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X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Instrumentation for Astronomy XII

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Volume Number: 4497
Date Published: 25 January 2002

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In.XS: project for a future spaceborne hard x-ray all-sky survey
Author(s): Philippe B. Marty; Juho Schultz; Clemens Bayer; Alexander Fritz; Martin Netopil; Walter Nowotny; Michael Carr; Carlo Ferrigno; Christophe Jean; Walter Koprolin; Jesper Rasmussen; Laura Tanvuia; Ivan Valtchanov; Marcos Bavdaz; Rudolph Much; Arvind N. Parmar
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Developments of CCDs and relevant electronics for the x-ray CCD camera of the MAXI experiment onboard the International Space Station
Author(s): Emi Miyata; Chikara Natsukari; Tomoyuki Kamazuka; Hirohiko Kouno; Hiroshi Tsunemi; Masaru Matsuoka; Hiroshi Tomida; Shiro Ueno; Kenji Hamaguchi; Isao Tanaka
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Centroiding and point response function measurements of the mirror/detector combination for the x-ray telescope on the SWIFT gamma-ray burst explorer
Author(s): Richard M. Ambrosi; Anthony F. Abbey; Ian Hutchinson; Richard Willingale; Sergio Campana; Giancarlo Cusumano; Wolfgang Burkert; Alan A. Wells; Alexander T. Short; Oberto Citterio; Mauro Ghigo; G. Tagliaferri; Heinrich W. Braeuninger
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XEUS mission and instruments
Author(s): Marcos Bavdaz; Anthony J. Peacock; Arvind N. Parmar; Marco W. Beijersbergen
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Imaging spectrometers for future x-ray missions
Author(s): Lothar Strueder; Gunther Hasinger; Johannes Kollmer; Norbert Krause; Norbert Meidinger; Joachim E. Truemper; Robert Hartmann; Peter Holl; Peter Lechner; Heike Soltau; Peter Klein; Gerhard Lutz; Rainer H. Richter; Peter Fischer; Norbert Wermes; Werner Buttler
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Large-format distributed readout imaging devices for x-ray imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Roland H. den Hartog; Alex G. Kozorezov; Didier D. E. Martin; G. Brammertz; Peter Verhoeve; Anthony J. Peacock; Frank Scholze; D. J. Goldie
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High-speed large-format x-ray CCDs for ESA's XEUS mission
Author(s): Lothar Strueder; Heike Soltau; S. Bonerz; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; D. Carathanassis; Rouven Eckhardt; Robert Hartmann; Gunther Hasinger; Peter Holl; Norbert Krause; Gerhard Lutz; Norbert Meidinger; Rainer H. Richter; G. Schaller; M. Schnecke-Radau; Joachim E. Truemper
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Monte Carlo polarimetric simulations of a hard x-ray energy telescope
Author(s): R. M. Curado da Silva; Ezio Caroli; John Buchan Stephen; Paul Siffert
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Design and preliminary tests of a prototype CZT imaging array
Author(s): Tomohiko Narita; Jonathan E. Grindlay; Jonathan A. Jenkins; Marshall Perrin; D. Marrone; Ruth Murray; B. Connell
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Mercuric iodide x-ray and gamma-ray detectors for astronomy
Author(s): Lodewijk Van den Berg; John S. Sandoval; Ronald D. Vigil; John D. Richards; Fred P. Vaccaro; Martin Hykin; Raymond P. DeVito
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New detector for observing very high energy gamma rays from celestial sources
Author(s): Tumay O. Tumer; B. L. Holbrook; J. Linn; Juan Lizarazo; Gora Mohanty; Umar Mohideen; Pat Murray; Harry W.K. Tom; Mani Tripathi; Guangmao Xing; Jeffrey Zweerink
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LOBSTER-ISS: an imaging x-ray all-sky monitor for the International Space Station
Author(s): George W. Fraser; Adam N. Brunton; Nigel P. Bannister; James F. Pearson; Martin Ward; Tim J. Stevenson; D. J. Watson; Bob Warwick; S. Whitehead; Paul O'Brian; Nicholas White; Keith Jahoda; Kevin Black; Stanley D. Hunter; Phil Deines-Jones; William C. Priedhorsky; Steven P. Brumby; Konstantin N. Borozdin; Thomas Vestrand; A. C. Fabian; Keith A. Nugent; Andrew G. Peele; Thomas H. K. Irving; Steve Price; Steve Eckersley; Ian Renouf; Mark Smith; Arvind N. Parmar; I. M. McHardy; P. Uttley; Andrew Lawrence
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Charge cloud asymmetry in detectors with biased MCPs
Author(s): Anton S. Tremsin; Oswald H. W. Siegmund
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Progress on the development of silicon microchannel plates
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Anton S. Tremsin; John V. Vallerga; Charles P. Beetz Jr.; Robert W. Boerstler; J. Yang; D. R. Winn
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Charge diffusion and loss as a function of absorption depth in x-ray CCD
Author(s): Makoto Kohno; Kensuke Imanishi; Aya Bamba; Masahiro Tsujimoto; Hiroshi Murakami; Takeshi G. Tsuru; Katsuji Koyama
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High-speed on-board data processing for x-ray CCD camera
Author(s): Naohisa Anabuki; Masanobu Ozaki; Masahiro Kawasaki; Michio Ogawa; Tadayasu Dotani
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Performance of the GSC engineering counter for MAXI/ISS
Author(s): Tatehiro Mihara; Nobuyuki Kawai; Atsumasa Yoshida; Ikuya Sakurai; Toshikazu Kamae; Masaru Matsuoka; Yuji Shirasaki; Mutsumi Sugizaki; Wei Ming Yuan; Isao Tanaka
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MiniCalorimeter of the AGILE satellite
Author(s): Natalia Auricchio; Enrico Celesti; Guido Di Cocco; Marcello Galli; Fulvio Gianotti; Marco Malaspina; Claudio Labanti; Alessandro Mauri; Elio Rossi; John Buchan Stephen; Alessandro Traci; Massimo Trifoglio
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Scientific characterization of the PICsIT detector of the IBIS telescope
Author(s): Giuseppe Malaguti; C. Ciocca; Guido Di Cocco; L. Foschini; John Buchan Stephen; M. Valli
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Balloon flight background measurement with actively-shielded planar and imaging CZT detectors
Author(s): Peter Forbes Bloser; Tomohiko Narita; Jonathan A. Jenkins; Marshall Perrin; Ruth Murray; Jonathan E. Grindlay
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Using a charge-coupled device (CCD) to simultaneously gather x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and x-ray diffraction (XRD) information
Author(s): S. Cornaby; T. D. Grow; Arturo Reyes-Mena; Paul W. Moody; A. Stradling; T. Hughes; Larry V. Knight
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