnetograph
Author(s): Edward A. West; Jason G. Porter; John M. Davis; G. Allen Gary; Mitzi Adams; W. Scott Smith; John F. Hraba
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Compact optic for 50-nm UV imaging with a diffraction-limited 1-deg angular field
Author(s): David A. Beach
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HST-COS far-ultraviolet detector: final ground calibration
Author(s): John V. Vallerga; Jason B. McPhate; Adrian P. Martin; Geoffrey A. Gaines; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Erik Wilkinson; Steven Penton; Stephane Beland
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First results for SD2000 position-sensitive photon-counting MCP-based detector
Author(s): Marzio Vidali; Valter Bonvicini; Andrea Bucconi; Anna Gregorio; Alessandro Monfardini; Claudio Piemonte; Alexander Rashevsky; Roberto Stalio; Paolo Trampus; Andrea Vacchi
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Photon counting system based on intensified CMOS-APS: PC-IAPS
Author(s): Giovanni Bonanno; Massimiliano Belluso; Antonio Cali; Maria Cristina Timpanaro; Michela C. Uslenghi; Mauro Fiorini; Angelo Modica
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Characterization of a photon-counting intensified active pixel sensor (PC-IAPS): preliminary results
Author(s): Michela C. Uslenghi; Giovanni Bonanno; Massimiliano Belluso; Angelo Modica; Paolo Bergamini
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CCDs and camera electronics for the NASA CONTOUR mission
Author(s): Edward Hugo Darlington; Matthew P. Grey
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Spectropolarimetric measurements of the extreme-ultraviolet emission from helium following e-, H+, H2+, and H3+ charged particle impact
Author(s): Hocine Merabet; Reinhard F. Bruch; Jonathan Hanni; Alexander Godunov; James H. McGuire; Igor Bray; D. V. Fursa; Klaus Bartchat; Hsiang-Chi Tseng; Chii-Dong Lin; Silvano Fineschi
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Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
Author(s): James C. Green
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Radiometric and calibration performance results of the Rosetta UV imaging spectrometer ALICE
Author(s): David C. Slater; S. Alan Stern; Thomas Booker; John Scherrer; Michael F. A'Hearn; Jean-Loup Bertaux; Paul D. Feldman; Michel C. Festou; Oswald H. W. Siegmund
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Optical performance of the wide-angle camera for the Rosetta mission: preliminary results
Author(s): Vania Da Deppo; Giampiero Naletto; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Paolo Zambolin; Maria-Guglielmina Pelizzo; Cesare Barbieri
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Orbiting photon-counting observatory for the Earth night-sky background: AURORA on MEGSAT-1
Author(s): Alessandro Monfardini; Paolo Trampus; Roberto Stalio; Marzio Vidali; Nicola Mahne; Roberto Battiston; Mauro Menichelli; Piero Mazzinghi
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Imaging spectrograph for interstellar shocks (ISIS): a far-ultraviolet narrow-band imaging rocket payload
Author(s): Matthew N. Beasley; Erik Wilkinson
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Development of the spatial heterodyne spectrometer for VUV remote sensing of the interstellar medium
Author(s): Steve Watchorn; Fred L. Roesler; John M. Harlander; Kurt P. Jaehnig; Ronald J. Reynolds; Wilton T. Sanders III
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Windowless vacuum ultraviolet collimator
Author(s): Eric B. Burgh; Stephan Robert McCandliss; Russell Pelton; Kevin France; Paul D. Feldman
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Efficiency calibration of the four multilayer-coated holographic ion-etched flight gratings for a sounding rocket high-resolution spectrometer
Author(s): Michael P. Kowalski; Herbert Gursky; Jack C. Rife; Daryl J. Yentis; Raymond G. Cruddace; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; William H. Goldstein; Joseph F. Kordas; Klaus F. Heidemann; Gilbert G. Fritz; William R. Hunter; Martin Adrian Barstow; George W. Fraser; Nigel P. Bannister; Jonathan S. Lapington; J. A. Tandy; B. S. Sanderson
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Wide-angle camera of the Rosetta mission: design and manufacturing of an innovative baffling system for an aspherical optics telescope
Author(s): Stefano Debei; Sonia Fornasier; Paolo Ramous; Cesare Barbieri; Vania Da Deppo; Pierfrancesco Brunello; Fabio Peron
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Design concepts of EUV telescopes and the detectors boarded on the Solar Space Telescope
Author(s): Qian Song; Binxun Ye; Jianlin Cao; Bo Chen; Wenda Cao
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Project of the small-size space optical interferometer of two-basis
Author(s): Alexander A. Boyarchuk; Alexander V. Bagrov; Lydia V. Rykhlova; Valentin K. Sysoev; Konstantin M. Pichkhadze; O. Yu. Stekolshikov; A. P. Ryzhenko
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Diamond-based vacuum UV photodetectors for space applications
Author(s): Emanuele Pace; A. Cidronali; Sebania Libertino; Michela C. Uslenghi; Salvatore Coffa; M. Focardi; G. Collodi; Mauro Fiorini; A. Pini; A. De Sio
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Highly flexible and Internet-programmable CCD camera with a frequency-selectable read-out for imaging and spectroscopy applications
Author(s): Luca Gori; Emanuele Pace; Leonardo Tommasi; D. Sarocchi; V. Bagnoli; M. Sozzi; S. Puri
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Cross-strip anodes for microchannel plate detectors
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Anton S. Tremsin; Robert Abiad; John V. Vallerga
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EUNIS: a solar EUV normal-incidence spectrometer
Author(s): Roger J. Thomas; Joseph M. Davila
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Algorithms for correcting geometric distortions in delay-line anodes
Author(s): Erik Wilkinson; Steven Penton; Stephane Beland; John V. Vallerga; Jason B. McPhate; David J. Sahnow
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Simultaneous imaging and spectroscopy of the solar atmosphere: advantages and challenges of a 3-order slitless spectrograph
Author(s): Charles C. Kankelborg; Roger J. Thomas
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Degradation of supersmooth surfaces for UV/EUV/x-ray applications in space
Author(s): Dirk-Roger Schmitt; Helmut H. Toebben; Gabriele A. Ringel; Peter Weissbrodt; Manfred Schrenk; L. Raupach; Erich J. Hacker
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